Embodied Intimacy & Tantric Essence Ambassador

Women’s Sacred Circle

Reclaim Your Inner and Outer Beauty and Wisdom and share your Unique Gift in this World with Grace, Power and Love

This is a women-only event about talking and experiencing Tantra, feminine energy, Women’s sensuality and pleasure for the modern world.


Are you yearning for a place to be held by your Sisters, reconnect with Yourself and Ancient Wisdom and play a role in this life that will benefit you and the World?

Do you want radically Intimate sex and Soulful Connection with a partner?

Do you want to know how to Enjoy yourself more?

Would you like more Pleasure, Freedom, Intimacy and Love in your life?

Join Simona Siclari, Embodied Intimacy Coach and Tao Tantric & Shamanic Arts Facilitator for a time of fun, learning, laughter and discovery.

Women have been gathering since the beginning of time, to share and to support each other on our unique journeys. Being part of a women sisterhood is a precious gift to yourself that will by osmosis affect your own life and the one of your beloved ones and the World.

These circles are open to all women of all ages and stages of life to heal, transform and reclaim our power. All women are welcome!

Feel free to bring your mother, daughter (18 years +), sister, aunty, friend or neighbour that are ready to step into their power and want to live as Beings of Love. Or take the loving step to come on your own and form new friendships. If you’ve never been to a Women’s Circle, you’re welcome to come along to one and try it out. Come as you are – who you are is enough.

Come and deepen your capacity for authenticity and self-love.

Be Love in Action and Serve the World. – Simona


resized-women-circle-picSimona facilitates the circles with respect, safety, unconditional love and compassion, grounded in a wealth of experience and deep passion for holding space for women to unfold and blossom. A safe, loving, caring, sacred, nurturing, creative, healing, transformational space for women to gather, connect, share, learn, give, receive, support each other and just BE!

When women gather in sacred circles of love & support they are able to blossom. The trust and openness that builds over time within a group of women cannot be over valued. Magic happens not only for yourself but the World.


Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…


Marilyn White – USA – Client Manager 

Tonight I delved into the space of the “Women’s Sacred Circle” shared by Simona and other special women, and I honestly cannot even begin to express the wonderment that I experienced. Thank you for sharing your Love, Gift, Trust and Spirit with me; thank you for guiding me to a place I’ve never been before within my own self. We are such incredible beings – we just have to set ourselves Free and allow ourselves to simply Be. Thank you Universe for making it possible for me to attend this very special evening. I feel grateful, I feel great. Much Love, Light, Peace and Happiness to all – and to all a good night!

Elena Podrezo – Ukraine – Relationship Coach & Parenting Skills

Simona is an embodiment of Pure Love and Joy that is so infectious. Each of her workshops are beautiful unique experiences not to be missed.

Calling the sisterhood together for a transformational journey to:

  • Free yourself from the layers of cultural shame, fear and taboo around our body, sexuality and self-expression
  • Reclaim your creativity and spiritual gifts
  • Experience the basics of Tantra Yoga and how it can help you embrace your sensuality and discover soulful intimacy
  • Feel how to radiate your divine feminine energy to deepen intimacy in your relationship – or help you attract the relationship you really want
  • Discover the Tantric secrets of having more frequent, enjoyable (and even whole-body) Orgasms
  • Discharge the shadows, listen and be listened, see and be seen
  • Think about things that you wouldn’t normally think or realize about yourself
  • Learn how you connect and relate to yourself and the World
  • Listen to other women and realise how similar we all are
  • Honour your body and your beauty
  • Transform beliefs and heal the past
  • Reclaim the power within
  • Know you are whole and complete
  • Learn the secrets for expanding men’s and women’s sexuality
  • Breakthrough to a new level of sensual and pleasure self-mastery
  • Expand your awareness
  • Leave behind outmoded belief systems
  • Release prior conditioning
  • Feel the power, beauty & tenderness of being held in our sisterhood circle



Each Circle is an opportunity for you to:Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.41.03 AM


  • Offer Yourself Quality Time
  • Feel Supported
  • Feel more pleasure, sensuality, confidence, playfulness and love
  • Tap Into Your Own Wisdom
  • Discover more powerful, satisfying, whole-body orgasms
  • Feel sexy, alive, empowered and in love
  • Receive Deep Nurturing
  • Drop your Masks & Practice Authenticity
  • Share Your Unique Gifts
  • Create Heart Felt Connections
  • Co-Create Community
  • Heal the Rift In The Sisterhood
  • Explore your Creative Life Force Energy
  • Laugh & have fun
  • Give yourself Permission to Feel & Connect In A Safe Space

Simona creates a space that is rich, deep, light-hearted and fun, filled with valuable information, experiential practices, discussions, videos, demos, that will empower you to live as a sexually awakened woman.


 Nicolle Lim Shu Yan – Singapore – Style and Wardrobe Coach to female entrepreneurs

Being part of the “Women’s Sacred Circle” is one of the best Gifts I have given to myself. In connecting with sisters from the Heart, I saw myself in and through their Eyes. Allowing myself to really be in my Body, Feel and then Flow with its expression. It was really beautiful to be Witnessed and Acknowledged for just Being Me. Thank you very much Simona. I highly encourage anyone who has been keeping a Secret Hurt inside them to attend. The release and healing was Divine. Big hug.

Bingz Huang – Singapore – Intuitive Healer

I attended Simona’s “Sacred Women’s Circle” recently. It was a strange, magical and powerful experience! Thank you for empowering me and showing me what it’s like to own my sexuality. Thank you for your gentle guidance!


What you will learn:

  • How to allow more Love and Abundance to flow
  • Breast-awakening & breast-womb connection
  • Mapping your female anatomy
  • Having more confidence, pleasure and intimacy for the rest of your life
  • Presence and Authenticity versus Performance
  • Yoni-Egg practices
  • How to awaken your intuitive self-awareness through Breath, Sound and Movement
  • Expanding Your Capacity for Ecstasy and Pure Bliss
  • Self-loving practices
  • Knowing what you want & how to communicate it
  • Transforming Your Shadow into an Ally
  • Awakening the senses
  • Natural Beauty Care Ancient Wisdom
  • Busting the myths of female sexuality, how those play out in your relating with men

39-Bali (HR)-_DSC7192Boundaries

This workshop is fully-clothed but if some Breast Massage or Yoni Egg practices are involved you may prefer to actually remove any artificial barrier such as clothing as this can allow you to feel and enjoy the nourishing touch of your hands on your breast and yoni. However, this is no essential and you will benefit anyway by the transmission of knowledge in a safe and loving space and at no point will anyone be asked to remove clothing. You can explore the new insights that you were learning  and experiencing in the comfort and privacy of your own sensual space at home more intimately.

Do you want to live in a world where women are free to celebrate their full sexual radiance without fear, where sexuality is honored and celebrated as a gift of Creation? 


A Circle Designed Especially for You

Simona create a customized circle to meet the needs of your group, at their level of comfort or adventure. Through a sacred weave of dance, shaking, touch, breath, movement, chanting, yoga, sharing and embodiment practices, we come together to honour, celebrate, explore & share the essence of what it is to be a Contemporary Woman, integrating both your Mature Inner Masculine and Feminine in a path toward Oneness, behind dualities and separation. 

You will leave this Women’s Circle with tools to create a more joyful, pleasure-filled, awakened life.


What to wear: Something comfortable – you’ll be sitting or lying on the floor, move, dance.


If you’re yearning for a regular women’s circle in your life, Simona is happy to make that possible on a monthly basis on Skype or in person, based on the location, thus creating a Global Women Community.


 Diana Jean Reyes – Singapore – Career Coach and Facilitator

I’ve been attending at Simona Women’s Sacred Circle Workshop. All I wanted to do in the weekend was sleep. But it was not meant to be. 9 strangers gathered together exchanging awkward smiles and hello’s as we walked through the door. “Why am I here?” I thought. But within 2 minutes of the Opening Circle led by Simona, the 9 strangers became Sisters: 9 women sharing from the Heart, diving deep into their Passions and their Pain. We shared stories, we laughed, we cried, we danced, we hugged and we honoured each other in silence. No judgment. Only Love. After being surrounded by so much masculine energy the past week, it was so nice to be in gentle Divine Feminine Energy, a beautiful dance and balance between Yin and Yang. It turned out that the mix up was exactly what I needed. Tips on Living Light and Right: 1. We are more alike than we realize. 2. Find a Tribe that gives you permission to Be. 3. What you think is a mix up might actually be a power up. 4. In a world of social media and “like’s,” there is still no substitute for authentic, Heart-to-Heart conversations to create powerful Connections. With all my Heart, thank u so much Simona.



 V. G. – Singapore – Executive Director

I went to one of Simona’s “Women’s Sacred Circle” and I loved it!!! Simona’s Love-based presence is transformational. She holds space for people to experience depth, vulnerability and authenticity in their connections. This is liberating.
 Deborah Emmanuel – Singapore – Artist

My experience at one of Simona’s “Women’s Sacred Circles” reminded me of some parts of myself which had been left aside for a while. She didn’t explain too much, just guided us as a group through what was a Unique and Individual Journey for each of us. It was our duty to remain Open and questioning to ourselves during the session. It was so good to reconnect with my Femininity and to remember that if I am open, I can always learn powerful things from new experiences. Simona is a wise and giving woman, and I hope that more people put their trust in her to help them discover what is unturned or hidden within themselves.

 Marina Leptich – Brazil – Marketing Manager 

Yesterday I attended a “Women’s Sacred Circle” of Embodied Tao Tantric Arts and the experience was beautiful! Simona has a lot of Passion for what she does and knows how to share her knowledge and experience in a way that makes you feel safe to explore, discover and engage with yourself and others. Strongly recommend it for every woman! Thank you Simona. Love.

 Patricia Bernardo – Singapore – Hospitality & Tourism Manager

I attended Simona’s “Sacred Women’s Circle” two days ago. Something completely new to me. I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of trust, letting go and being open minded was required for this, and for me this was challenging. I did feel an amazing amount of energy in the room. And I had some beautiful experiences. Simona is a very gentle and beautiful person who has shown me something new that I am very excited to practice. I am so grateful for having attended her session. Thank you very much Simona. I am so glad that I have met you.


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