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I am Simona Siclari.

If you are feeling there must be a deeper meaning to life, if you feel to break through and crack open, if you are feeling a deep Calling for something meaning in your life, if you feel you are done with a mediocre life, if you are here to play a big gam to contribute to this critical time in history and do your part as a New Earth Leader, this is your time, this is your space. Welcome and thank you for your courage.

The perceived World (elements and senses) has a tendency toward illumination, action and stability; and it’s purpose is experience and liberation – Yoga Sutras 2.18

Let’s be clear about something very simple.

This is not just a Training, this is not just a Retreat, this not just a Healing Journey.

This is a Transformational Quest.

And you are the Captain of your own life and can be the Catalyst of transformation of not only your reality but in the revealing of Heaven on Earth in front of our very eyes.

This is a highly curated and selected space of only 6 people committed not only to personal growth, but to self-liberation. To the death of the illusionary self, to the death of ones own limiting beliefs and disempowering habits, to the death of your own excuses, lies, stories, alibis that make you play small in this life. This is for you if you are so done with where you are at or you are willing to step up and play at a totally different level: you are here to level up your game.

Now, you can read more about InnerDance here.

However this is not just an InnerDance Training.

It’s a powerful container of Transformation, a curated and constantly refined safe space where you are invited to face your fears and move to the other side of them: to absolute Trust. Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in the process, trust in something bigger and mysterious that ultimately want your and everyone highest good, even if very often operates in very chaotic ways.

This is the container of Transformation I wished I have ever encounter in my over 40 years of journeying in this Earth as an archeologist of Souls and passionate adventurer of life. This is an Odyssey of the Soul: highly connected and deeply rooted. This is a very confronting journey and it’s not for every one. If you are still not willing to take full responsibility of your own life, your finances, your relationships, your health, your mindset, your overall wellbeing and therefore being the living embodiment for others to step into this crystal clear cauldron of Transformation, this is not your space.

If you are considering this as an opportunity to boost your Ego, learn some magic tricks and play cool in life, this is not your space.

If you are escaping from yourself and reaching to Spirituality as a distraction from your own pain or to simply feel better, let me tell you this is not your space. At the contrary, this will be reflected back at you multiplied and will be quite hard and unpleasant. This is not a space for spiritual bypass and Love&Light spiritual bulls..t. Sorry not sorry.

I am devoted to Truth, to awareness. And let me tell you another this: awareness brings clarity. If right now you are confused about anything, is because you are unaware. That simple. Even when unpleasant. Even when challenging. As your guide on this Odyssey, I am here to support you along the way, and you will benefit as much honesty and same devotion to Truth you have. Honesty first of all toward yourself. The Universe will mirror back that at you.

Enough of talking. Now,

Imagine rewiring your system

Imagine living in alignment with your True Self

Imagine immersing yourself in a deep meditative process of transformation: a dynamic one, not passive or lethargic

Imagine activating your Life Force Creative Energy

Imagine to embark on an Alchemical Journey to Free Yourself

Imagine to being able to magnetise those that feel the same Calling and being the Catalyst of their transformation

Imagine we actively stimulate your brain waves in order to benefit from bodily relaxation to eliminate stress


Matilda Sjöberg – Sweden – Enterpreneur

It is hard to find words to describe the Innerdance Facilitator training with Simona. Not only was it one of the most transformative experiences of my life, but it has also taught me how to facilitate Innerdance and assisting others on the same transformative journey.

The training had us peel off layer after layer to find ourselves CRACKED WIDE OPEN. Diving deep into our fears, wounds and dark corners. But also finding unconditional love, joy and beauty. Allowing ourselves and each other to feel it all. After the training I am noticing such a shift in myself, the up-levelling of belief systems and breaking of negative patterns. I feel like I’ve cleared my entire system and everything now flows freely.

Learning some more theoretical approaches to Innerdance and gaining a knowing of what is happening and why was also something I really appreciated. Simona taught us about how the nervous system and different types of brainwaves relate to the Innerdance experience.

I am still digging through all the extra materials in the folder and just wanted to say that I SEE you Simona and how much effort you’ve put into meeting everyone’s needs in this training. I really appreciate all the extra material and more theoretic approaches you’ve uploaded and will dig deeper in them during the coming weeks. To me this training has been of even more value than expected. Honestly, I think you could charge a bit more for your coming training, considering the effort you are putting in and the value given back to the new facilitators.

Thank you once again Simona for teaching with such humble grace and integrity, really putting your heart into this training and making it so grounded. Keeping our feet firmly rooted to Mama Earth whilst travelling in time & space is absolutely an accomplishment.


Valentine Zeller – France – Enterpreneur


It was such a gift to be part of the first Inner Dance training of Simona by the end of 2022 in Ibiza. From our first talk, I was blown away by her joy, calm, laugh, and on top of it by his feminine and sensual energy. The discovery of Inner Dance was overwhelming from day one. I experienced and received many Inner Dance sessions during two years before I felt a deeper call and a desire to get out of my comfort zone to meet my deepest self. The time I have been in contact with Simona (by the way randomly on Instagram looking for an InnerDance account) was the time I needed to face my biggest fears and I was questioning myself about the meaning of life. Inner Dance training was the answer. 

The training is five intensive days of connection with your inner child. Simona created day by day an environment that was safe, authentic, sacred, trustful facilitating an incredible transformative journey for all participants. It is rare to meet this kind of person with a big heart, purity, sincerity, authenticity, and kindness. Simona’s Inner Dance training is not a training in the traditional sense of the word, it is an experience of sensations, connections, and feelings. Every morning we started with a deep meditation, silent moments, energetic movements to make our energy flow more freely and sharing moments to connect with ourselves and then in the afternoon we experienced an InnerDance session by receiving and giving. 

I highly recommend Simona training to anyone looking to know themselves more, outside of what we’ve been led to believe from education, family, society, money… After this week of training, I felt re-aligned with my entire being, more confidence in who I am and my capacities to experience new possibilities. This training has been powerful for me to let go of all concepts and preconceived notions of what life should be like (marriage, children, education, couple, job) to create my own world and reality.  

Today, I’m grateful and fed with a lot of joy to give InnerDance sessions to friends and strangers who are looking for the same thing I was looking for. Facilitating an Inner Dance session is all about trusting.


6 online classes of 2 hours each

6 in-person days in Mallorca: July 25th – 30th

Open Class on July 30th




How do we put a price to a journey that will transform your life and the life of those that will be impacted by you coming back home to your True Self, to y our Power, to your Heart, to your Light?

This is an investment in yourself. You being your best asset. The best thing you can ever invest in, is yourself. This will impact your relationship with yourself, your mind, your body, your health, your wealth, your emotions, your spirit, your relationship, your career, your success, your family, your business, your life and the life of those that you will impact as a result of this Transformational Training.

If you want to invest, you will figure it out. You get creative. Be wise and aware in how you invest and what you invest in.

It comes to desire, to dive in, to go deeper and to expand and stay grounded. You are signing up to being seen and connected in a deep level. It comes to trust. Can you give yourself permission to trust and show up? for yourself and others and a better World?

Is this for you? Is this the time for your transformation?

You know it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and look within. It’s a gut feeling, it’s about trusting yourself and life and taking a leap of faith. Really feel in and choose if it’s time for you to go deeper and be brave and showing up. Do not over think or nothing will change, and you will just sabotage yourself in an endless procrastination always waiting for the perfect time, which is never. You make it the perfect time, by choosing to being worth it. You will be at the same point where you are right now.

Celebrate yourself, dream bigger.

Do not be afraid of being scared, do not listen to anybody ´s advise. This is a commitment to self-leadership.

Reach for the support you need, now is the time. Just trust, you get to participate to your life and be the Captain of it.





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