Embodied Intimacy & Tantric Essence Ambassador




I am Simona Siclari.

If you are feeling there must be a deeper meaning to life, if you feel to break through and crack open, if you are feeling a deep Calling for something meaningful in your life, if you feel you are done with a mediocre life, if you are here to play a big game to contribute to this critical time in history and do your part as a New Earth Leader, this is your time, this is your Space.

Welcome and thank you for your Courage.


The perceived World (elements and senses) has a tendency toward illumination, action and stability; and it’s purpose is experience and liberation. – Yoga Sutras 2.18


Let’s be clear about something very simple.

This is not just a Training, this is not just a Retreat, this not just a Healing Journey.

This is a Transformational Quest.

You are the Captain of your life and you can be the Catalyst of Transformation of not only your reality but of the revealing of Heaven on Earth in front of your very eyes.

This is a highly curated and selected space of only 6 people committed to personal growth and Self-Liberation. To the death of the illusionary self, to the death of your limiting beliefs and disempowering habits, to the death of your Ego, your own excuses, lies, stories, alibis that make you play small in this life. This is for you if you are so done with where you are at and you are willing to step up and play at a totally different level: you are here to level up your game.


You are not here to learn lessons. You are here to feel deeper. To Know yourself as Love, to fall to your knees in Compassion, and to feel the Grace and the Presence of your Spirit in form. – Mary Magdalene


Now, you can read more about InnerDance here.

However, this is not just an InnerDance Facilitator Training.

This is the culmination of over 25 years of experience and a deep dive by Simona Siclari into the fields of Tantra, Taoism, Meditation & Mindfulness, Non-Dual Awareness, Shamanic Arts, Bioenergetic TherapySomato-Relational Psychology, Quantum Healing and the reclamation of the Divine Feminine Essence as the untouchable Space of the Cosmic Womb where all exists. This is a reclamation of one’s power without the need for permission from any external authority: no Guru, no pseudo-spiritual leader. This is the reclamation of your own Authority, your own Leadership, not over others but for the awakening of Human Consciousness. Power dynamics are absent from this space. Obedience is absent from this space. Questioning anything and anyone you are told to is not only welcomed here but encouraged. You are so welcomed here. You, as you are. You, right now, already whole. Simona will simply share Space for you to Remember & Embody your own Divinity: you are the God, Goddess, Father, Mother you have been seeking outside of yourself.


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. – Friedrich Nietzsche



The INNERDANCE & BEYOND Facilitator Training is a powerful container of Transformation, a curated and constantly redefined safe Space where you are invited to face your fears and move to the other side of them: to absolute Trust.

Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in the process, trust in something bigger and mysterious that ultimately want your and everyone highest good, even if very often operates in very chaotic ways.

This is the container of Transformation I wished I have ever encounter in my over 30 years of journeying in this Earth as a curious Archeologist of Souls and passionate Adventurer of Life.

 Matilda Sjöberg – Sweden – Enterpreneur @innerdancematilda

It is hard to find words to describe “The Innerdance & Beyond Facilitator Training” with Simona. Not only was it one of the MOST TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE, but it has also taught me how to facilitate Innerdance and assisting others on the same transformative journey.

The training had us peel off layer after layer to find ourselves CRACKED WIDE OPEN. Diving deep into our fears, wounds and dark corners. But also finding unconditional love, joy and beauty. Allowing ourselves and each other to feel it all. After the training I am noticing such a shift in myself, the up-levelling of belief systems and breaking of negative patterns. I feel like I’ve cleared my entire system and everything now flows freely.

Learning some more theoretical approaches to Innerdance and gaining a knowing of what is happening and why was also something I really appreciated. Simona taught us about how the nervous system and different types of brainwaves relate to the Innerdance experience.

I am still digging through all the extra materials in the folder and just wanted to say that I SEE you Simona and how much effort you’ve put into meeting everyone’s needs in this training. I really appreciate all the extra material and more theoretic approaches you’ve uploaded and will dig deeper in them during the coming weeks. To me this training has been of even more value than expected. Honestly, I think you could charge a bit more for your coming training, considering the effort you are putting in and the value given back to the new facilitators.

Thank you once again Simona for teaching with such humble grace and integrity, really putting your heart into this training and making it so grounded. Keeping our feet firmly rooted to Mama Earth whilst travelling in time & space is absolutely an accomplishment.

 Silma Berrada – New York – Art Director


My name is Selma. I’m from New York. And I have just completed the in-person part of Simona´s “InnerDance & Beyond Facilitator Training” in Mallorca and I am so full of Love right now. This is an incredible experience. I learned so much and I just learned so much about myself. I’m so grateful for the journey that I’ve been on. And we just completed our first facilitation and I am like beyond Ecstatic right now. It was so beautiful to see just the Power that us women have and the way that we’re able to hold space for people and just allow them to be them. If you feel called to do this, please, PLEASE DO THIS. It will change your life. Thank you.


Nobody – that’s my name. Nobody – so my mother and father call me, all my friends. – Odyssey, Omero


This is an Odyssey of the Soul: highly connected and deeply rooted. This is a very confronting journey and it’s not for every one. If you are not willing to take full responsibility of your own life, your finances, your relationships, your health, your mindset, your overall wellbeing and therefore being the living embodiment for others to step into this crystal clear Cauldron of Transformation, this is not your Space.

If you are considering this as an opportunity to boost your Ego, learn some magic tricks and play cool in life, this is not your Space.

If you are escaping from yourself and reaching to Spirituality as a distraction from your own pain or to simply feel better, this is not your space. At the contrary, this will be reflected back at you multiplied and will be quite hard and unpleasant. This is not a space for spiritual bypass and Love&Light spiritual bulls..t. Sorry not sorry.

I am devoted to Truth, to Awareness. And let me tell you another thing: Awareness brings Clarity. If right now you are confused about anything, is because you are unaware. That simple. Even when unpleasant. Even when challenging.

As your Guide on this Odyssey, I am here to support you along the way. How much you will benefit from this Journey will be totally up to you.

I can show you the Way.

It’s up to you to walk the Path.

Your responsibility only.

You will benefit from this Space for as much Honesty and Devotion to Truth you share and bring into the Space. Honesty first of all toward yourself and rest assured that the Universe will mirror that back at you.


 Johanna Meschke – Sweden – CEO @innerdancejohanna


Hi,  I am Johanna from Sweden and this week have been so amazing! My God,  it’s life-changing. When I came here I had not so much expectations actually but … it’s hard to explain with words because this is something you have to feel and I am so so happy that I feel so much and that I finally have come into my body and the whole thing with the Embodiment I understand that now and makes me so calm and so grounding and that I can trust myself. I also think when I came here that my heart was very open for others but in some way frozen for myself but after these days it’s totally open for myself and that is so so nice yeah. I’m so grateful for for this for these days and I think you Simona is a so inspiring person yeah really yeah yeah So so good I have felt everything during this week and so many processes is going on at the same time. I feel healed really and I’m so glad that I that I have new tools to to use in my life. I really love to be in this energy and this Inner Dance and uh to be here at Mallorca on this beautiful place and it’s calm and it’s not many people and you can really relax and feel the Nature. It’s amazing. So so thankful for this and I recommend everyone who’s curious about this to go here.


You are not a drop in the Ocean; you are the entire Ocean in a drop. – Rumi


Enough of talking. Let´s drop into feeling, into the only exisitng Present Moment.


Imagine living in Alignment with your True Self

Imagine activating your Life Force Creative Energy

Imagine rewiring your nervous system so to feel relaxed, vibrantly alive, switched on

Imagine immersing yourself in a deep Meditative Process of Transformation: a dynamic one, not a passive or lethargic, and with tangible effects in real life

Imagine to embark on an Alchemical Journey to Free Yourself

Imagine to being able to magnetise those that feel the same Calling and being the Catalyst of each other Transformation

Imagine actively stimulating your brain waves in order to access expanded states of consciousness

Imagine to tap into the individual, collective and ancestral Memory in your Liquid Body, DNA and Akashic Field

Imagine discovering the True Power of Sound, Presence & Energy


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one. – John Lennon



 Jennie B Ajo – Sweden – Luxury Real Estate Senior 

Energy healing through Innerdance. The STRONGEST THING I´VE EXPERIENCED. So grateful and inspired by this amazing training. My life is forever changed. You are my Angel Simona.


Paolo Ferrara – Italy – International DJ & Founder of Techno Metal @paoloferrara_official

I’m Paulo Ferrara. I’m an Italian international DJ and I just completed Simona’s Inner Dance & Beyond Facilitator Training”  and… WOW, this was such a Powerful Journey. I loved it so much. A journey but also of Connection with Others, in this case with my companions for this training. And of connection with the Land, with the Energy, with the Universe. Full Connection. And this was so powerful, like WOW. When I arrived here I was coming directly from my show in Paris.  I’m a DJ and I was playing in a big Club so I had a lot of energy but I was also tired, stress from the airport, the flight, the trips, the fun, so many inputs we have now a days. Spending these days here was just releasing all the stress of the daily life, just cleansing, just feeling better: Light, Light and it was also was so cool. I loved this land where we did it in Mallorca: such a Magical and Mystic Land.  This rocks, this sea behind me, this flowers, everything was just Magic, even the mosquitos. Yeah WOW this experience is so powerful. I mean just to connect with the Energy of Ourself, of the Universe. 

The possibilities that we can achieve through this are just endless, endless. 

And it’s so cool to just flow, yes to just to Flow and Be Present. And if this is also by being surrounded by great people in such an amazing place then it’s almost Perfection… because Perfection does not exist but we are close. 

Simona, the host and designer of the “InnerDance & Beyond Training” is such an easygoing person and she just go with the Flow. It’s just so cool to watch her and to go with the flow with her. Sometimes you don’t know what is going to happen but still she is creating the Magic. Yeah the Surprise, the Surprise, why not? 

Thank you.….

… I just finished the session, the Open Class, we did for the end of the in person Training here in Mallorca and I feel so high in this moment, with a lot of Energy going into my body, very Open.

We had such an amazing session, Journey with the people here and Simona and my companions. It was very intense.  

And WOW, it made me think about Energies and how they work and how magic they are.

I mean, I play on stages of 1,000 – 2,000 – 5,000 – 10,000 people which is so powerful, so great and also what I got is that:it’s not about how many people we have in front, or the dimension itself. 

It´s only about how Deep we can go and there is where the Real Connection and Deep Human Connection happen. And that is Magic. That is the powerful Healing Journey we are doing here. Yeah yeah this was just so cool. All the journey was amazing. 

We did this in Mallorca 6 days, Magic Land, so powerful: meditating on rocks surrounded by the Sea and the wind of the island, all the Elements were there, the Sun shining. And it was so cool to do this training with Simona because she’s such a Lovely Soul and also easygoing person which have been like a very flowy. 

All the experience was so flowy. Yeah just flowy and sometimes surprising, sometimes I didn’t know what was going to happen but yeah that´s the Beauty of the Mystery of Life. You just have to go with the Trust. Just trust the Universe and let it go, let it Flow and Magic is going to happen. Thank you. Ciao.


I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. ― Hermann Hesse


Danielle Helmer – Switzerland – Entrepreneur @danynicole

This journey has been…it’s hard to put in words but my Soul guided me here, for sure. I know this was meant to be and I found a Fairy, a Mermaid, Simona. She came into my life for a reason. She just exude Joy and Love and holds Us in such a Maternal Way and really just guides us through and to this Journey that is The Journey back to our Soul. We’re connecting with ourselves finding Strength and Power and being proud and Standing tall and smiling and saying “Yes, I can do this.” I recommend this to anybody. You don’t need to to be Inner Dance Facilitator in the end. It’s just for yourself to reconnect and to find some Magic in this World. I’m smiling.

It’s hard to put in words but it’s Magical, it’s Healing for my Soul and it gives Hope and I’m energised, and I’m high of life and I’m ready to continue and I’m ready to my journey and I’m excited to see what’s next. You know, before I came with fear and doubt and now I’m just like like “Yes, I am ready”.

So if you have this little longing or something calling you to come, well, JUST DO IT because it’s so worth it.

Thank you Simona, thank you so much. It’s hard to put in words what you gave us but…you know? now I want to cry, I want to laugh, I want to scream, I want to sing, I want to dance. And you, I mean YOU, Embody the Feminine. You are such a Goddess. You are such an Inspiration for all of us women and I just love how you hold space for all of us and together, you know? This is how I want to live, this is what I want to do, so that’s it.

…I opened the door and saw a multitude of Lights shining through me, colors and sensations I never knew existed. I dove deep into my Soul and remembered Who I Am, a light beam, a Starseed, an angel in disguise whatever that may be… i just knew that i was more than the physical body.
I opened the door thinking I would fall but I flew like a bird expanding my glorious wings this is a glimpse of what my inner dance journey was for me. I feel Joy in the mundane and realise I do not need much to be happy… I embrace my humanness, find compassion for all my emotions and accept my imperfections. I allow myself to be vulnerable and try to be as present as possible. I welcome courage into my life, courage to follow my dreams, courage to choose myself first, courage to love, courage to follow my instincts, courage to speak my truth, and have the courage to be simply me. Thank you Simona for giving me the key.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

Now, stop thinking and start feeling.



  • Intimate group of only 6 courageous souls. Is that you? Interview Process is required.
  • 6 days in person in Mallorca (Spain) on September, Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 8th
  • Starting August 27th, Simona Siclari will be doing 6 Live Training + Coaching Call & Q&A, one every other week via Zoom calls, for 12 total weeks (6 Calls of 2 hours each)
  • Replays Available for life and downloadable
  • 1 Open Class to the public on Sunday, September, 8th: your first public workshop as Facilitator
  • Group and 1on1 Experiences sessions, including sessions from Simona Siclari, with over 25 years of experience
  • Downloadable Soundscapes
  • One Personalised and laser focus 1 hour Alignment Coaching Session with Simona Siclari
  • Access to an International Community of New Earth Leaders
  • Whatsapp Group for implementation and extra support in between live calls
  • Vast Library of self-study resources including videos, audios and reading materials
  • Marketing material to start promoting yourself and invite your loved ones to support your new adventure
  • Ongoing Embodied Empowerment Leadership & Business Mentorship Support with Simona Siclari


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela


Valentine Zeller – France – Entrepreneur @innerdancevalentine


It was such a gift to be part of the first “Inner Dance& Beyond Facilitator Training” of Simona by the end of 2022 in Ibiza. From our first talk, I was blown away by her joy, calm, laugh, and on top of it by his feminine and sensual energy. The discovery of Inner Dance was overwhelming from day one. I experienced and received many Inner Dance sessions during two years before I felt a deeper call and a desire to get out of my comfort zone to meet my deepest self. The time I have been in contact with Simona (by the way randomly on Instagram looking for an InnerDance account) was the time I needed to face my biggest fears and I was questioning myself about the meaning of life. Inner Dance training was the answer. 

The training is five intensive days of connection with your inner child. Simona created day by day an environment that was safe, authentic, sacred, trustful facilitating an incredible transformative journey for all participants. It is rare to meet this kind of person with a big heart, purity, sincerity, authenticity, and kindness. Simona’s Inner Dance training is not a training in the traditional sense of the word, it is an experience of sensations, connections, and feelings. Every morning we started with a deep meditation, silent moments, energetic movements to make our energy flow more freely and sharing moments to connect with ourselves and then in the afternoon we experienced an InnerDance session by receiving and giving. 

I highly recommend Simona training to anyone looking to know themselves more, outside of what we’ve been led to believe from education, family, society, money… After this week of training, I felt re-aligned with my entire being, more confidence in who I am and my capacities to experience new possibilities. This training has been powerful for me to let go of all concepts and preconceived notions of what life should be like (marriage, children, education, couple, job) to create my own world and reality.  

Today, I’m grateful and fed with a lot of joy to give InnerDance sessions to friends and strangers who are looking for the same thing I was looking for. Facilitating an Inner Dance session is all about trusting.


IT´S ABOUT YOU STEPPING UP AS A LEADER, not collecting just another Certification on your Spiritual Shopping List.

So, immediately after the in person immersion in Mallorca, you are invited to facilitate your own workshops, with the support of the Group and Simona Siclari herself.

Upon completion of the course, you will be confident and empowered to contact yoga studios, set up your classes, build your Community, take a quantum leap on an empowered version of yourself you didn’t even know existed.


However, the True Essence of this Training goes far beyond the Facilitation process. You might not even facilitate at the end of it, and yet you all be mesmerised by the real transformation, realignment and quantum leap you will witness in your life. All that was not meant to be will go, even abruptly.

Pain might be released. The suffering however will be only caused by your resistance and attachment to a certain idea of how things should be, even if not working. On the other side of acceptance, there will be Liberation and with it an unstoppable flow of Creativity, being One with Creation itself.


Physical matter is music solidified. – Pythagoras


Solange– Sweden – Energy & Body Worker @solasticofficial


My name is Salange I’m from Sweden and today was the last session it’s the last day of this amazing training with Simona and yeah it’s been really a magical and transformative journey. I came here feeling very sad, I was dealing with a lot of grief in my personal life and somehow my Intuition led me here and I’m just so happy that I trusted my intuition. I’ve really just felt so safe um on this journey. The first days was just like a big emotional release and also feeling cocooned by Simona’s nurturing energy and also just the energy of all the other participants. It has really been. It feels like it’s just beginning but also it’s life changing. Yeah that’s just how it is and I’m so grateful, so grateful and excited to live whatever this Energy is. I’m  so happy to live this magical journey.

…Is it officially the last day of spring today? I just want to express my gratitude to this season. It’s been one of the most transformative in a long time. The beginning of the year continued in the same way 2023 ended: stress, worry, anxiety, fear – but with a glimmer of hope for what was to come, namely my InnerDance facilitator training. But what if InnerDance wasn’t for me? What if it wasn’t going to fix me?
In my interview with Simona, I asked her if it was required that I start to facilitate after the training because I wasn’t sure if this was going to be my path. She told me it’s not really about facilitation (the training is called “THE ODYSSEY OF THE SOUL: INNERDANCE & BEYOND” so that should have given me a hint). She said that what we’re going to learn is how to embody this energy and integrate it into our lives. She also told me that I was probably going to feel like sharing this energy at the end of the training, but I wasn’t so sure. I decided to go for the training to heal myself, my inner child, and ancestral lineage.
I’m so glad I followed my Intuition and that I keep on doing so. At the end of the training, I felt like I didn’t need anything more in my life because I am Whole Now. I am Love, I am Abundance. And this theme has continued throughout the season. In this post, I share some snapshots from this spring as it’s been so meaningful.
If we start loving one another, we might just make the world right. Thank you thank you thank you.

Britney Friesen – Canada – Yoga & Energetic Expression Guide @iambrittann


It is difficult to weave into words the experience of “The Innerdance & Beyond Training” with Simona. I’ll start with saying: it is the best training & experience I have ever been apart of. Its potency continues to spills into all arenas of my life and the energy surrounding me. Simona is really the most incredible guide and space holder. She does it all with grace, femininity and raw real humanness that is unmatched from any other spiritual or somatic training I have taken part in. Innerdance is all about curating space and safety for the body to express all of its emotions especially those that are hidden deep within and bring light to them, feel ALL of it become everything and nothing and find bliss in the spaces in between. The training was an otherworldly experience using our bodies and intuition as the main catalyst to heal and express our truth and uncover the gift that we are in order to heal and metabolise deep emotions, fears, experiences that are held in the body and psyche in order to materialise bliss and uncover the totality of YOU! Simona’s energy is incredibly real and I feel beyond blessed to have trained with her, been inspired by her and led with love to hold myself and others within the container of Innerdance. I would suggest anyone who is looking to embrace the path of truth and LOVE in its rawness and wholeness to experience Innerdance training with Simona. Thank you, I am so grateful for having met you Simona! You are more than a teacher but a friend and a whole entire VIBE! You and Innerdance have really helped me fully transform and melt into myself more and more! LOVE YOU! Britt


We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music. – Albert Einstein



What you will learn and explore:


  • Daily Opening & Closing Sharing Circles
  • Receive and give private and group sessions
  • Grounding, Embodying and Transforming: from the self to others
  • Shadow work
  • Explore daily passive and active meditation styles
  • Emotional points and responses
  • Meditative State: being the Flute
  • Learning to listening to the Language of the Energy through the Body
  • Space Holding & Body Work
  • Safety & Whole Consciousness
  • Individual, Collective & Ancestral Memory Awakening
  • Expansion of States of Consciousness, Non-duality and Timeless Space
  • Brainwaves rewiring
  • Nervous System relaxation
  • Dark Night of the Soul & Ecstatic Bliss
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Inner Alchemy: Awaken the Light within
  • Therapeutic Touch & Energetic Coaching
  • Becoming the Space: for reflexive observation, heightened awareness and regenerative states of Wholeness
  • Inner Senses activation
  • Co-creating a multi-sensory environment of ambience, aroma, sound, intuitive bodywork, touch, voice, verbal cues and energy work
  • Listening skills training
  • Safe space for curious exploration, deep inquiry and insight, and profound shifts in awareness both internally and externally


By changing our energy, we have the power to heal our body, manifest our dreams, and create a life beyond our wildest imagination. – Joe Dispenza



  •  Q&A
  • Sharing Circles
  • Basic principles of Energy Medicine, Tantra, Kundalini Energy, Taoism, Shamanism, InnerDance, Quantum Physics & Healing Arts
  • Self-Healing: What, who and how to heal?
  • Brain & Body Activation
  • The Cycles of Ascending and Descending Energy
  • Masculine & Feminine Polarity, the Energetic expression
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Spiritual Ego & Spiritual Bypassing
  • Sound, Brainwaves, Circadian Rhythms, Vibrational Frequencies & States of Consciousness
  • Playlist Creation
  • The Cycles of Awakening
  • The secrets of Sound, Frequency & Vibrations
  • Nervous System regulation, somato relational-psychology and bioenergetics principles
  • The Way of Integration & post-sessions care
  • How, what and why this Transformational Process happens within emotional, psychological and physiological frameworks
  • Explore your uniqueness as “space holder” and collective space creation


  •  Gain a fundamental understanding of the InnerDance process revisited for the Western Society’s contemporary needs by Simona Siclari
  • Gain significant experience to facilitate both online and in-person


Maria Ouvarova – Sweden – Energy Healer @heal.feel.breathe

“InnerDance and Beyond Facilitator Training” with Simona has definitely put things in motion for me. I feel that during the Training I was able to connect deeply with myself and my body which is helping me now to hear my Inner Voice. A lot has shifted since then and have become more clear. Even though I do not know what the future will bring or what my next step is I have connected to a deeper Trust which makes me feel held. I think Simona embodies this Trust perfectly and really holds the group with her Feminine and Soft approach.
It was also amazing to do the training with likeminded beautiful Souls which felt like Family, not to mention the amazing surroundings where the training took place.
Every time I see a new training is planned I wish I could relive it all over again.


If you don’t become the Ocean you’ll be seasick every day. – Leonard Cohen


Kathrin Rotter – Austria – Entrepreneur @ka.ro.om 

My InnerDance journey with Simona has been LIFE-CHANGING – from the moment we met, I knew she was meant to teach me something. I went from being a participant to being a facilitator – and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better teacher to lead the way. Simona has shown me doors to reach higher levels of consciousness without revealing too much or setting expectations, which was the right approach for me. The training itself was beyond words because she doesn’t teach you to do it her way but encourages you to find your style, to be fully aligned with who you are when transmitting the energy. That’s what it is all about. You experiencing you. The path of surrender. If you feel this is your path too, I can’t recommend a training with Simona enough. She is love in its purest form and the most passionate and authentic teacher that you can fully trust.

What we have experienced last week during the in-person  “Inner Dance & Beyond Training” in Mallorca  I’m almost not able to put into words. Instead one of my fav quotes by Anais Nin came to my mind: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” And how we blossomed. We felt raw, vulnerable, empowered, wild, cracked-open, loved, free, strong, save to release, full & empty at the same time, connected to nature, the list goes on – but importantly we felt like ONE. No judgment, disguise, comparison, competition. Just deep connections, just being real, in the moment. I’m so very grateful that I listened to the call and that I was able to do this. I‘ve never felt more empowered. I’m still completely in awe of this magical experience. Thank you Simona and to all others wonderful women that joined for being. Love you all!  Inner Dance coming very soon in Vienna! Better stay tuned!

Caroline Edberg – Sweden – Entrepreneur & Retreat Leader @innerdance.caroline

Hi my name is Caroline. I’m from Sweden and I just participated in Simona’s InnerDance Training in Mallorca. The thing that brought me here was that I felt a bit called to go here after participating in an InnerDance class and I always wanted to go to Mallorca so this was a perfect opportunity for me to experience the Land and learn about  InnerDance. It has definitely been a Journey for me: it’s been beautiful and heartbreaking and everything in between really. It’s like we came here Sunday, it’s 5 days ago and it feels like we’ve been here forever in a good way. I feel so calm and like IAM back Home with myself.

It’s a beautiful Journey, put together in a very delicate way, that makes us have to let go of planning and be structured and just go with the Flow. I think Simona is really really a master of going with her Gut and Intuition and just leading us on the on the Way to our own Hearts, I will say. So it’s been it’s been amazing. I can definitely recommend this to other people who wants to expand themselves and release stagnant energy in your bodies and go for a lifelong journey.


Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free. – Rumi



This is the most important aspect of this Transformational Quest, that makes this container stand apart.

The Silence that you will be invited to, for the answers to rise from within you, will be the Space for your metamorphosis to happen: from cocoon to butterfly.
This is where real Transformation happen, and makes the whole difference between just “tripping” and having some spiritual “experiences” and having a before and after in your life, from a space of deep alignment, connection to Source and Grounding.

Becoming Water, Fluid and Soft, and rekindling your Inner Fire in Service of the Divine and a higher purpose, while also playing and not taking yourself too seriously.

After your training you will be able to facilitate:
1. One-on-one healing sessions
2. Innerdance & Beyond Experiential group journey

…and most importantly, something within you will be trans-formed at a cellular level and this will induce a subtle and yet powerful realignment in real life.


Yasmin – Sweden – Engineer & Energy Therapist @energyazi

It’s been so hard to put words to this experience. I’ve tried, so many times, but I still feels it is impossible. I’m going to try through my voice and see what comes up. The first thing that I think of is, the name of the training (can you even call it training? I don’t know), it’s called “Innerdance and Beyond”. I really want to emphasise the word BEYOND, because this was beyond everything and anything I could ever have imagined. What Simona did was to give me space to grow into what I really am and I can’t really tell how she did it. I really feel like it’s something that we created together, even though Simona was the one holding the Space. She was the one that called us, all of us that were there, into the experience and she brought us together. She gave us all of herself and she was one of us; but at the same time she was the Mother who just made us feel so safe and welcomed. She also pushed us in the most kind and humble and loving way into the discomfort to meet our fears and to meet our deepest deepest darkness in order to let go to make space for Love,  for our Inner Power and our Femininity. I don’t think there’s a way to copy or to do this Training: there’s no recipe, there’s no given plan or process. You could really see and feel that everything was based on Inner Knowing, Intuition, going with the Flow and just following what God and Universe is showing and is giving. I’m forever grateful , I am forever ever grateful for this experience which in this human life, in Matrix, was only five-six days but it feels like a lifetime, it feels like forever. It feels like I died and then was reborn again into my True Essence. Thank you so much, thank you is not enough, I don’t know how to express my Gratitude. It’s Beyond. It’s beyond everything. I love you!


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. – Pablo Picasso



  • You wanna be held and trained in a deeply grounded, empowering and embodiment safe container deeply rooted in the specific needs and struggles of Western Society, becoming a Bridge between East and West, ancient spirituality and modern science
  • You have been exploring and training in several techniques and modalities and yet you feel something is missing and you still are confused about Energy
  • Your spirituality and your day to day life are still something separate and you are aware that this is unnatural
  • You can’t ground and manifest in this Earth the Divine Being, Life and Infinite Potential that you know you are and deserve
  • You want to train in InnerDance and lead workshops and private session, becoming a successful and respected facilitator
  • You are calling in Abundance and Freedom
  • You wanna transform your life, “enough is enough”, you are done with where you are at and you are full Heartedly in for taking a Leap of Faith with the necessary emotional maturity and self-responsibility required
  • You feel the calling to being a Catalyst of deep Healing and Transformation for yourself, others and Humanity
  • You love to meditate and are passionate about tapping into expanded states of consciousness and you would love to extend those states to bend reality
  • You wanna explore the Power of Frequencies & Sound
  • You are ready to Awaken the Power Within, in Harmony with the Universal and Natural Laws of Creation
  • You want to stand apart from all other practicioners and induce real deep Embodied Healing and Self-Liberation for yourself, and your clients, family and friends
  • You do not just wanna learn a technique to impress others or boost your Ego but to embody a real Shift
  • You are interested to incorporate this Transformational process with other practices, skills, modalities or professions when facilitating workshops, retreats or immersions
  • You wanna rekindle your Intuition, Connection, Guidance & Trust and learn how to channel it for the highest good
  • You are going through a self-healing process, personal transformation, or spiritual awakening and you would like support for insight, integration and/or deeper clarity on your journey
  • You are already experienced with the Energy Body-Work and you who would like to journey deeper into the work
  • You are interested to experience personal growth and development


Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. – Goethe


Marli Montan – Sweden – Self Leadership & Embodiment Coach @marli.montan

The “InnerDance & Beyond Training” has TRULY CHANGED ME FOREVER. I want to stay with the word BEYOND for a bit, because to me that is really what describes this training the most.

This Training is beyond words and the only way to know if it is for you is to let your body lead. And just know that five days with Simona will change your view of yourself and the world forever. All while being guided from a place of embodiment and love. 

Simona is such a loving, pure and bright soul and this isn’t a training that she intellectually has put together. Rather, her heart is leading the way and she is really attentive in knowing what the group needs to be able to create a safe space where we would be able to trust ourselves enough to meet everything and anything that would come up. For me, the training was all about remembrance and Simona really emphasised this. Her mission is not to provide us with a step-by-step process behind facilitating InnerDance. This is because she believes in the uniqueness and authenticity in each and everyone of us. With Simona, I was able to find my own voice, follow my own heartbeat all while being a part of a container that made me feel that anything was possible.

This is a journey back to the heart! I’m forever changed. I came to make peace with all the women that I once was. I came to listen and I came to feel. Our bodies hold so much wisdom, all the stories that you can not put into words. Transformation. I’m allowed to break. I know how to piece myself back together. Disruption. Surrender. Madness. Light. Love. Compassion. I’ve guarded my heart for so long, but to truly be alive I needed to sit with my fears. I needed to move what had been stuck. I needed to allow myself to crack open to truly be free. I could literally feel my heart hatching. I could feel the rebirth. My heart always knew and it led me here to experience this journey of a lifetime. Simona, I’m beyond greateful for your grace, wisdom, magic and for holding space for each one of us. And to all of you beautiful ladies that I had the privilege to get to know. Thank you for everything. Breath – Energize – Align – Move. Coming soon! Looking forward to holding space for you in Stockholm.

This is what I have been deep diving in! I joined this training to become an InnerDance Facilitator but really it has been about remembering my own ability. I can’t wait te share this with the World and I’m beyond excited to hold space for others. For such a long time I’ve been looking for a key that would unlock the body so that I could work with trauma healing, personal development and self leadership on a new level. Our mind can only take us so far, it’s the body that holds the score! I don’t see this as yet another method, rather I see it as an invitation that open up for a transformative dance between our body and our emotions. Let your body show you the way and you will connect with your inner world on a whole new level. Do you feel like giving it a try?

…Update: 3 months have passed since the Training. It feels more like a lifetime. What is time anyway? A question that I find myself asking very often after my InnerDance facilitator training that took place in October 2023. There is definitely a before and after, for me more of a death and a rebirth. My essence really needed the space that Simona offers, it is filled with so much realness, rawness (is that even a word), love, acceptance and oneness. InnerDance is part of my timeline and the calling came when I was ready to re-connect with my heart. And just as my intuition led me to Spain, InnerDance keeps showing me the way. It’s like a soft whisper that strips me down of everything that I think that I am and gently directs me towards the truths of life. I’ve been pushed to reflect on what it really means to evolve or remain. What it means to choose myself over and over again. How I can truly live life from that space within that holds the truth about what makes my soul come alive.

I am so thankful that I get to share this world of vibration with others, a journey beyond words. As a space holder, I want to make people feel safe. Safe enough to let go and invite what is yet to be explored. I feel that every facilitator out there share InnerDance with the flavor of their soul. For me, it has become so clear that the heart and head connection is what I’m here for. A new language for our inner world. There is so much there to unfold.

If InnerDance is calling your name. Listen. Transformation awaits. There is life to be lived, love to be felt, lessons to be shared and lifetimes to explore.

Forever grateful! Love, Marli


A genius is simply one who has taken full possession of his own mind and directed it toward objectives of his own choosing, without permitting outside influences to discourage or mislead him. – Napoleon Hill



How do we put a price to a journey that will transform your life and the life of those that will be impacted by you coming back Home to your True Self, to your Power, to your Heart, to your Light?

This is an investment in yourself first of all. You being your best asset. The best thing you can ever invest on, is yourself. This will impact your relationship with yourself, your mind, your body, your health, your wealth, your emotions, your spirit, your relationship, your career, your success, your family, your business, your life and the life of those that you will impact as a result of this Transformational Training.

It comes down to desire, to thrive, to passion, to Calling, to Inner Knowing, to dive in, to go deeper and to expand and stay grounded. You are signing up to being seen and connected on a deep level. It comes to Trust & Integrity: coherence between words and actions, and therefore behaviour and frequency.

If you do not Trust yourself, nobody will. Cliche but true.

Can you give yourself permission to trust and show up? for yourself and for others and a better World?

Is this for you? Is this the time for your transformation?

You know it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and look within. It’s a gut feeling, it’s about trusting yourself and life and taking a Leap of Faith. Really feel in and choose if it’s time for you to go deeper and be brave and showing up. Do not over think or nothing will change, and you will just sabotage yourself in an endless procrastination always waiting for the perfect time, which is never but NOW. You make it the perfect time, by choosing to being worth it. Otherwise you will just miss out and loose a chance to been seen and embraced as you are. The Whole of you. No need to pretend. This Field anyway is so pristine, pure and clear that all pretentiousness will be unmasked.

Celebrate yourself, dream bigger.

Do not be afraid of being scared, do not listen to anybody ´s advise.

This is a commitment to self-leadership.

Reach for the support you need, now is the time. Just trust, you get to participate to your life and be the Captain of it and set your vessel free.


No tree, it is said, can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. – Carl Jung


Uma Pleura – Netherlands – Creative Artist @umapeluma

“The InnerDance & Beyond Training” of  Simona Siclari by Sisi Academy has brought me to align with all that I am, all that we all are, which is Pure Love. Without using the mind she has shown us how to connect to our ancient wisdom that is stored in our own bodies. I could never have known that I could feel so light and free. And that there where so many emotions to be released. Just by sharing some simple touch, music and a safe space to really be. To be without judgement and feel so safe to express all that we feel. To set ourselves free from old pain. To unconditionally love and be in our truth. To not have fears or doubts and trust the process. And have the support that makes you feel seen, held and so loved. I am beyond grateful to have had this healing experiences, and I feel so exited and happy to be able to give this experience to others! By learning to surrender to Source and the present moment I have learned to reconnect to the infinite flow of energies all around us, working together with these energies we can release these heavy unconscious stones we carry. I am so grateful to have trusted my intuition and took a leap of faithContact me if you feel curious! And Contact Simona Siclari if you feel called to learn this for yourself: she is giving an other course in April! And I would recommend it with my whole heart.


Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. If each one of us starts thinking, learning, and understanding more about water and the fact that we are water-based ourselves, then we can start to love, thank, and respect water in our daily lives. – Masaru Emoto


Abigail Leek Paton-Reid – United Kingdom – Frequency Explorer @abicadabra

Since starting the training with Simona in February I have been on one of the most profound journeys of my life. Throughout my path I have experienced many different healing modalities, plant medicine, various shamanic works, energy and holistic healings, tantra etc. However for me, InnerDance has shown itself to be the most tangible, relatable and transformative. ID is a gift I adopted in to my everyday life.

Simona has been holding my hand as I stepped out of the depths of my winter into, my spring and now my Summer. In February I was feeling extremely comfortable within this winter period I found myself in..I was frozen and I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to venture out to thaw out..
That was until a little voice stated to call to me.. encouraging me to start seeking again. Synchronically (of course) I found Innerdance…from the very beginning something started stirring..gently awakening something that was very ancient.. a wisdom within me that had been waiting for this exact moment. I wasn’t frozen after all.. I was brewing something.

The biggest difference I have seen within myself is an inner knowing and peace to which I had been disconnected before. It was as if deep down I knew it was there, however I could not seem to completely access it.
Through InnerDance, I have felt what it is like to experience a direct line to the divine.. God.. spirit.. my higher Self on no less than a sparkly Amethyst encrusted vintage dial phone.. I mean what else would you expect. Maybe your phone is different.
I have grown spiritually, energetically, emotionally and physically.. I and have let go of many burdens, sticky heaviness and a general wobbly uneasiness that I had been trying to shake off unsuccessfully.

InnerDance supported me within a group setting where I had intense releases, and deep emotions I felt safe to be witnessed feeling.. this proceeded to crack me open, unsuring an uncomfortable process, however was then followed by an in pouring of project ideas, visions.. self realisations. All a result of the space created.
The epiphany’s and innerstandings continued to roll in past the training and sessions… for weeks after. It would take me pages to write about all the happenings..and delightful ways in which the work I had done was coming back to me.. like the butterfly effect.

InnerDance has shown me the magic in what may seem the mundane.. daily life..I feel as if I am experiencing InnerDance as I walk in the underground ( tube stations as well as the shadow:))During my daily runs, as I speak with strangers in the shops, within the messages all around in the graffiti, the labels stuck on the floor, the over heard conversations, the synchronicity and chance meetings that have organically weaved in to my life to unsure all of the messages were showing up for me to receive.

It is as my life has upgraded to HD..higher dimension. My awareness and senses have changed..I feel more present and at peace with my reality.

I am happy to have been lead to this beautiful modality and especially the way in which Simona gifts this way of being.

I love the way Simona shows that InnerDance is not a one size fits all, its not a series of instructions that everyone follows.. its something that comes to you which you embody in your own unique way, you take something that is already super powerful and up it 10 fold by adding your own uniqueness to how this energy work is expressed. There is no ‘wrong’ way to do it.

I innerstand InnerDance is more than a name or a brand, it is something that can not be boxed, contained, or passed on as something that is owned.. InnerDance is nameless, it is a never ending, ever expanding, living breathing entity of its own..this is reflected in the way Simona shares and teaches.

Thank you Simona for your pure presence, friendship, humility, true humbleness, teaching in such a way you allow space for the empowerment of self realisation.. to allow all the unanswered questions to be answered internally… thank you for holding me in my fairyness, holding me in my raw, unfiltered, wild woman ways, holding me in the deepest of my wounds and gracefully showing me through by embodying InnerDance within your being. You show the way by being you..Your integrity, heart, playfulness and sensuality are continuously inspiring. I look forward to seeing how this all unfolds as for sure I keep following this path besides you.

Mei Li – Sweden – Holistic Coach @meivisions_mindfulness

 InnerDance  & Beyond Training – a transformative journey of self-discovery

We all have experienced the tug-of-war between the mind and the gut…When the intuition is loud & clear while the mind is busy being scared of the unknown and coming up with several reasons as to why its probably a great idea to avoid whatever the intuition is ‘fussing’ about…The moments before deciding something big.

In my thoughts I was going back and forth. But in my gut the message was both LOUD & CLEAR: FUCK NO you CANNOT SAY NO to this opportunity Mei. The time had come. So i chose to do what the mind ‘labeled scary’ and what the the intuition labeled ‘obvious’. And I’m very happy i was team gut on this one. Divine Timing!

I didn’t fully understand it at the time but I choose to commit to the next level:
•in my own personal self-growth journey
•of my path of spreading light in this world
•of the relationship with my intuition

With absolutely no expectations, just an open mind …i set off to Simona Siclari´s “Inner Dance & Beyond Facilitator Training” in Mallorca in December 2023: a powerful opportunity to dive deeply into one innermost source of wisdom, creativity & unconditional love – welcoming in every aspect of ones’ self. 

This wonderful training turned out to be a journey of self-discovery, these 5 days felt like 10 months and I gained so much clarity of several different unseen aspects of myself. I got to relax deeply, released blockages that had longed to be released, feel emotions that wanted to be freed from stagnation, and I got to see what is essential but what I hadn’t yet been able to see w my eyes. It was all-in-all: LIBERATING on different levels.

As I freed my body from blockages and traumas – there is new space that will open up for the life force energy to flow more freely. Moral of the story: A L L O W • L I B E R A T E • C E L E B R A T E. so “fuck the rules” & “dance baby dance”….and so I A L L O W E D myself to dance…and it felt so gooooood. 

You cannot fake glow. I mean a good highlighter might get you halfway but…..Courage, trust, intuition, honesty, vulnerability, transparency, and surrender gave us this glow. I might sound superficial talking about ‘glow’ but of course I’m not talking about it in the sense of an exterior aspect. The glow I feel within myself now and radiate out speaks for itself and it symbolises: groundedness, joy, clarity, serenity & flowing life force energy. 

This was all embraced & inspired by Simona who curated the perfect atmosphere for this and guided us oh so softly, through a program born out of her experience and intuition…she truly made it possible for us to connect to ourselves in a way none of us had been able to before. What a woman. What a journey. What a powerful gang. And it has only just begun.

Being surrounded by like-minded, kind-hearted women hungry for the same deep awakening of the hidden aspects of the souls as i was (still am always will be…it’s a never ending commitment) and genuinely sharing and learning from one another, was a great part of the growing up & glowing-up. Inner Dance Facilitators. So proud of us. So grateful to share this journey with you all and I am so happy I did this training with Simona Siclari who inspired us to shift & transform into the purest versions of ourselves by embodying the Truth she points towards.

I’m really excited to see what each and everyone of us will do with this (solo and together) and I’m super looking forward myself to share this with ‘whom it may concern’ for starters in Stockholm, then the rest of Sweden then wherever I’m being called. I’m talking to you who is curious to release, heal & grow. 

In 2023 I focused a lot on healing in many different ways. Really did the work! To the point where: other people spent money on flight tickets – i spent it on healing/therapy. Grateful that i chose to prioritise my wellbeing to the next level. Sure trips are amazing, truly. But the inner journey that i’ve been up to lately…Nothing compares to that 

Therapy, energy healing, cleanses, meditation and Inner Dance. Im very grateful for all techniques. I want to take a moment and appreciate HOW “The Inner Dance & Beyond Training” has helped me SHED old layers of illusion that no longer serves me.

Shedding isn’t only understanding something intellectually while being in your mind!!! Shedding needs to happen while you are in your body because shedding takes place on the 3 of the 5 different sheaths of being: the physical body; the life force sheath; the emotional sheath; the wisdom sheath; and the bliss body.

This Training have helped me SHED and ACCESS all sheaths…it is a beautiful healing modality to help one meet oneself in the depths of the darkness and the heights of all the bright…in that field where the conscious powerfully merges with the subconscious. 

It awakened me to my true nature & to the desires of my heart (when we live life on auto-pilot with hands full of to-do lists we cannot hear the hearts desires…that was me).
Awakened and embraced by clarity (the after effect from freed up energy blockages) I’ve had the opportunity to re-wire old beliefs which in turn has opened up for more joy, creativity, and pleasure in the daily life. And it has completely changed the relationship I have w my darkness 
You have to release to make space. There is no way around it – the only way is THROUGH. 
I am so grateful for the incredibly well-put together Facilitator Training by Simona Siclari and I am recommending it with my whole Heart. Do it!


Deborah Paton-Reid – Switzerland – Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Deborah and I’m going to give feedback about my experience of “Inner Dance & Beyond Training” that Simona Siclari was facilitating in Ibiza.

And yes, where to start?

So I met Simona two years ago in Ibiza and we connected straight away. I had experienced a few sessions of InnerDance about three years ago in Thailand and it was an amazing experience for me. I felt very, very drawn to have more deep understanding of Inner Dance. Also because I lived in the Philippines quite a few years years and I had heard of Pi, who is the founder of Inner Dance in the Philippines. I remember feeling an amazing connection just reading about him and how he was having through this InnerDance. And so when I met Simona and she shared with me that she had been in training with Pi and she had been in the Philippines, it just felt like, wow, what a connection, what an interwine of situations.

So when Simona said she was going to give her first training in Ibiza, I straight away signed up and told her, “Please Simona, I want to join”.

We were an amazing group, really. We became very, very linked together. Simona is an absolute amazing facilitator, space holder, an immense Heart, an immense pureness.

This whole week of Training was very difficult now to put in words and to define, but it was really very deep and very healing and it just felt like little pieces of my inner puzzle came together.

We would start every morning with meditation and silent walk in the nature, barefoot, really to connect to Nature, to the Land, to ourselves. And it was so very powerful. And then we would all very much take care of what we were eating and how we were resting to really dive every day, every moment deeper into the practice. And every day unfolded. We received, of course, quite a lot of sessions from Simona and we experienced also exchanging with each other in the group.This is also a very powerful experience, receiving and giving.

Well, what I can say is that there’s no space for the mind in this practice. There’s a Space that opens from the very beginning that Simona really holds and opens, where we are able just to really connect within ourselves. And then from that Space of really feeling empty, we can find and connect to this Pure Energy that just completely goes through us. We can call it the Kundalini Energy or just Universal Energy. Just getting confronted to our fears and our ego and our tensions whilst we are letting go in this Space.

And this is where I can only honour Simona for having been such an amazing, like I say, space holder and facilitator, because she just kept bringing us back to ourselves, to this Inner Space, to a space where there was no need of fear, there was no need of going into our minds and understanding also what was happening.

And each time there was a trigger that was going to come through us, often related to our mind, because we want to understand what’s going on.

What is this Energy that we actually all have?

It’s our Birth Energy in a way, but then we go losing it and gaining it back. It’s such a powerful feeling and sensation and Pureness, Real Pureness, because it brings us straight to our Heart. And in this Heart Space, it just expands and there’s no limitation. Of course, you can feel like huge amounts of Energy going through your Body. You can suddenly feel like your Body wants to shake and express itself and it can be really quite intense and sometimes it’s Pure Joy and sometimes it can be quite painful in a way because you are touching a space where maybe you’ve been holding a sometimes cannot access these spaces fully because there’s a moment where we tense up or we go straight to our mind.

But with InnerDance, it’s really been for me one of the most fastest and cleanest way to access these tensions, whether mind tensions or body tensions, and how to suddenly transform them and really let go of them. This was my experience, however, and in a way, InnerDance allowed us to not hold onto these moments where it could be uncomfortable and even painful, I would say, because through Simona, we could really tap in deep, but let go really deep as well.

And so, it was such an Energy also in the group that we became One. It was suddenly an Energy that just completely opened to all of us in the Space. And the feeling was that we all became One. And whatever the other person was experiencing, we somehow could feel the experience and acknowledge it and recognize it without having to go in the other person’s story or experience, but like I say, we became this amazing of One. And that’s where suddenly the Heart just wants to open more and expand and humbly say, “my goodness, like we are really all interconnected”. And the Energy of Inner Dance is to call back interconnection, but not only human to human, but also with Nature, with everything, with the Energy around us. So you suddenly feel a One with All.

And I, as a dancer, have really quite an easy way of connecting to the space through dance. However, InnerDance has brought me even deeper. And the whole Training was unbelievable, and an unbelievable transformation for me, that keeps being, it just unfolds continuously every day if you stay, of course in awareness, and keep opening and keep surrendering.

Like as Simona, often says in the Training, we become like a flute, and this flute has its holes and when you hold  a flute, you are completely empty and than you can place your fingers on the flute and play beautiful tunes and this is how I am feeling. Inside I am becoming more and more empty, more and more aware that this body, this Energy, is all linked to whatever surrounds me. And if I Surrender and I open my Heart and I stay in this space of Pureness, so much is happening. 

Through my Breath, through the practices that Simona brought us into, I continue everyday to experience InnerDance, and every day is bringing more and more in the Consciousness of who is really in there, inside of me, the Divine and the Pureness. And there is no more this judgment and concern of what is happening inside of me as a person, but what is happening inside of me as a Divine Being connected to this Divine Universe.

And so, I just want to share that anyone who is called or is feeling really a connection to come and join Simona to her next Trainings, I just would say to you, give yourself a full “YES”.

It’s really the most beautiful and pure Space that I have experienced and it brings you Home, it really really really brings you Home. 

And suddenly everything in your Life brings you Home and the connection you have with friends, with family, with Nature, with yourself first of all, starts transforming.

And I am gaining more and more Energy from this practice and now I will slowly be facilitating myself, I will be helping also Simona in her Training in Mallorca, I will be assisting her and I cannot wait, I know it will be another beautiful beautiful Training.

And yes, so I am sending you much Love and I hope that through my words you can feel what has given me and what it can gives you too. Sending you Love. Namaste.


At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. – Lao Tzu


A note from Simona Siclari, your Guide during this Transformational Quest:

“I thrive by seeing you shining, and all of us creating a Wave of Light that illuminates the World. I am not looking for followers and I am not motivated by money. I am passionate about contributing to the Liberation of Humankind and being in Harmony again with the Natural and Universal Law. This is my contribution to it. I am not here to please you, sooth your Ego, or allow you to play games. I might trigger you. I am ok with it. I am not looking for your approval or validation. I am moved by a Force that is unstoppable and Humanly Divine and for the highest good of All; in Pure Devotion, Trust, Surrender, Active Participation and Joyful Celebration. Gracias Vida.”




CANCELLATION POLICY: Notice of cancellation should be given 30 days in advance. Cancellations are accepted in writing via email. There is a fee for cancellation. For a full refund, written cancellations must be received 30 business days prior to the start date of the training: April 2nd. Cancellations received 30 business days prior to the start date of the training are entitled to a 30% refund. Cancellations received less than 30 business days prior to the start date are not entitled to a refund. This policy is due to the high level of customization involved in our trainings, which is based on the number of people that have registered as well as space limitations. If a program is canceled from us, a full refund will be provided.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions are accepted in writing via email by providing the name of the current registrant and the name of the substitute. INTERVIEW PROCESS is required and subject to Simona Siclari choice. Substitutions may be made up to 30 business days prior to the training for no fee. Substitutions can also be made up to 15 business days prior to the training for a fee. Substitutions cannot be made after the training has started.


By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. – Franz Kafka.


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