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The Art of Intimacy

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This event is designed to be a gentle introduction to Tantra.

It’s a celebration of life, a powerful journey of transformation.

Simona gives opportunity for people to experience opening, expanding and sharing with like-minded people.

It’s about waking up from the sleep of self-protection to become fully engaged in loving intimate connection and compassion, becoming each others’ witnesses and teachers.

We are here to celebrate life, not just to live it. Go back to your Ecstatic Free Loving Nature! – Simona


Ask yourself:

What happens when we hold an open space to explore our innate longings to play and connect? To love and be loved? To see and be seen? To give and to receive? To heal and be healed? What emerges when our protective strategies and ego postures melt away? What happens when we slow down enough to be present with our vulnerable breathing bodies?

Come spend some time exploring these questions and more – slowing down, softening, and leaning into intimacy. In this session, you’ll learn how to let go of the mind and enter the body and the heart and connect to your soul so that every touch is really felt, every sound becomes an expression of your soul and you are able to savour the taste, feeling and deliciousness of all that life has to offer.

This session allows you to feel Oneness with all-that-is and feel at peace to Be.

What will it involve?

In a supportive and structured setting, Simona will guide you into a journey with your Spirit through Movement, Stillness, Breath, Touch, Sound, Emotional expression, Partner-work, Group-work and Communication  to cultivate connection to Self, Others, and the Whole in a safe space to allow you to explore depth and connection. Movement will be free form and slow or crazy wild or you will experience the power of just being still and breath. Touch will be in the form of relaxing massage or a simple holding of each other’s hands.

You’ll expand in Love, Remembrance, Compassion, Understanding, Acceptance, Authenticity and Awareness and you will leave nurturing and rejuvenating, allowing you to gently find your “tender edge,” and go as deep as you chooses. Under Simona’s unique guidance, the session supports a conscious connection between your Human Nature and Spirit, merging together our Sexual Nature, longing for deep connection and intimacy and our Spirituality, creating a powerful healing through physical, spiritual and energetic Oneness.

 Filippo Guarnieri – Italy – Product Manager

I would like to thank Simona for bringing her light energy to the class and for helping us to connect in a deeper way. She is a skilled coach and helped each member of the group become more aware of their own energy as it related to their body. This allowed us go into our senses through very well designed exercises and confident leadership. I felt inspired, more connected and ready for the next step. Thanks again Simona.

Yin Ling Ng – Singapore – Vocal Awakening Coach and Sound Healer

We have just completed “The Art of Intimacy” 3 hours workshop here in Singapore and everyone is leaving feeling Relaxed, Connected, at Peace, in Harmony and Juicy. It is something society really really lacks. Many of us feels so disconnected from each other and from ourselves on a daily basis while busy with our work, phones and technology. It sooooo beautiful to come to such a space where we can connect in a Safe and Loving space. So, definitely, definitely join Simona’s workshops and all her offerings.

Dalvin Parsh – India – Flight Attendant

I just attended Simona’s “The Art of Intimacy” workshop in Singapore and it’s really really worth it to give it a shot. If u are disconnected from urself, if u are disconnected from your Chakras, if u feel that u need to go somewhere and feel Loved, Welcomed and Great after just few hours, u need to attend this workshop. No need to think about it. I highly recommend that u join this course, that u get urself in here. U have my words. I am Aligned back with my dislocated chakra’s. Simona is Magic. She truly cares and helps. Contact her to feel your inner-self, she aids you the journey. Thank you Simona for the Transformation. Much needed it was! It is important to Love yourself. But if you’ve forgotten how to do it, seek this awesome beautiful lady to find yourself again. Love. 

The Power of Vulnerabilities and Boundaries:

Simona, in this heart-centered, clothing-on workshop, will hold space for you to learn tools to find your Center and connect with others in a safe and structured environment.  She starts by creating a trusting, supportive and safe environment. Simona holds a strong container of mutual Respect and appropriate Boundaries. You will be encouraged to discern and being responsible for setting your own boundaries and feel empowered in that. The workshop offers profound and simple ways to practice giving and receiving life-affirming attention and awareness, both inwardly toward Yourself and outwardly toward Others, accessing your own Inner Wisdom and Grace.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.44.41 AMIn this session, you will discover:

  • Ways to enhance your Intimacy and Connection
  • Tantric skills to tune in with Yourself and Others
  • Practices to inspire and nurture your Bodily, Energetically, Emotional and Spiritual nature

You’ll experience:

  • A new depth of Sexual Self-Acceptance
  • Your  Creative Life Force Energy
  • Freedom from fear, guilt and shame in relation to your sexuality and sensuality
  • Connection between Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Conscious Communication
  • Empathic Listening
  • Love
  • Self-Expression
  • Self-responsibility and self-empowerment
  • Intimacy
  • Sensuality
  • Vitality
  • Fun & Wildness
  • A little bit of goofiness
  • Slowing down
  • Dropping into the innate wisdom of your Body
  • Expressing yourself from a resourced, authentic, and vulnerable place
  • Bringing Awareness
  • Exploring Boundaries: being empowered to say “no” and “yes” with grace and ease
  • Discovering the power and magic of the Tribe: how an embodied heart-based group field can elicit deep insight, relaxation and healing for all

This Workshop can be for Couples only or Individuals. This will be clearly communicated prior to the event.

You will have access to Love, sweet Connection and Friendship in an high-quality workshop where you can surrender and feel hold and safe.


Dr. Giandomenico Ciampa – Italy – Telecom Assistant

Simona, thanks for the wonderful lesson and for the energy present in the classroom. I met a new way to relate to others. Thank you again.

 Soraia Bloom – Singapore – Shamanic Sound Healer

Sweet, Sensual, Loving Energy permeates the space Simona holds. I am appreciative and grateful to share and meet her during her 3 hours “The Art of Intimacy” workshop x . Highly recommended…. Love.

 Sarah Arensi – Italy – Artist

Thank you so much Simona for the nourishing, joyful and intense evening. Might your heart keep vibrating always on the frequency of love.

Who’s it for?

This offering is open to all humans of all genders and orientations, seeking to connect more with self or other – it’s a perfect setting for beginners, those already exploring the Tantric Path, couples and singles. The focus is on supporting everyone to deepen their experience of inner and outer connection, and this is an ongoing experience with infinite potential. Whether you have done many workshops or are new to Tantra, there is always the chance to learn to breathe more fully, to relax the body more deeply, to balance the masculine/feminine energy in a more integrated and harmonious way and to bring more presence to your self and others.


THE SPACE created is fun, healing, gentle and personalised to meet you wherever you are in your process. In this interactive experience of Embodied Intimacy, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a space of conscious awareness and possibility while also learning skills that can improve the quality and depth of all your relationships.


NO PRESSURE – You can choose your own level of comfort and participation at our workshops. There is no sexual intercourse, overt expression of sexuality or compulsory exercises. All activities are optional and designed to foster relaxation, ease, fun, and insight. Choices to pass or participate are honoured equally.

You can review Testimonials to read what clients have said about past events.

Check Calendar for what’s on when and bookings.

Contact Simona if you would like this workshop in your area.

Through Embodied Awareness on how to channel our own Energy to connect with ourselves and others and slowing down to the speed of Love, Magic happens. – Simona


Gianluca Botticelli – Italy – International Sales Representative

I’ve been attending at Simona Tantra workshops and I feel grateful for being there. The way she’s teaching Tantra is absolutely wonderful, she has an incredibly inspirational and engaging personality, the energy she can create is unique. During her workshops I felt involved, with my entire body, mind and in touch with my deep emotions, which it has been enlightening for me. Her insight and positive spirit make her a highly skilled Coach.

Benedetta Finamore – Italy – Financial Consultant 

Thanks to fate, I have met a pure soul in the waters of Ibiza. Her smile kidnapped me and she opened her heart to me. The case doesn’t exist, and after months of trying the way of Tantra, Simona gave me the opportunity to take part to one of her workshops. I hope to continue following her seminars and meetings and, why not, meet her again next summer in Ibiza. Hugs full of Love.


Do you long for more loving time, deeper connection or greater sexual intimacy in your relationship?

Benefits: Quality time and guided safe space hold by Simona with wisdom and energy to:

  • Enhance your relationship
  • Deepen your intimacy and heart connection
  • Open your hearts and bodies to each other
  • Find natural grace and flow in your connection
  • Establish new ways of being with each other
  • Build sexual energy
  • Embrace masculine / feminine polarity
 You will be supported: 
  • To honour each other through touch and communication
  • To nourish your hearts through a deeper level of feeling each other
  • To have space for expressing yourself to each other
  • To build sexual energy internally without being overtly sexual
  • To restore masculine / feminine dynamic in your relationship
  • To learn tantric practices which will deepen your lovemaking

For this workshop we need to pair the numbers, so book in advance as we only have a limited space for 10 couples.Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.06.35 AM


Community – Connection – Celebration!

Simona will guide you through this interactive and social evening of tantric exploration and dance. If you’ve been looking for somewhere to meet others who are into Tantra, or you are new to Tantra, these evenings are for you! The focus is not on romantic relationship although it does not exclude it. No need to bring a partner, as we’ll all switch partners many times. However, if you come with a partner, you can decide and communicate to the group that you would like to share this experience with him or her only.

An experiential opportunity to:

  • Meet like minded people
  • Relax your body
  • Explore the sensuality of your body
  • Experience your masculine and feminine energies through movement
  • Develop meaningful connections with men and women
  • Move out of your mind and into your body
  • Feel connected, dynamic, vibrant and alive and know how to re-create this experience at home
  • Discover the power in opening up to others and sharing yourself
  • Let go of shame, guilty, judgments and fears
  • Learn new perspectives on asking for what you want and desire
  • Explore and change limiting notions of love and intimacy
  • Get more in touch with your feelings
  • Learn new ways to communicate
  • Clearly set your own boundaries: the power of saying “yes” and “no”
  • Increase your sense of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Increase clarity, honesty, and trust in your relationships
  • Have FUN and DANCE!


There is no sex or compulsory exercises – choose your own level of participation. Regardless of your age, experience, or sexual orientation – whether you are single or in a committed relationship – come and directly experience your real beauty, your real power, your love for yourself and others, and the love others have for you.

It is a powerful workshop hold by the reassuring, sweet, loving, warmth and full of laugh presence of Simona.


Marilyn White – USA – Client Manager, Actress & Dancer

I just completed the “Art of Intimacy” session with Simona Siclari and five other very beautiful human beings. The session was really amazing and I feel so at Peace and the walls have just crumbled down and I feel like I was floating afterwards on Clouds. And it was a really beautiful experience because I think too often we are holding ourselves back from being close to people and to strangers especially. And this helped me kind of break away from the noise that’s in your head or the judgmental things or the little voices that kind of stop you from opening up and being kind and opening your Heart to people you don’t know. This is such an amazing experience and I can’t wait until the next one. So thank you so much Simona and I look forward to experiencing it again with more strangers and also with friends and loved ones. Thank you.



The Art of Intimacy might include:



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