Embodied Intimacy & Tantric Essence Ambassador



 Filippo Guarnieri – Italy – Product Manager

I would like to thank Simona for bringing her Light Energy to the class here in Rome and for helping us to Connect in a deeper way. She is a skilled Coach and helped each member of the group become more aware of their own Energy as it related to their Body. This allowed us go into our Senses through very well designed Exercises and confident Leadership. I felt Inspired, more Connected and ready for the next step. Thanks again Simona.

 Shizuka Kitamura – Japan – Owner at Organics Beauty

The Maldives are like heaven on earth. However what sets this “Tantric Women Awakening Retreat” apart from all others is not the beautiful scenery, but is Simona the facilitator. I was so impressed and learned so much in my short time with her because of her authenticity. The activities we participated in were simple yet powerful. We did tantric yoga and meditation every day. By attending to my primal state and reconnecting to my animal instincts and femininity, I felt a transformation. I was taken to another level and could experience pure emotions.


Dalvin Parsh – India – Flight Attendant

I just attended Simona’s “The Art of Intimacy” workshop in Singapore and it’s really really worth it to give it a shot. If u are disconnected from urself, if u are disconnected from your Chakras, if u feel that u need to go somewhere and feel Loved, Welcomed and Great after just few hours, u need to attend this workshop. No need to think about it. I highly recommend that u join this course, that u get urself in here. U have my words. I am Aligned back with my dislocated chakra’s. Simona is Magic. She truly cares and helps. Contact her to feel your inner-self, she aids you the journey. Thank you Simona for the Transformation. Much needed it was! It is important to Love yourself. But if you’ve forgotten how to do it, seek this awesome beautiful lady to find yourself again. Love. 

Hannah Lo – Malaysia – Spiritual Songstress and Sound Artist

It was such a gift to be in “Sacred Cacao Ceremony” with Simona. I am so used to being a facilitator that sometimes I forget how powerful it is for the person receiving. Simona I felt had a very rare energy when it came to holding ceremony. The best way I can describe it is a Grandmother type of energy. Warm, wholesome, unconditionally loving, grounded, earthy, centered and joyful. With nothing to prove and everything to give. I am very sensitive and acutely aware of a person’s relationship with their body. When we hugged I could feel the openness, aliveness and love pouring through Simona’s body which allowed mine to melt, relax and be open to receive. This may seem like a simple thing but it is an immensely powerful thing to radiate that quality of energy with your body and being, especially when holding such intimate ceremonies. I am so grateful that my first cacao ceremony was with Simona and would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried it, to experience it with Simona.

Because of my first experience with Simona (Sacred Cacao Ceremony) I went on to attend a full 5 day “Tantric Women’s Awakening Retreat” in the Maldives with her and 5 other women.It was the BEST money I’ve spent in a while on myself!!! It was an AMAZING and transformative experience. We ate our lunches and dinners staring out across the vast blue ocean, woke up to breathtaking sunrises and spent nights under the most clear starry skies. We sailed to remote islands and pristine sand banks, were taken through beautiful processes to bring us deeper into intimacy, sensuality, and truth with ourselves. I had many profound experiences. It was also during a time when I really needed the support of other women, and I cannot describe how healing it was to be held, seen and heard unconditionally in this way – in the most divine nature. Simona has a way of pouring her love and empathy out into whoever she’s with, this is special and what I love about her. Her connection to her own body and tantric relationship to life itself will remind you of what is possible for yourself. It was a decision that triggered a domino affect of changes in my life before I even arrived in the Maldives that I could not have imagined possible. Simona holds a space of pure love, complete acceptance, being-ness, surrender, flow, compassion, feminine power & autonomy as well as a tantric connection with all living things. It was because she held such a powerful container for this retreat that everything in my life out of alignment with that energy had to shift and change as long as I was willing. In watching and learning from her, surrendering to the process, being immersed in the most beautiful nature, connecting with the most wonderful women and so much more I walked away literally a different woman. My partner was so happy with the person who came home to him. I discovered profound things about myself, how to be in partnership with the universe and my life is not the same. I think some of the most powerful things a person can learn is from their own realizations, from being given experiences, practices, space to see themselves and their truth from the inside out. That they’re pointed in the direction of their own power, ability to self resource and find self-love. Simona facilitates this which such grace and unconditional love as well as being in my own opinion an example of how to live a life that is tantric, empowered and free. I highly recommend, if you can, to just be in her space if you want to learn how to love yourself. This will truly be a magical experience you won’t forget!

Marilyn White – USA – Client Manager, Actress & Dancer

Tonight I delved into the space of the “Women’s Sacred Circle” shared by Simona and other special women, and I honestly cannot even begin to express the wonderment that I experienced. Thank you for sharing your Love, Gift, Trust and Spirit with me; thank you for guiding me to a place I’ve never been before within my own self. We are such incredible beings – we just have to set ourselves Free and allow ourselves to simply Be. Thank you Universe for making it possible for me to attend this very special evening. I feel grateful, I feel great. Much Love, Light, Peace and Happiness to all – and to all a good night! 

I just completed the “Art of Intimacy” session with Simona Siclari and five other very beautiful human beings. The session was really amazing and I feel so at Peace and the walls have just crumbled down and I feel like I was floating afterwards on Clouds. And it was a really beautiful experience because I think too often we are holding ourselves back from being close to people and to strangers especially. And this helped me kind of break away from the noise that’s in your head or the judgmental things or the little voices that kind of stop you from opening up and being kind and opening your Heart to people you don’t know. This is such an amazing experience and I can’t wait until the next one. So thank you so much Simona and I look forward to experiencing it again with more strangers and also with friends and loved ones. Thank you.

Sherry Yavas – UK – Health Food Enterpreneur

I feel so special to have come across a truly divinely magical soul named Simona. Not usually taking part in group sessions due to past anxieties, doubts and fears, something strongly urged me to seek out the guidance of a unique and genuine teacher of alternative healing. My destiny lead me to the “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop here in London. Simona created a safe haven with her beautifully soft and bright energy for the group to take part in a shared experience. Although I was excited and nervous to what I might go through and feel, I had never anticipated the rawness of my experience and the deep hidden aspects of my self revealing themselves to me through visions, words, emotions and a very clear understanding of who I am. Without fully understanding how Simona does the work she does during this session, it resonated with me and therefore enabled me to trust and allow the process. The music used in this shamanic session pulsed through my physical body through waves of vibrations and sent my spirit into a vortex created my Simona where the shamanic work could take place in my mind’s eye. Time distorted and felt it was over before it began even though it was a 2 hour session which makes me feel this is merely the start of my journey to working through many parts of my being and because of this I feel as ready as the most attentive student in a classroom and will be awaiting another session by Simona. I am ready to do what must be done to awaken my life force and Simona’s work and experience only pushes me harder to stay focused and in a high frequency. After the session I just couldn’t believe how powerful of an experience it actually was and while looking at this incredibly sweet and beautiful soul, my tears fell and fell and fell – in appreciation, in awe and, in love; Simona shared a tear with me. I realised what needs to be done which was extremely overwhelming and I can’t possibly thank Simona enough for what she has done for me. Her advice about how to work on the changes that has followed is helping me to process the magical synchronicities, physical experiences in the body and messages through dreams and it still seems like just the beginning! I feel very alive and ready to face whatever needs to surface. I will never forget Simona and very intrigued by her work – a fan for life! Her art is pure and she will take care of you – she is the definition of love ♥

Dean Powell
Dean Powell – New Zealand – Facilitator of emotional pain and blockages

Yesterday I experienced “Tribal Tantra Meditation” with Simona, although not for the first time it was my first time with her. What an amazing facilitator … so full of Love and Grace and Dedication to helping people really connect beyond all our fears and blocks. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking to ‘know’ themselves more, outside of the realms of what we’ve been led to believe is normal and if you get a chance I definitely recommend doing it with Simona. Thank you for sharing your big heart beautiful one. Love. 

 Jacqueline Cripps – Australia – Project Management and Generational Diversity Consultant and Author

I met Simona at her recent “InnerDance & Ecstatic Arts” workshop in London and was immediately drawn to her beautiful, calm, feminine, sensual energy. She created an environment that was safe, sacred and transformative and facilitated an incredible experience for all those there. I highly recommend her workshops, for those wanting to connect deeper with the sense, especially of the feminine and of the creative. I left feeling whole; inspired and re-aligned with my being. I’m deeply grateful to Simona for such an amazing profound experience. Even a week after, I am feeling very present, very clear with my thoughts, I have also had very interesting dreams, very realistic. I have been feeling more powerful in terms of waking up and ligering a little bit more than usual. From a creative point of view I feel clearer, and more aligned with myself from a creative point of view, more sure about where I am going and coming to that clarity, about my writing ability for example, just feeling much more clearer on that. From an emotional point of view, I have definitely felt more in tune with myself, more connected with myself, which as bit really really good. I feel more connected from an intuitive point of view as well. I have always been fortunate to have a gift of intuition but I feel it clearer which allows me to be clear in my decision-making and language and thoughts. From a physical point of view, actually from a food point of view I had an unusual craving for whole foods, things that I would not tipically eat like meat and diary that is something I normally do not try to eat too much just cause I have a little sensitive to it and yet it is something my body is craving at the moment maybe because I have a small fracture in my hip. So I am more aligned with my physical self as well , and being able to listen clearly to the messages my body is sending to me. I feel I am much clearer in being able to listen to and acknowledge and doing something about that. So I have loved it, I have spoken to a couple of friends of mine around the workshop and how much I highly recommended and what an incredibly amaizing experience it was. I would absolutely love to leave a revew on your website. U have a Gift and I am so grateful that I was part of  that beautiful journey and I feel would be a continuation of a journey with us. I would absolutely love to seeing you when you come back here in London. 

Yin Ling Ng – Singapore – Vocal Awakening Coach and Sound Healer

We have just completed “The Art of Intimacy” 3 hours workshop here in Singapore and everyone is leaving feeling Relaxed, Connected, at Peace, in Harmony and Juicy. It is something society really really lacks. Many of us feels so disconnected from each other and from ourselves on a daily basis while busy with our work, phones and technology. It sooooo beautiful to come to such a space where we can connect in a Safe and Loving space. So, definitely, definitely join Simona’s workshops and all her offerings.

 S.T. – Austria – CEO 

I am a very successful businessman, however, my wife and I were having troubles relating and connecting on any emotional level and this was causing problems for us.  My wife and I were not getting well and I was scared and fearful for the future of my marriage and my young family of 3 children. It’s my wife that first suggested we should explore a “Tantric Retreat” to help us connect and relate on an emotional level and to communicate effectively, openly, honestly and freely including accepting differing views and preferences without prejudice which compounds our challenges. It is then that I saw from Simona’s site she may offer teachings in this area. All I wanted is my wife to be content and happy, rekindle a natural, loving physical relationship, feel special to my wife and genuinely loved again and no longer feeling physically reserved and tentative at home. The greatest outcome I would have loved to see from specifically doing an “Intimacy Private Retreat” with Simona was for a mutually loving, happy, respectful, communicative and non-judgemental marriage. I was happily single for many years and married late; whilst it was tough when I reached out to Simona, I knew I wanted my family to succeed as the highest priority. In just a short time Simona created a Miracle. I will be forever grateful to Simona, her guidance, and the intimacy, sensuality, vulnerability, and depth she was able to allow in her space. Simona saved my marriage. She saved my family. I will never forget. I can only highly recommend this life-changing journey under her guidance. Thank u so much Simona u are such a Gift and so talented and professional in what u share.

 Giovanna Vanna – Italy – Philosopher

“Awaken Your Magnetic Feminine Essence Retreat – The Initiation” in Italy has been an extraordinary experience, whole, marvelous, full of Joy & Light. It has been a true and real reawakening, I discovered my real feminine essence, my nature, my joy to be a woman, to be connected with Mother Nature and the Cosmic Womb more that I have ever imagined was possible. I have re-discovered my own divinity as part of an eternal and infinite Cosmos from which to draw: Love, Knowing, Intuition, Wisdom, Power and Energy. It’s possible to travel beyond the doors of time, beyond the visible obstacles, beyond any resistance dictated from our own mind. I bared my own soul, my own fragilities, my own fears, my own limits, it has not been easy but I understood that all these things can be faced and solved…I have shared all this Marvel with my sisters Simona Siclari, Elena Ghirardo, Chiara Mussari, wonderful beings, extraordinary creatures and I can’t but express my gratitude to who allowed that all of this to unfold. 

 Marie-Pierre Gay – France – Kinesiologist

I met Simona in Bali, a magical moment of reconnection from soul to soul, what a beautiful Soul in a beautiful Body, Pure Energy and Joy. I attended a workshop “Belly2Belly” that Simona organized. It was a first for me, and I was immediately at ease, Simona creates a safe space in which it is possible to engage, discover, get in connection with oneself, with the other.Breathing tools, sound, look, are simple and allow to slide easily into the relationship to oneself and to the other. I enjoyed this discovery, common sound breaths, and the exchange that is set up with me with the other. During the debriefing, it was not me easy to understand that all I had to do was to express something that I enjoyed in me. I was so used to point my shadows, share my difficulties with myself, facing each other, to life .. And finally I could see how the inner atmosphere and energy within me change, in the simple act of consider and look at my light.Simona thank you for this beautiful discovery, i am thankful for our meeting, thank you for the joy you hold and you allowed me to contact.I wish you allow plenty of other people to contact it in them.With all my Love.

 Stephanie Marie – United Kingdom – Artist

5*!! I had an incredible experience at Simona’s workshop “InnerDance & Ecstatic Arts: A Sound Journey” here in London. The space felt safe and open and I instantly felt the transformative energy from the start. Simona held the space with her softness and gentle spirit, she allowed me to make deep connection with myself. I can’t recommend enough !

 Shree Mogan – Singapore – Philanthropist

There are times when you meet someone and wonder – what am i learning from this. The time i met Simona was the time i needed to face my fears and get out of my comfort zone. The “Tantric Retreat” to the Maldives provided me the opportunity to meet authentic people, built relationships for a lifetime and be comfortable being me. Wishing the same experience for others!

 Dr. Giandomenico Ciampa – Italy – Telecom Assistant

Simona, thanks for the wonderful lesson and for the Energy present in “The Art of Intimacy” classroom here in Rome. I met a New Way to relate to others. Thank you again.

Amanda Tracey – Great Britain – Travelling World Bridger

I went to one of Simona’s “Belly2Belly” and I loved it!!! It was my first time going to any class like this and so I was a bit nervous at first as I didnt know what to expect. But connecting with complete strangers in this way was so beautiful and such a special experience. When I completely surrendered into the practice it was a Soul to Soul connection and felt completely natural. Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul. And I have stayed connected with the other people and made friends for life!!Simona herself is such a warm, kind hearted, serene soul who makes you feel totally at ease and guides you through the session with Grace. And with her soft gentle presence you can be sure to be looked after and trust me you will laugh and smile ALOT!!! She has the most amazing energy to be around! Ooooozing femininity and sensuality whilst allowing you to feel 100% comfortable in your own skin.I thank the Universe for guiding me into this experience and for allowing me to completely Surrender into it. Its taught me a great deal about connecting with others. Couldn’t recommend it more!!

Ezzie Spencer – Australia – Women’s Coach & best-selling Author of “Lunar Abundance”

Simona is Pure woman, Pure heart: what treasure she brings to the World, holding space with such Love and Grace. Thank you beautiful being. Love.

 Benedetta Finamore – Italy – Financial Consultant

Thanks to fate, I have met a Pure Soul in the waters of Ibiza. Her smile kidnapped me and she opened her Heart to me. The case doesn’t exist, and after months of trying the way of Tantra, Simona gave me the opportunity to take part to one of her workshops: “The Art of Intimacy”. I hope to continue following her Seminars and Meetings and, why not, meet her again next summer in Ibiza . Hugs full of Love.

 V. G. – Singapore – Executive Director

I went to one of Simona’s “Women’s Sacred Circle” and I loved it!!! Simona’s Love-based presence is transformational. She holds space for people to experience depth, vulnerability and authenticity in their connections. This is liberating.
Evelyne Rey-Bellet – Switzerland – Administrative Assistant

What can I say about the “Tantra Yoga” class with Simona? Wooooooooow. I am speechless. An Inner and Outer Journey that brings you very close to who you truly are. I bow to you. Thank you. 

 Magda Kwiatkowska – Poland – Women Success Coach

I felt such seep levels of Intimacy in Simona’s “Belly2Belly” workshop here in Bali. The experience was beautiful. It allowed me to open up to receiving, which required me to let go of my own old blocks. I connected with our beautiful souls, and felt my heart open for hours after the workshop was over. I didn’t fully know what to expect, and even considered skipping the workshop, but in the end I went and I am so glad I did. It was worth it and I would love to attend another edition. Great experience. Darling, it’s such a pleasure knowing you. You are a true embodiment of the Shakti power, true extension of a True Feminine Force with the sparkling eyes and a huge smile. Thank you for your amazing energy and gifts. 

 Gianluca Botticelli – Italy – International Sales Representative

I’ve been attending at Simona “The Art of Intimacy” workshops here in Rome several times and I feel grateful for being there. The way she’s teaching Tantra is absolutely wonderful, she has an incredibly Inspirational and Engaging personality, the Energy she can create is Unique. During her worksops I felt involved, with my entire Body, Mind and in touch with my deep Emotions, which it has been enlightening for me. Her insight and positive Spirit make her a highly skilled Coach.

Judy De Koningh  Netherlands – Autism Coach

I met Simona in Ubud, Bali and it felt like I met a sister! She’s fun, playful and full of Love! I was participating in one of her workshops in Ubud, Bali, , the “Belly2Belly”, and her guidance felt so grounding, supportive, easy and flowing. Very gentle and loving. I experienced her as a great Listener and felt very loved and appreciated in her presence. Highly recommended her to anyone who wants to dive in deeply! Love.

 Diana Jean Reyes – Singapore – Career Coach and Facilitator

I’ve been attending at Simona “Women’s Sacred Circle” workshop here in Singapore. All I wanted to do in the weekend was sleep. But it was not meant to be. 9 strangers gathered together exchanging awkward smiles and hello’s as we walked through the door. “Why am I here?” I thought. But within 2 minutes of the Opening Circle led by Simona, the 9 strangers became Sisters: 9 women sharing from the Heart, diving deep into their Passions and their Pain. We shared stories, we laughed, we cried, we danced, we hugged and we honoured each other in silence. No judgment. Only Love. After being surrounded by so much masculine energy the past week, it was so nice to be in gentle Divine Feminine Energy, a beautiful dance and balance between Yin and Yang. It turned out that the mix up was exactly what I needed. Tips on Living Light and Right: 1. We are more alike than we realize. 2. Find a Tribe that gives you permission to Be. 3. What you think is a mix up might actually be a power up. 4. In a world of social media and “like’s,” there is still no substitute for authentic, Heart-to-Heart conversations to create powerful Connections. With all my Heart, thank u so much Simona. 

 Deborah Emmanuel – Singapore – Artist

My experience at one of Simona’s “Women’s Sacred Circles” reminded me of some parts of myself which had been left aside for a while. She didn’t explain too much, just guided us as a group through what was a Unique and Individual Journey for each of us. It was our duty to remain Open and questioning to ourselves during the session. It was so good to reconnect with my Femininity and to remember that if I am open, I can always learn powerful things from new experiences. Simona is a wise and giving woman, and I hope that more people put their trust in her to help them discover what is unturned or hidden within themselves.

 Yogi Basti – Germany – Web Consultant

Simona’s “Belly2Belly” is an awesome experience. A great way to connect with other people in a Deep and Intimate way while feeling very Held and Safe by the whole group and Simona as well. I can only recommend it to everyone who is interested in deepening his relationships and ability to connect with others.

Sarah Arensi – Italy – Painter

Thank you so much Simona for the nourishing, joyful and intense evening. May your Heart keep vibrating always on the frequency of Love.


 Nicolle Lim Shu Yan – Singapore – Style and Wardrobe Coach to female entrepreneurs

Being part of the “Women’s Sacred Circle” is one of the best Gifts I have given to myself. In connecting with sisters from the Heart, I saw myself in and through their Eyes. Allowing myself to really be in my Body, Feel and then Flow with its expression. It was really beautiful to be Witnessed and Acknowledged for just Being Me. Thank you very much Simona. I highly encourage anyone who has been keeping a Secret Hurt inside them to attend. The release and healing was Divine. Big hug.

 Jared Ciofalo – USA – The SoulTrekker

Simona is an incredible heart centered facilitator. A light of genuine Love and Compassion radiates from within her and her authentic Beauty shines both inside and out. She truly has a Gift for creating and then holding a loving space, and this is evident by the comfort and ease you feel whenever you are in her presence. She genuinely cares about your experiences in opening up the possibilities of exploring all aspects of yourself and expanding upon those most intimate and dear to us. She truly has a gift and is following her calling to share with all of you. Thank you Simona. Much Love.

 Soraia Bloom – Singapore – Shamanic Sound Healer

Sweet, Sensual, Loving Energy permeates the space Simona holds. I am appreciative and grateful to share and meet her during her 3 hours “The Art of Intimacy” workshop here in Singapore x . Highly recommended…. Love.

 Jo – London – Executive Director

Thanks so much for everything. I was so amazed and inspired by you, your energy and the session of “InnerDance” itself here in London. I had big preconceptions but it was indeed a strangely relaxing whilst also highly emotional experience for me and one I would definitely be keen to build on in the future. So many thoughts and so much to process still. So much love and thanks to you for your generosity of spirit, kindness and care – much Love and thank you always.

 Dileri Sadhana – Italy – Holistic Practitioner

After One Year of the “Sacred Cacao Ceremony” here is my Review Simona! Well, that night was a magical spiritual blast! I met Simona just one week before this Event and I felt to simply organize this sacred ritual with a small intimate community. It happened in an Opened Space with a Fantastic view of Kuala Lumpur. I loved how Simona facilitated the whole Ritual and how she brought all of Us to another space with her magical voice, softness and deepness. Simona has the ability to make people feel comfortable, in a space of honesty, openness and in a non judgmental environment. I blown away when I was in my Trip by the Cacao Spirit that was running through my blood. It was definitely an unforgettable experience and Best of everything, a beginning of a wonderful friendship!

 Boey Yeong Kit – Singapore – Financial Broker

I just finished “Belly2Belly”, and it’s my second time attending it and I felt that it is something that is really good as I felt a lot more relaxed after that and also really a wonderful experience. It’s definitely a new experience to be open to someone that I’ve never met before, but yet it feels so natural and so easy once I become more comfortable. And Simona’s guidance really helped to put me at ease with the whole process. And throughout the session it’s a very natural and relaxing procedure. It actually helps me to be able connect to people better, and so I am definitely recommending it to someone who really wants to open up and to connect with others more easily. Thank you.

 Mana Obón – New Mexico – Yoga Teacher & Kirtan Musician

Ciao, Hola I’m Mana, and I’ve just finished the workshop of Simona and Sarah the “InnerDance & Ecstatic Arts” and I’m very happy that I followed my Heart, my Call and my Instinct to be here with them because they are so beautiful souls to work with. I’ve just arrived to Milan and it was what my heart needed to feel the Essence that we are and they represent that. They take you very easy to the Essence, to that Community, to that beautiful Spirit of connection. I really enjoyed the work. I surrendered. I felt safe. They were able to create a beautiful Safe Space for all of us, a group of people that didn’t know each other and they managed to integrate us and in my personal experience I enjoyed a lot. I would love to do mor things with them. The place is beautiful and I wish this place keeps growing and keeps giving birth to beautiful community healing together, enjoying together, creating together and loving life together. Grazie.

 Sue Saim – Singapore – Teacher

Magical, one-of- its- kind journey into being truly in touch with my Inner Feminine Essence & Outer Feminine Being during “A Woman’s Journey – Awaken your Magnetic Feminine Essence”. No barriers held, such honesty, boldness and openness yet extremely soft and gentle – truly held – by a woman for another. Simona holds the space gently and lovingly as she guides us in opening up to and be with ourselves lovingly.Held in and with high Respect, I feel me, I honour me – Divine. Thank you, Simona 

 Henrik Nymark -Denmark – Physiotherapist

In December 2018 I received a “Sacred Spot Massage” (healing massage) in Egypt from the dear Simona. My experience was truly one of the most blissful massage-experiences ever. Firstly I was met by an extraordinary beautiful woman who was radiating life-force energy beyond words. She appeared calm, present, beautiful, mysterious, joyful, confident, truly empathetic and professional. A mix between a lover and a sacred healer/magician from a fairy tale.She initiated the sacred spot with a very strong presence where she made sure that I was met in my needs for safety. Very professionally she asked me consensual questions and the way she did that made me fully relax. I felt so lucky to have met a divine healer-archetype who wanted to be fully in service and honour my needs for healing touch. It somehow felt like coming home to myself. Coming home to my heart.The massage itself was an ecstatic experience. Simona´s touch was full of presence, gentleness, slowfulness and sensual bliss. I had so much trust to her and felt that she honoured my body like I was a divine God who was touched by the divine Goddess. With Simona it was a deep pleasure to be touch by a woman with sensitive and conscious hands. I felt she was able to feel me fully and I felt my qi energy in my body running strongly and orgasmic through me; with her I could fully surrender and enjoy. After the massage I had an extraordinary pleasant feeling in my body that lasted the rest of the day. I felt alive, empowered, blissful and didn´t need anything else. I just wanted to be me. Full of gratitude for the experience. Thank you universe. Thank you Simona.  Her impact on me will be a lifetime-memory and if you are looking for a healing session with an outstanding human being I highly recommend Simona. She is a divine, warm, heartful and a professional priestess with the deepest loving intimate healing touch – truly connected to Mother Earth. She embodies the archetype of a divine healer who is in love with life and she helped me to love myself more.Thank you so much lovely Simona  

 Lily Ciccotelli – USA – Lead Hair Stylist 

Beauuuutiful person, beautiful session. I am so happy to have been a part of her practice and experiences during “Belly2Belly” workshop here in Singapore. I look forward to sharing with her again. Love. 

 Marco – Italy – Executive Chef
I am Marco, an Italian guy who has been living in London for 12 years. I currently work as a chef, so yoga helps me manage the stress that both my body and mind experience on a daily basis.
I have been interested in “Kundalini Tantria Yoga” for some time, but never had the chance to try practicing, so when I saw Simona was going to hold a special class at my favourite local yoga studio in London I decided to book!
The experience was completely different from any other type of yoga I have ever done before: more fluid and organic, less technical  and not based on asanas. I had never felt the same kind of energy running through my body before, I had no choice but to let the energy take over and lead me to a higher place. It was not easy to deal with it, with that part of myself I had not experienced before.
After the class I felt much lighter, softer and connected with my sexual side in a very ‘healthy’ way.
The Dynamics between me, Simona and the rest of the group was very cool and respectful, and we ended up chatting for a while after the class. 
I definitely recommend the class to anyone interested in knowing more about “Kundalini Tantra Yoga” and wanting to discover more about their sexual energy.

 Marina Leptich – Brazil – Marketing Manager 

Yesterday I attended here in Singapore a “Women’s Sacred Circle” of Embodied Tao Tantric Arts and the experience was beautiful! Simona has a lot of Passion for what she does and knows how to share her knowledge and experience in a way that makes you feel safe to explore, discover and engage with yourself and others. Strongly recommend it for every woman! Thank you Simona. Love.

 Milu – Russia – Artist and Hospitality Expert

I have met Simona in the Maldives a few years ago and since then our paths have crossed in different parts of the world a few times. I was lucky to attend her “Tantric Retreat” in the Maldives (which was something out of this world by the way) and “InnerDance” workshop in London. She creates magical atmosphere, helps to open up, be free and present in the moment. She is able to make everyone comfortable and relax, knows how to comfort and connect with each and everyone. Simona is the most sincere, open and happy person of everyone I know. Her sessions are very special. She really knows what she is doing, or even if she does not there is an inner force and energy that she is driven by. It’s always a pleasure to be around her because she is always full of positive energy and light that really fills you from within.If you have a chance just make sure to attend her workshop or at least meet this beautiful creature!

 Stephanie Hill – USA – School Teacher

Simona has been a beautiful, magical manifestation in my life and in the city of Singapore. She facilitates one of the most powerful practices of embodied intimacy that I’ve experienced. My first “Belly2Belly” with Simona was a completely unique experience as they all are. She sets and holds a powerful space, so upon walking in I felt comfortable and safe. No matter what happened in that space, I knew I would be held by Simona. She starts the process by allowing everyone to turn into their body and their breath. For this particular practice, when we began I could feel my entire body go into a state of resistance. Everything began to trigger me…the sounds of the other participants breathing, the temperature of the room, the sounds outside. I couldn’t make any sounds, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t even sit up properly. So I lay down, embracing the triggers through slow, deep, focused breathing. I felt so much emotion and resistance the tears started to flow and I considered walking out. I felt I was standing on the boundary of pushing through my own resistance, or honoring myself by choosing to walk away from an experience that I felt wasn’t serving me. I decided I needed to sit up and work through the resistance. So I started to breathe, began to make sounds with my breath and move my body. It was so difficult…my body felt like lead but eventually it began to loosen. Simona explained what we would be doing and that everything you experienced would be part of the process. What’s going on in your body and where are your resistances coming from? – Her prompting of such questions allows one to remain aware in the moment of each sensation. Slowly we began the process of finding a partner and allowing our bodies to be close to each other. I immediately felt comfortable and safe with my partner. All my previous resistance melted away. When we turned to look into each other eyes, I met myself in her. There was nothing but safety and love.This practice is incredibly powerful and Simona is a sweet Goddess. She provides a safe place for people to drop into an incredibly intimate space with one another. Breathing and sounding together lets the body know it’s held and that it’s OK to just let go. Being able to share this intimate connection with a complete stranger is magical. Whatever comes up is a gift and a mirror of yourself. With attention and awareness one is able to recognize old patters or habits that come up with being intimate with another person…yet you realize that in that space everything else drops away.I feel so blessed to have had this practice come into my life. It’s such a beautiful way to build connection with people. It also provides lessons in letting go of connection as well…I have a tendency to become attached to connection, and this practice allows one to realize that this connection is possible with every human being and that we do not need to grasp and hold onto every connection we make in this life. When I am connected to myself, I feel secure and confident that I am love and love surrounds me.

Crystal – Netherlands – Vocal Sound Healer and Women Empowerment Facilitator

I love to share how I experienced co-facilitating with this special woman. Working together with Simona was dropping into a space of Presence and Recognition of Trust in more then our physical experience. For me that was what made me feel she is able to hold a deep space for others. Her smile lightens me up, and the Presence in her touch makes me Surrender to Love. Love this woman.

 Teo – UK – Information Technology Expert

I had a wonderful experience at Simona’s “Tantric Immersion” event in London. It was held at a cute and cozy yoga place that had wooden ceilings with beams, dimmed lights, lots of yoga mats, cushions, and blankets. The venue was absolutely perfect. The duration of 4 hours also was excellent. The music was fantastic, all the participants were lovely and Simona made everyone feel instantly welcome and relaxed with her softly spoken and gentle nature and dream-like presence. I liked all the participants a lot. Everybody was great. It was four hours of pure relaxation, presence, and connection. It was excellent. It was simply lovely to meet Simona, she is amazing and kind, too pure for this World. I think Simona is the perfect host for these types of events. This is the best event of this kind I have ever attended. I really like her and I’m a big fan of this event. Please let me know when there is another one.

 Patricia Bernardo – Singapore – Hospitality & Tourism Manager

I attended Simona’s “Sacred Women’s Circle” two days ago in Singapore. Something completely new to me. I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of trust, letting go and being open minded was required for this, and for me this was challenging. I did feel an amazing amount of energy in the room. And I had some beautiful experiences. Simona is a very gentle and beautiful person who has shown me something new that I am very excited to practice. I am so grateful for having attended her session. Thank you very much Simona. I am so glad that I have met you.

Emanuela Pino – Italy – Entrepreneur 

It was a pleasure meeting Simona at “A Woman’s Journey – Awaken your Magnetic Feminine Essence” in Singapore and be guided on a journey of remembering and reconnecting with my Divine feminine essence. Thank you Simona!

Tim Sandars – United Kingdom – Business Consultant 

It’s Friday night in Singapore and I’ve just taken part in the “Belly2Belly”. And we got to do lots of deep breathing, lots of releasing. We got closer and closer to strangers and we told them all about our …amazing! And we were very brilliantly guided as well, and it was good, it was a real journey. And we had a lot of fun…people think it’s all deep and serious and you sit there like still and sort of go into deep heavy breathing and it’s all very kind of emotional and dense. But actually we laughed like I don’t think I have ever laughed before, so it was a great laugh, really good fun. We were all just cuddled up for about half an hour afterwards because we didn’t want to let each other go, so that’s a good sign, right? So come along; do it. It’s good for you and it’s fun.

Bingz Huang – Singapore – Intuitive Healer

I attended Simona’s “Sacred Women’s Circle” recently. It was a strange, magical and powerful experience! Thank you for empowering me and showing me what it’s like to own my sexuality. Thank you for your gentle guidance!

Jo Chow Leng – Singapore – Early Childhood Educator

I attended Simona Workshop “A Woman’s Journey – Awaken your Magnetic Feminine Essence” series. From there, I experience how deep a woman can Love towards self and others. Isn’t that a wonderful Gift…Simona’s is passionate in what she believes in. With her gently facilitation and an always loving smile is definitely welcoming with a melt your heart. A program I enjoyed and is happy to have connect with many other like-minded individuals!

Elena Podrezo – Ukraine – Relationship Coach & Parenting Skills

Simona is an embodiment of Pure Love and Joy that is so infectious. Each of her workshops are beautiful unique experiences not to be missed. 

I have experienced some of the most magical moments of love, pleasure, pure love and deep healing shifts in my body and mind as a result of Simona’s “Women’s workshops” and amazing “Water Tantra Retreat” in the Maldives. Feel blessed to get to know her and her work.

Letchimi Palanisamy – Singapore – Founder at Angel & Numbers

The “Tantric Women Awakening Retreat – Cruising in the Maldives” was my first sea retreat & being at the Sea itself was a treat. Being connected to vastness of the Ocean made me realise that life is simple, that I deserve to be happy. Man or woman, we are the same. Leave the doubts, instead set your intention and trust Simona and her crew along with the Universe to bring you all that you desire and deserve.

Dorothee – France – Professional Pianist & Entrepreneur

Hi. My name is Dorothee. So, I had the great chance to go to Maldives for the first time in my life, and it was a retreat organized by Simona Siclari. It was a fantastic choice, I am really so happy I made that choice. It was a fabulous week in a fabulous environment, we were surrounded by the Ocean, by great Energies and by great people. And when I came back, I felt totally in a very different place. I felt re-energized and I felt full of ideas. I really needed that break, I really needed this women’s time and reconnection to Nature. I think we actually lack nature in our daily lives, and being reconnected in so much beauty, so much peace, so much… it’s just magical being surrounded by the Ocean and by… I don’t know, it’s just there are no other words, it was just magical, and that’s where I got a lot of Energy back and I realized how much I missed Nature. And it’s a very important factor when you want to heal from within, when you want to get your energy back and you need to go back in nature, I think it’s very important. As for our facilitator Simona Siclari, she is gathering people together, connecting people together and she’s making Magic happen and she’s helping us reconnecting with Nature. And for me she is the “Goddess of Love”, purely the “Goddess of Love”, she’s Aphrodite, and that’s what she attracts. And you just look at her eyes, actually for me she represents Maldives and the Beauty and the Water and the Ocean and the Magic. I think, yes, you should experience it. And I don’t know what to say, it’s just…when I look at her and look at her looking at the Ocean I just feel she is just part of this magical environment, and she represents Love. So yes, she’s Magic. And also her Energy makes you have Faith again, it gives you the Energy to go for your Dreams and believe in Love and believe that anything is possible. And like everything suddenly seems easy, it’s like things you thought you couldn’t do. First of all, I love music, and for her anything is possible to reconnect, like to mix music with your daily life and incorporate it and she just goes for it and she just makes it happen. And it’s just magical, it’s like I didn’t know it was even possible to make it happen and it happened. So, yes, a lot of Magic.. And what made me want to go is the program and the energy and getting to know people. And I trusted that it would be an ideal environment to de-stress, to let go of things you want to let go of and to welcome amazing things, new energies. So I decided to sign up and since I came back a lot of things happened, a lot of shifts happened. I went back into playing more piano and mix Spirituality and Music, which is my passion. And my work situation changed and shifted in a positive way, I’m in a very different place than when I arrived in Maldives, so a very beautiful shift. And another amazing thing that happened is that I reconnected with someone I hadn’t seen in 20 years and it’s kind of magical, and I’m very grateful to live where I live in Singapore in a beautiful environment. And yes, I’m sure Maldives and this “Tantric Women Awakening Retreat” has something to do with this whole shift, so go for it!

 Jade Giorno – Italy/USA – Musician

My name is Jade, I’m a musician based in Milan and I was invited to join by the wonderful Simona in her “InnerDance & Ecstatic Art” workshop. I knew a little bit about her work with tantric energy but didn’t know much about it in general. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck….especially with work and creativity so I decided to go for it.

The workshop was unique, very intimate and it felt like a Safe Space where everyone could share their feelings and thoughts without judgement or preconceived notion of what their experience should be like. That’s priceless.

The group was made of lovely lovely people, from all over the world and all kinds of backgrounds. Everyone was very inclusive, accepting and sweet.

During the workshop I felt calm, relaxed, at ease. The first part was a meditation led by Simona which allowed me to really sink deep into my breath and body. I saw several images with my eyes closed, it was like a movie! Simona slightly touched my forehead and my tummy and overall I felt a general sense of Warmth, Safety. The strongest feeling I had was that I had been ‘Switched On’ somehow, I felt and saw wheels turning in my lower back as well as in my chest. I also saw smoke lifting up which resulted later in a deep sense of Clarity. I felt energized and calm too. Later that evening I had a heartfelt talk with a person close to me and all the words came so easily and clearly. Also, the next day I felt a great sense of Peace.

The second part “Ecstatic Art” led by Sarah was the childlike, fun section where the group came together to produce a ‘free-flow’ painting. It was a beautiful time of bonding and sharing.

I am deeply grateful for the experience, for the group involved, for the sharing that took place and for the gift Simona and Sarah gave us by organizing the workshop. I am sure everybody feels the same. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone curious to know and explore themselves a little better!

 Chai Francesco – Italy – Sound Healer 

I had a very unusual experience with Simona at the “InnerDance & Ecstatic Arts” workshop in London.  At first i didn’t know what to expect and during the activation I felt a bit uncomfortable and restless. But at a certain point I managed to let go of any resistances and I had a kind od vision of being inside of a womb, I realised that the mother utero is our first home. On the following days I continued to process that feeling and I reached the conclusion that often we come in touch with a dark force  like an underworld magnetic current. I believe that the dark force is not negative but instead it is the natural feminine energetic expression, often misinterpreted and denied in past and modern Societies. We are on a verge of a great transformation within the human society and It is time to Wake up and redescover our natural mascoline and feminine essence for what truly is.

I feel Simona has a natural capacity to help facilitating this vital essential precess of reunification, and I highly recommend her “Tantric activation Retreats”.




Davide Campani - Italy - Artist
 Davide Campani – Italy – Artist

First of all I wanna say that I do love Simona. She is a Special person, full of authentic Love and Goodness. She is a Pure Soul. She is also Professional, Passionate, Confident, Centered and prepared in her role of Coach. I have felt at ease since the beginning with Simona, as she transmits a Calm, Balanced and non-judgmental energy. The training with her allowed me to explore and stimulate different aspects of my personality, through a Sensorial Experience. The exercises were very interesting and I went deep within myself on a journey of Self-Exploration and Introspection. I have felt more and more Connected to myself. During all the sessions I had the clear perception that Simona deeply loves what she is sharing. I highly recommend to anyone to surrender to the exploration of yourself and your own senses under her guidance. Thank you so much Simona and congratulations.

 G.B. – Australia – Psychologist

My partner and I joined a “Sacred Alchemy for Couples” program here in Sydney with Simona. We were open to what Simona had to share and participated in the Sacred Space that opened up in front of us. We felt more connected and experienced deeper and deeper Love as the session progressed. After a certain amount of time I didn’t even notice that Simona was there. All I could feel at that point was a longing in my heart to be more and more connected with my beloved – both the person opposite me and the divine beingness arising within me. I am grateful for what Simona facilitated that day and would recommend a Tantric Intimacy Session for those who are willing to explore how deep Love can manifest in their romantic relationship/sSimona is very respectful and honours the Sacred Space that opens up when two people merge in a loving connection. She also holds that space with a heart full of love and laughter.

 Alexis Hannagan – Australia – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My beloved Simona. You shifted the path of my life again. I have returned to Mumbai healed, inspired, radiating, glowing in my Feminine Essence, and it is largely down to you. You simply emanate Pure Goddess, I have never witnessed this before, you are a Sacred, Special, important Gift to this Earth, at a critical point in time. Keep shinning your Light as I know you will. Never doubt yourself or what you stand for, as I know you do not. You inspire me Simona Siclari and I dearly miss you, your Presence, Authenticity, Honesty, but above all your Unconditional Love for everyone. I hope to see you in one of my yoga classes in Mumbai sometime soon. Love, Alexis. xo

Valentine Maret - Switzerland - Naturopathic Doctor
Valentine Maret – Switzerland – Naturopathic Doctor

Dear Simona, I shared a lovely time by having been teaching how to feel the Woman I am! It’s like I was forgetting how my entire Body is capital and alive with all my cells which was saying to me this same message since a long time… And by the surprising life we met each other and you brought me in a sweet tender journey of my Truly Intimacy! Your guidance was really helpful. Now I’m able to Listen to myself differently and truthfully!!! Great Thanks from my Heart to an Angel…

Jessica Larsson - Sweden - Blogger
 Jess Larsson – Sweden – Lawyer

With her deep knowledge, softness and amazing energy Simona brings you on a beautiful journey that let you fully Connect with, Explore and Play around with the different senses of your body in a warm and loving way. A beautiful and relaxing experience that let you connect with your Body and that makes you feel fully and be fully Present within the different Sensations. Simona is a beautiful Coach with a deep knowledge and an amazing energy that makes you feel 100 % Relaxed and Confident.  

 Ela Mare – Italy –  Yogini

Simona is a gorgeous Goddess, I personally recommend her, she’s passionate and professional, I really felt at ease and comfortable from the first session and that really helped to go deep and work with Openness and Bliss! Thanks again!!  

Amanda Tracey – Great Britain – Travelling World Bridger

Myself and my husband Aron met Simona in Bali and also attended a personal “Sacred Alchemy Embodied Intimate Coaching” session with her. Wow!!! We have been together for 10 years and never felt Intimacy quite like it!Simona guided us through this very personal, soul to soul session and witnessed the Passion, Anger, Tears and Sadness that surfaced from past traumas and past habits. It was raw, stripped back and exactly what we needed to release in order to allow us to move forward in our beautiful relationship.Through the tears and anger came Pure Love. Soul to soul Unconditional Love for one another.It is an experience that will never be forgotton and we will continue to practice on our own.Thanks to Simona for offering this perfect environment and safe place for us to connect on this deep deep level. It has changed our relationship so so much! Even our family and friends have noticed how different we are and how we communicate so beautifully now. She is an incredible Tantric teacher, holding sacred space for couples and singles. I feel blessed to know her and there’s always a special place for her in our hearts. 

Hannah Lo – Malaysia – Spiritual Songstress and Sound Artist

Dearest Simona, I want to share with you in this moment that I am so grateful for your Presence in my life. I am seeing these days the connections I experience that are new feel deep very quickly. I feel so much Gratitude because in you being unapologetically, untamedly, completely freely you – you are giving me permission to do the same. When I see your sharings, and just sense into the Presence, Openness, Love and Femininity in your beingness and body I am reminded of what I know is possible for me. Most of all I am moved by the Freedom, Joy and Inspiration in which you live your life. Feminine, heart lead and it gives me full permission to know I can do the same. And see this is actually what I want. You are role modelling this for me, in a grounded way.


Alessandra Costanzo – Italy – Human Resources Manager 

The training with Simona was a lovely and peaceful moment, full of Light. The practices that I have learned are a precious tool that allow me to be relaxed and in contact with my Deep Inside. I thank you Simona so much for your help and gentle manners. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. A big hug! 

 C.H. – Germany – Psychologist

Simona is a very gentle and respectful Teacher. I could open up with her guidance. I joined a “Sacred Alchemy for Couples” program with my partner here in Sydney  and she enabled us to explore new realms with each other. She is a very aware and kind woman who helps you to explore your Inner Light and let it shine to others. Her approach is very gentle and accepting which makes it easy to open up and receive. She created an atmosphere of Respect and Love, so that Oneness and deeper levels of one’s Soul could be explored. A truly Sacred Journey! Thank you so much Simona!

Varin Gill – Malaysia – Healer

I had an intimate “Woman’s Healing” session with Simona in Bali. It was professional, powerful and beautiful all at once. I would recommend Simona for 1-1 sessions. I feel blessed to have had that journey with her in Bali.

Marilyn White – USA – Client Manager, Actress & Dancer

Hi, I am Marilyn White and I’ve done a couple of one-on-one sessions with Simona Siclari and they were two of the most amazing separate experiences that I’ve ever had. Each experience is different and I felt like I was… I could definitely feel the Energy that she provided to me. And each session was focused around different emotional experiences that I’ve had and they really helped with bringing me on to a different journey and to a journey where I can look within and move past those experiences because those experiences don’t to define us. And I feel with the Energy that Simona provided me and exudes, I feel so much more at Peace with myself and with what happened. I feel beautiful. After the experience I felt like I was flying; it’s really magical. And I would definitely do them again with her multiple times to see how the experience changes and intensifies and further develops me and myself on this journey that I am on. So I am really, really grateful that I have Simona in my life and that I can see her and do more of these things. It’s truly, truly such a beautiful experience. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you go and try them out because they truly are unique and one of a kind, so thank you so much. I have also shared with a loved one the experiences I had with you and I talk about how much I love you and all that you helped me with – to open up and love myself more passionately and purely. This is why I think about you nearly everyday – you remind me of the path I took toself-love and Enlightenment, and it fills me with much Joy. I would love to reunite with you and take one of your workshops and have a one on one practice with you. I would love to learn more from you. 

Z.S. – UK – Artist

Hey Simona, thank you so much for our “Inner Alchemy” sessions. I am feeling amazing. My boyfriend and I had a super holiday. I have started to feel different inside! It feels wonderful just when he is inside. We made love like we have never before. So different. Lovely. I am super turned on which is a lovely feeling. I am so happy. 




 Ioana Vrabie – Italy – Owner at IV Photographs 

My “Water Bliss” session with Simona was amazingly powerful. She enveloped me with all her soft and sweet Feminine Energy, so I felt in a very Safe Space. She followed my Body and Heart needs with extreme Sensitivity, being present and connected all the time. This allowed me to release with ease past memories of pain to reconnect with a serene and peaceful Present. Thank you. 

Clàudia Reig Martín – Spain – Regressive Therapist & Professional Dancer

I knew straight away through Simona’s Smile that the session with her was going to be a complete Bliss. I felt very comfortable to be moved by her hands. Really protected, cared for and secure in her arms and embraced by her Unconditional Love. I should say that behind her sweet presence we can find a Warrior. The session was really deep and many Memories from my childhood surfaced. I felt my soul laughing while floating in the salty crystal waters of Ibiza. Simona completely embodies the Mother Archetype which we all need to feel in the presence of others. She rises up your frequency and self-esteem, leaving you feel Universal love. 

 Irma Frieling – Netherlands – Catering Company Owner

Last August when I was on Ibiza, I had a WaterFlow session with a group. I could feel right a way that something “heavy” was going to happen. I tried to float and tears came right away. And there she was: Simona. Just out of nowhere. I did not see her face. I just heard. “Simona is gonna take care of you” And that is what she did. I dived into my greatest fears. I could feel my abuse in my childhood coming up. I would like to disappear and I would like to be there. I could feel I am safe in the water and I could feel I am afraid of my breath. Simona took care of me. She felt so safe, she was like a Mother to me. I could feel my body resisting, controlling, and at the same time I felt the urge of letting go. It was all there. I could feel I left my body sometimes, but it was safe. When I was lying on the beach Simona was looking into my eyes and I remember that I thought “Wow, these are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!” It reminded me of the Ocean, a green Ocean. It was like diving into that Ocean. And I became the Ocean. After that I felt so connected to her. Like an old friend, Like an Angel. And every time we have contact she touches me right in my Heart. She can make me cry and smile at the same time. She is pure Love to me. Thank you dear Angel. For being there (and here) with me. You were my Mother in the waters of Ibiza..And you carried me to this moment I am in now…so grateful so grateful. My heart is pouring over with love…Love you my dear Soul sister, thaks for carring me as my own Mother, as she could not carry me sometimes….Sending you all my love dear Angel… U are my Mother and you are my Sister…I can feel you I am with you…

Robert Tovmas – Armenia – Professional Consultant

Hello beautiful people, sending my Love from this amazing Jungle in Bali. I wanted to share a little bit about my experience with Simona’s Water Bliss treatment. She has a very special Loving Energy. Just by meeting her, I am sure that u can sense that as well. Her Presence is very Loving, very Joyous, very Child-like, which is very hard to find. I am truly grateful for the Experience and for the Expertise, Love and Intuitive Awareness that she brings into her session and allows the Body to fully Relax and Open Up and to allow its natural Love to flow and Harmonise the Energy in the body. I had the session yesterday and I have definitely been feeling differences today and as it goes on I am sure I will also notice other changes. The biggest thing I am aware of is: the amount of Love that has opened up within my Heart and allowing me to express that, to share that with my loved ones and anyone else that I meet. So I am truly grateful for that and for whatever other healing that took place within that session that at least at this moment I am not aware of. It was truly an amazing experience. I actually can’t wait to have another one and have some of my friends also experience this. I hope you also enjoy it and get to know her, as a person, as a beautiful being and learn a little bit from her, connect with her, feel the Loving Energy and the Presence that she brings. Thank u. 

Katy Fontanive – Italy – Life Coach 

Once upon a time, there was a girl (me) who decided to join a session in water in Ibiza. That day something magic happened. She met a girl…not, to be honest she wasn’t a girl, she was a Goddess, she was Simona. I enjoyed my session in water with her…immediately putting my Body, my Soul, my Mind into her hands as if I had always known her. It was strange, it was unique. It was a cloudy day, the water was fresh but during her water embrace I felt as I was laying on the beach kissed by the Sun. My Body, my Soul, my Mind and my Heart flew together in the middle of nowhere feeling comfortable, feeling easy, feeling happy. And when I opened my eyes the only thing I could see was the Pure Love for Simona, for myself. I’m grateful for that day…for that journey…for that really Intimate Experience. I’m grateful ’cause that meeting continuously gives me a lot of Gifts. If one moment lasts eternity the Pure Love will last forever. Katy 

Michelle Lowbeer – Australia – Author & Human Collaborator 

The session in the water with Simona was absolutely amazing, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Simona was a loving and amazing presence in the water. She held me, she took me under, I felt sensations I hadn’t felt before. Being immersed in the water is a truly amazing experience, seeing different colours, different shades, hearing different things, you’re in a completely different world. And for, I don’t know how long it was, she led me on this amazing journey under the water. At one point under the water I saw this amazing blue colour, with my eyes closed, just this pure blue and I felt the presence of God and I haven’t had that experience ever before. It was completely amazing. Spiritual and surreal. I’m so grateful to Simona. Thank you.



jean francois
 Jean-François Gervet – France – Sexologist 

I received a splendid “Intimate Water Alchemy” session. I don’t know if it lasted one hour, one day or one thousand years … A great moment !!!

 Consuelo Hernandez – Spain – Human Resources Manager

I met Simona this summer in Ibiza and had the opportunity to share two weeks of Pure Blue with her: the Blue of her precious eyes and the Blue of the Sea where I could let go of my fears, which were many at that time. I got back my Passion for Life. The gentleness and softness of her massage in the water, the complete surrendering in her arms, allowing her to nourish me, allowing her to transmit her sweetness in the water… it has all been a life experience that I hope to repeat when she returns to the island. Big hug and I wish u all the best on your journey.

Maxi de La Tierra – Germany – Hospitality Manager

Hi Simona! Thank you for the Magic! I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to do this with you. I did not realise how much I was out of myself before. All the floating and relaxing took me back to my Center. Thank you for letting me forget about my body for a while. X

Larah Siebhart – Austria – Student

Simona is such a fascinating, powerful and passionate woman that also reflects in her work. She created a wonderful space where I felt so comfortable. I felt connected with myself and the water in such a light and uncomplicated way that also gave me a great and energized feeling afterwards. She’s an incredible woman who loves and knows what she’s doing – thank you for sharing your Love!

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