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SUMMER SOLSTICE: Celebrate your Inner Light Retreat _ EN – IT – ES

June 16th – 18th, 2023, Vidracco (TO), Italy

Ciao beautiful, I’m Simona. Are you ready to journey together?


On the Solstice the Sun, our Source of Cosmic Light, stand still in the Sky.
In Latin, “solstice” translates into “Sol” meaning the Sun, and “sistere” meaning to
stand still. For an astronomical moment in time, the Sun stands completely still. Symbolically, we too can honour a
sacred pause and Inner Peace within our own being.
By celebrating the Sun and the Power it provides to all Nature, all beings are ignited, by connecting to its
Life Force Creative Energy.


On this day, you are invited to feel, reconnect, awaken and celebrate your Inner Light and be a Source of Light in the life of those who cross your Path. Arrive as you are, Journey through the Mystery with your devoted mentor Simona Siclari and leave, spirituallycreatively and artistically fuelled as never before, through an immersive experience in the Community and spiritual aspects of Damanhur, during such a propitious time of the year.

Celebrate Your Inner Light

The Retreat will be hosted in English & Italian and translation in Spanish will be available.


Fully immersive and uniquely adjusted based on group energy.


Friday, June 16th:

7pm: Welcome: Disconnect to Reconnect! 

8:30pm  Inner Peace Meditation: Come back Home to yourself

10pm Silent Night: cultivating Inner Peace


Saturday, June 17th:

8am Enjoy your Local Breakfast

9am – 1pm: Immerse yourself in a Journey into the Temples of Humankind with our local Damanhurian citizen and reconnect to the Magic of Life on Earth. Full of secret passages, with halls dedicated to each Element, The Hall of Victory, The Hall of the Earth, The Hall of Metals, The Blue Temple, The Labyrinth, The Hall of Water, The Hall of Spheres, The Hall of Mirrors – The Temples are a Labyrinth of the Self.

Visit Damjl, the historical ‘Capital’ of Damanhur, which exhibits evocative
places: the Open Temple, the Stone Circuits, the Altars to the Elements and the Circle of

1:30pm Enjoy your Biological Lunch at Damanhur Crea and appreciate the local and handmade products and services offered by the Damanhurians in the fields of art and crafts, jewellery, holistic health, spiritual healing and organic food.

3pm Explore the Medicine of The Plants with our private Damanhurian Tutor

4pm Discover the Selfica, both an art and a spiritual technology, 100% handMade in Italy, created to enhance our Human Potential and Synchronicity, with our private Damanhurian Tutor.

5pm Immerse Yourself in Nature with your mentor Simona Siclari:
Bath yourself in the Forest and Waters of the magical Chiusella Valley through Sacred Rituals, listening and tuning yourself to this powerful meeting point on Earth of the Synchronic Lines, the Great River of Cosmic Energies

Dive deep within and connect your Body, Breath, Sound and Movement enjoying a Sunset Kundalini Tantra Yoga class

9:15pm Immerse yourself in an evening of Beauty and Wonder with The Multimedia Musical Concert “Damanhur Our History” with historical videos & Damanhurian songs, get to know the creative Damanhurian Spiritual Community and make new friends with extra-ordinary people from all over the World


Sunday, June 18th:

8am Local Breakfast

10am -6pm Prepare & participate at The Summer Solstice Great Ritual – a Ritual as old as humankind itself and celebrate the re-membrance and embodiment of your Inner Light with the Damanhur Spiritual Community

7pm We honour in Gratitude the Light within and without and we open our Wings to new Horizons, illuminating the World in the Freedom of Being



Reservation is essential as spaces are limited, on a first come first served basis, till availability!

Click here to contact Simona by Whatsapp

Email: simona@simonasiclari.com

Instagram: DM @sisi.academy


Only 5 spaces available!
Escape, relax, experience and enjoy a unique and inspirational destination.
Unwind in an Historical Villa of the beginning ´900, surrounded by an enchanted garden, full of charm and natural beauty, ideal for exploring this peaceful corner of Piedmont which is full of History and Magic, at the foot of Gran Paradiso National Park, and just 30 minutes from Turin and 15 minutes from Damanhur Spiritual Community.
The interior is furnished with authentic furniture of the time that further enriches the charm of the original decorations and gives an elegant atmosphere to the rooms and the common areas.

Possibility to stay on Sunday night, June the 18th, at the charming Villa if confirmed by Wednesday, May 31st



The “Summer Solstice: Celebrate Your Inner Light Retreat” in Damanhur, offers an in-depth opportunity to explore yourself, others, the Universal and Natural Laws, and Damanhur Spiritual Community and its Sacred Spaces:

  • 24/7 Guidance of Simona Siclari: she allows a safe, loving, profound and playful space for you to re-connect, re-member, re-kindle your Inner Fire, shine your Inner Light and ground your Process of Transformation here on Earth
  • Preparation & Participation in The Solstice Great Ritual
  • Summer Solstice Celebration with the Damanhur Spiritual Community
  • Getting in touch with the subtle energies of Damjl
  • Enjoyment of the Multimedia Musical Concert
  • 2 Local Breakfasts
  • Open air experience of Damjl and discovering of its art 
  • Underground exploration and contemplation of the Temples of Humankind: this tour is designed for those who want take the opportunity to live a unique experience in contact with the art, culture and spirituality of one of the longest and most flourishing communities in the World  
  • Visit to Damanhur Crea
  • Guided Meditations
  • Sunset Kundalini Tantra Yoga class
  • Nature Immersion
  • Silent Walk in the Forest
  • Exploration of the Music of the Plants
  • Discovery of the Selfica
  • Sacred Rituals, Embodiment Practices & Energy Healing
  • Cold Bathing in the crystal clear waters of the river
  • Program Tutor: learn about the Research, Birth, History & Philosophy of the Community
  • Local Damanhurian citizen as our private Guide



  • Lunches & Dinners (Breakfasts are included)
  • Accommodation
  • Rental Car for personal transport
  • Personal Expenses
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Private Healing sessions



Born in 1975 in the foothills of the Alps in Piedmont, Italy, Damanhur is an International Federation of Spiritual Communities founded by spiritual researchers and guided by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi).
From 1978 to 1992, its citizens worked around the clock in shifts to excavate 8,500 cubic metres of Earth in the construction of five levels of subterranean temples decked out in startling new age splendour. Each hall, and hallway, was decorated with 70s-style artwork, with murals, stained glass windows, mirrors, and mosaics.
Damanhur nowadays is a worldwide movement and eco-society with emphasis on creative expression, meditation, and spiritual healing that has given birth to a new society focused on the pursuit of Consciousness through shared sense of living, art and spirituality and by pushing the boundaries of perception to bring catalyzed personal-collective growth, and galactic understanding of our connection to the universe.

Damanhur nowadays impacts the lives of thousands of people committed to transforming themselves and society for the better.



Letter from Simona:

“My grandparents were spending 3 months a year during summer in this Valley since the early ´60, living their busy life in Milan, and I grew up in this land since I was a small few months baby. Then in 1989, when I was just a beautiful child of 7 years old and my parents broke up, my mom, my little brother and I, moved to live here in Canavese, without any knowing of the secret construction of the Damanhurian Temples of HumanKind.

When in 1996, the underground and secret temples where discovered, I was 14 years old. And I vividly remember the day that we, as a family, went to visit the Temples in the enchanted Valchiusella Valley, as one of the first visitors in the history of the Damanhur Spiritual Community.

I was amused. 

At that time, I wanted to be an archeologist of hidden places and be like Indiana Jones.

Walking through the tunnels and halls of the Temple, full of Mystery, Beauty and Art, it was the closest experience of being an archeologist, not just of spaces but also of Souls, and Time dimensions,  I could have ever dreamed of.

Simona Siclari, originally from Milan (IT) grew up just 15 minutes away from Damanhur and her family still live in this beautiful land full of Magic at the crossroad of many Synchronic Lines, the Great River of Cosmic Energies.

She is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Leader, a Transformational Mentor and organises sold out Retreats, Facilitator Training and Workshops both online and in person. 

As your spiritual mentor, Simona is a passionate Lover of Life, a Modern Mystic and Medicine Woman. She devoted her life to re-member & embody the true and simple meaning of Life on the Way to Love & Liberation. 

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