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Slow Jam

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.10.20 AMSlow Jam is a gentle and heart-felt practice of connecting with the self and with others through slow, improvised dancing with another and with the whole, being totally present in the moment. It’s a strongly held container creating a safe space for exploration of intimacy and connection, letting go of any expectations of even touch or contact.

It is a safe practice with time for you to tune in and to really feel yourself and others, beyond mask and words. All practiced at a slow pace, something really sweet and tender happens, as we are so used to moving and dancing at speed, potentially not connecting fully with our partner. Here you will have to face yourself with gentleness. On your own if you wish to create that inward space for yourself in solo.

Explore the endless possibilities of movement within relating toward yourself, another, a group or community and life itself before spiralling back to yourselves in an expanded connection to all-that is in deep Oneness and Intimacy.

Feel free to express your Body, Energy, Heart and Soul and allow yourself to see and be seen in your pure soul essence. It’s about exploring yourself and others without the filter of words and creating a magical and sensual space for self-exploration and connection through movement and dance.

Each participant is given tools for finding and holding their own personal boundaries and listening to their inner truth and wisdom in the present moment.

We will journey together through the expressive medium of free form conscious dance inspired in a spirit of self-inquiry:

  • How do we move through the world? How do we relate to others?
  • How do we experience ourselves?
  • Where do our bodies begin and end?
  • How can we find our own authentic dance while staying in harmony with the world around?
  • How do we find the portals to joy and creative spirit?
  • How do we support others? How does it feel to be supported?
  • How do we touch something that is bigger than ourselves?

This is an opportunity to let go of the busy-ness in our lives and in our heads, and really sink deeply into our body wisdom and experience our authentic selves.

It is mostly a held space in which to explore ‘slow flow’ through the language of Movement, Dance, Touch, Stillness, Breath, Energy.

You don’t need any  ‘moves’ or prior experience to participate, just bring yourself, willing to enter into the flow of stillness and movement. Just come along and tune in.

We will follow the flow, and connect with each other and ourselves in an open, playful and focused way as we explore this intimate experience together, dropping of the illusion of separation and social conditioning.

The emphasis is on slow motion flow: crawl, sit, lay, roll, dance, explore, move and generally have an awesome time in slow motion. Slowing down and tuning to your body and breath, avoiding the speeding up that we normally face in our daily life.

As the dance is always arising spontaneously, there is no way you can get it wrong.

It’s about spontaneous movement which often includes physical contact. There are no steps to learn, because we are just following the movement as it arises from within. Leading or following, exploring and responding to every moment. We can enjoy the freedom of not knowing what will happen next, fine-tuning the senses, and reawakening one’s ability to listen with the body in the now. Just being and connecting.

It’s a dance at the crossroads of the vertical drop into self and the horizontal extension toward another. It is a movement practice and a philosophy of living that encourages curious attention to the living world as it moves our way and we move through it.

ALL are Welcome! Simona holds the space deeply and lead lightly so that each soul has a chance to experiment, fly and meet self and others in new and enriching ways paying attention and waking up, together, to the physical reality of a body in motion, and the spiritual reality of the Presence that moves us.

Check the Calendar to see where you can attend Slow Jam next.





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