Embodied Intimacy & Tantric Essence Ambassador

Simona Siclari

81-Bali (HR)-_DSC7398Coaching you in the Arts of Intimacy, Relaxation, Conscious Awareness & Sacred Sexuality.

Simona is an internationally acclaimed Sacred Arts & Holistic Wellness Ambassador, Embodied Intimacy Facilitator based on Tao Tantric Arts, Women Self-Empowerment Coach, Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Architect and Founder of Water Bliss and Tantric Activation.

Originally from Italy, Simona is travelling globally holding private sessions for individuals and couples. She also holds events, workshops, seminars and exclusive retreats worldwide, and hosts inspiring Teachers and Facilitators from all over the World.

She is passionate about inspiring you to bring consciousness and awareness in all aspects of your life, including Intimacy, Communication, Health, Beauty, Wellness, Sexuality & Love. 

Simona has always loved to be of service to others, and has been sharing her intuition of people’s needs working in the most luxurious and exclusive Hotels & Resorts around the world, including Four Seasons Hotel Milan, Bulgari Hotel Milan, One&Only Resort Maldives and 1888 Hotel Sydney.

Simona realised she wanted to share her gifts to others at a more deep and intimate level, in order to really make a change in the lives of others. She left the 5* hospitality world and has dedicated her life – with full commitment – to this higher purpose. This self-love journey has taken her to live magical experiences in Canada, USA, Argentina, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Ibiza.

Let us always meet each other with a Smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love – Mother Teresa



Simona is a certified Tao Tantra Facilitator, registered with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) in Australia and New Zealand.

Simona is also a certified Tantra Yoga Teacher. Known for sharing the wisdom of Tao Tantric Arts, Simona passionately incorporates elements of Tao, Tantra, Tantric Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong, Aquatic holistic therapies, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Energy-Body Work based on Zen Thai Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massages techniques, Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Simona loves spending time in Nature reconnecting to the flow of it, having an inspirational nourishing grounding connection with Pachamama and especially loves walking barefoot. Simona is passionate about healthy yummy food, raw cacao, fresh coconut and the mystery of the underwater world, being also a certified PADI Rescue Diver. She also loves the sense of freedom experienced on a surf board in the middle of the Ocean.

Simona embodies the balance of Freedom and Love that we are all craving for and inspire others to connect to their Heart, Body, Mind, Soul and Highest Potential taking off the masks and the limitations of forced identities and social conditioning.

Simona is currently undergoing more studies to further enhance her work. She is currently in the process of learning to facilitate Breathwork and Sound Healing. She is also in the process of undertaking studies in Bioenergetics and Human Sexuality and enhancing her experience in Tantra, in an holistic approach to life.

She is grateful to all the people that have crossed her journey cause each one of them have been her Teacher.



What people say about Simona:


 Alexis Hannagan – Australia – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My beloved Simona. You shifted the path of my life again. I have returned to Mumbai healed, inspired, radiating, glowing, in my feminine essence, and it is largely down to you. You simply emanate pure Goddess, I have never witnessed this before. You are a sacred, special, important gift to this Earth, at a critical point in time. Keep shinning your light as I know you will. Never doubt yourself or what you stand for, as I know you do not. You inspire me Simona Siclari and I dearly miss you, your presence, authenticity, honestly, but above all your unconditional love for everyone. I hope to see you in one of my yoga classes in Mumbai sometime soon. Love, Alexis. xo 



My Education

  • “Millionaire Mind Intensive”, T. Harv Eker, Barcelona, 2024
  • “Progressive Retreat”, Joe Dispenza, Basel, Switzerland, 2024
  • Inner Senses“, Damanhur Spiritual Community, Italy, 2023
  • Yachts Captain, Ibiza, 2021-2022
  • “Mindfulness Coaching Training”, Mindfulness International Accreditation Training, 2019
  • “Tao Sexual Fundamentals”, Universal Healing Tao Institute with Master Mantak Chia, Thailand, 2019
  • “Master Yourself”, Universal Healing Tao Institute with Master Mantak Chia, Thailand, 2019
  • “Healing Love through the Tao”, Universal Healing Tao Institute with Master Mantak Chia, Thailand, 2019
  • Temple Healing Arts“, Egyptian Mystical School, 2018 – 2019
  • “Counselor Training on Somato-Relational Psychology based on Bioenergetic” – IPSO – Istituto di Psicologia somato-relazionale by Alexander Lowen, Milan, 2017
  • “Womb Yoga Training”, Milan, 2019
  • “Womb Blessing & Female Energy Awakening Certification Course”, Rome, 2019
  • “Healing Touch & Transmission”, Egyptian Mystery School, 2018 – 2019
  • The Art of Living” training by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 2017
  • “The Arvigo Technique” of Maya Abdominal Therapy® – Singapore, 2017
  • “Inner Dance Facilitator Training”: Shamanic Studies, Sound Healing, Spiritual Science, Quantum Touch, Brain Waves – Inner Energy School, Philippines 2012 – 2017
  • “Kundalini Tantra Yoga Training” – Bali Ashram, Indonesia, 2014 – 2017
  • “AromaTouch® Technique” – Singapore 2016
  • “Embodied Intimacy Meditation Training”, Belly-to-Belly with David Cates – Bali, 2016
  • “Master Course in Sexology” – INCISEX – Institute of Sexology & University Alcala’ de Henares, Madrid, Spain, 2016
  • “Water Therapy” – Ibiza, Spain, 2015
  • “Women Circles Facilitator Training” – Bali, 2015
  • “Embodied Feminine Essence Training” – Bali, 2015
  • “Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm Training” – Bali, 2015
  • “Tantra Yoga Training” – University of Yoga – Thailand, 2013 – 2015
  • “Tantra Advanced Teacher Training” – Australia School of Tantra, Australia, 2014
  • “Marketing Studies” – University of Sydney, Australia, 2014
  • “Pranic Healing Master Course” – Inner Studies University, Manila, Philippines, 2014
  • “Usui Reiki, Shoden Level 1” – Australia, 2014
  • “Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Training” – Mt Ninderry Healing Center, Australia, 2014
  • “Tao Tantra Advanced Training” – Universal Healing Tao, Thailand, 2013
  • “Ayurvedic Massage Training” – Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute, India, 2013
  • “Hatha Yoga Teacher Training” – Om Shanti Om, India, 2013
  • “Master in French Wine and Terroir” – AIS, Italian Sommelier Association, Milan, 2011
  • “Certified Sommelier Certification” – AIS, Italian Sommelier Association, Milan, 2010 – 2011
  • “Master Degree in Five Stars Hotel Management” – LUISS Business School Rome, 2009
  • “Stockholm Model United Nations” – UN in collaboration with Stockholm University representing the Republic of Uruguay
  • “Master Course in Energy, Security, Renewable Resources and Gender Studies” – Stockholm University, Sweden, 2008 – 2009
  • “Bachelor Degree in International Relations & Human Rights” at University of Turin, 2001 – 2007
  • “Classical Studies” including ancient Greek and Latin



  • Teaching, healing, guiding, assisting and transforming others lives, awakening their true essence and aligning them back to their true purpose for over 15 years, including celebrities, Royal Families and top VIP
  • I have always loved to be of service to others, and I have been sharing my intuition of people’s needs working in the most luxurious and exclusive Hotels & Resorts around the world, including Four Seasons Hotel Milan, Bulgari Hotel Milan, One&Only Resort Maldives, and 1888Hotel Sydney
  • Traveled the World for about 20 years learning from the best teachers, shamans, tantrikas, and masters and got direct transmission from them
  • Simona was initiated into the Shamanic Arts by the Spirit of her grandmother, a Creole woman of an African lineage from French Guyana, in the Heart of Amazonia, a psychic, medium and medicine woman in direct and deep connection with the World of Spirit and of Pachamama
  • She’s received recognition for her work from Yoga Alliance International in India, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) in Australia and New Zealand, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) in the UK, the Universal Healing Tao Institute in Thailand, the Inner Studies Institute in the Philippines and the Somato-Relational Psychology Institute in Italy
  • She has taught at Bali Spirit Festival, Fitness Festival in Singapore, Sound & Silence Gathering in Portugal, Liechtenstein Yoga Day, ELLE Active and she has been featured in numerous international magazines in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Lifestyle, and Travel such as Yoga Life Magazine, Soulscape Asia, Lush Magazine, Holistic Map and many more
  • Certified PADI Rescue Diver
  • Certified Sommelier
  • Certified Hatha & Womb Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Tao Tantra Teacher
  • Certified Mindfullness & Meditation Mentor
  • Certified Moon Mother



My Story

Beloved Ones,

Thank you for you for your openness in wanting to connect a bit more deeply with me.

Well, I notice myself quite vulnerable in sharing more about me and starting writing my story till now.

A thought comes to my mind as I approach this: I am not my Story. I mean, all the experiences in this life, of course had an impact on my personality, but at the end they do not define who I AM.

Cause who I am, goes beyond my personality, my social identity, my story and my body. Tantra, BreathWork and the powerful magical healing of Water, allowed me to connect to the Truth of who I am, in a very experiential and sometimes hard and raw non-mental way. Opening myself up to new dimensions I was not aware of, rather than just theoretically: the Transcendental and Energetical ones, of Oneness with all-that-is.

While experiencing an ecstatic state of disintegration of my body and my ego-self during a maithuna ritual, I even felt as no “I”, no body, no separation. And since then all my life completely changed. Back to Bliss, back to the Source, back to the Divine, back to Peace, back to Timelessness, back to Spacelessness, back to Egolessness.

There is no reality except the One contained within us. – Hermann Hesse


However, let me tell you a bit more about my journey as Simona in this Earth:10702049_10152740685838809_6593876831511206724_n

Well, I am from an amazing piece of land called Italy and more and more I have been travelling and living around this magnificent Earth for several years, and more I do Love and I do appreciate all the warmth and beauty, authenticity and let’s say no-politically correct way of being of that funny, passionate, creative, spontaneous, charming, cheeky-monkey inhabitants.

I was born in Milan, from a family that melted and symbolised the merging of the South and North of Italy and the migrative movements. My grandmother was a creole beautiful and powerful woman from French Guyana in South America and was a very spiritual person with paranormal abilities and an alive connection to the Spirits, who she could communicate with.

When my beloved Father told me this stories, I couldn’t believe him. I have always been a logical and rational person and quite skeptical in believing what I do not see or experience myself.

I have been born free and not stuck into any box: my parents decided not to baptise me and constrain me into the umbrella of Christianity and doing what most people is just doing cause is expected as “normality”. I am forever grateful of this example they have embodied of no-conformism and no-judgment, allowing me to choose my spiritual path and being open to any choice I would have taken when mature and responsible enough to actually choose my path. That is why, when my little brother at the age of 12 years old decided to embrace Catholicism, all my family respected him on his own conscious choice.

This Freedom and Respect for all genuine spiritual teachings, allow me to explore with innocent and pure curiosity different religions and paths, out of ethnocentrism and a sense of exclusiveness and superiority that one path is better than the other, as at the end is the interpretation and the embodiment of the true Principles of Universal Love that really matter to me and not the belonging to one or the other Church, Organisation or Lobby for fear of standing up on my own for what I do believe is true to me.

When I was 7 years old my parents broke up and this was a really sad moment in my life. At this time in Italy, I was a quite atypical little one: not baptised and with my parents separated. Please do not forget, that Italy at that time – I mean mid ’80s – was still quite traditional in this respect, being the Vatican and the Catholicism part of it’s identity and history and some family keep staying together, just for hypocritical neediness to be perceived as respectable ones, even if maybe having an hidden parallel life and not speaking or sleeping together anymore.

This situations, created in me a strong sense of Openness and Independent thinking and being.

My childhood and adolescence have not been that easy, and felt quite different from my peers and not so much understood. After living in different places in Italy, my mother, my little brother and myself finally settled down in Piedmont, in a really little and boring village, beneath the Alps.

Imagine there’s no Countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for and no Religion too. Imagine all the people, living life in Peace… you may say I’m a Dreamer but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as One. – John Lennon


604141_10151499515101390_2142414829_nI started dreaming of travelling the world and collecting postcards to hang on my bedroom wall and starting dating guys that were all but Italian. I was feeling like a little bird in a cage, willing to fly freely, fiercely and fearlessly and craving to know more about the meaning of this life on Earth and more about other people’s cultures. I so experienced the complexity and charm of mixed couples, inter-cultural and inter-religious families and relating, being in a state of continuous cultural negotiation and respectful understanding, developing also a strong interest in how cultural forces affect gender roles and social identity.

As soon as I was 18 years old, I moved back to the city and went to live on my own and I was reborn, no longer a victim of external circumstances and rather stepping into an on-going and never ending journey of Creation of the life I loved to live.

I started studying International Studies and Human Rights and got a degree on that, while travelling few months each year and discovering the World and myself through unexpected challenges and other’s eyes, gaining more confidence, humbleness and an empathetic compassion for others’ pain and disadvantages situations. The real growth and learning process definitely happened out of the educational school system, but rather in the Real World, as a Traveller, not a Tourist.

For me travelling as always been a “solo spiritual journey”, that enabled myself to look within, to develop an acute and fast intuition in seeing people’s souls and a constantly challenging process of learning who I am and slowly and deeply love myself more and more, while facing my light and dark side.

After having living a few years between Spain and Sweden, I got the opportunity to work in an amazing Hotel: Fours Season Hotel Milano. I will be forever grateful to the people that trusted me and supported and guided me in that journey. It has been such an empowering learning experience of life, humanity and professionalism. Really embodying the Golden Rule: “Treat the others as you would like to be treated”.

However, my vivacious curious nature took me first several times to New York and then to Argentina, a place I have always dreamt about especially for the sensual mystery of Tango. There I fell deeply in love with a sweet, passionate, beautiful man and left everything behind and followed my Heart. There was nothing that could have stopped me. I just wanted to be with him, even if we only spent a few days together and then deepened our connection via Skype. We both quit our jobs and move together in a little apartment in Buenos Aires. That was so romantic and crazy and I remember that time with so much aliveness and openness to be vulnerable, loving, courageous and present without letting our fears holding us back.

I then realised how important it was to really solve many patterns and issues I was carrying, with my mother especially, and how much work I needed on myself, before being able to deeply commit into a relationship from a space of wholeness and maturity and no co-dependency, possession and jealousy, thus projecting my insecurities and feeling obliged to take responsibility of my partner’s one.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein


1265591_10151865250243809_719612776_oI so left Argentina and started my journey and adventure of self-discovery. I moved to Asia and just wanted to dive deep within myself, being on my own and honour and reconnect to my authenticity.

Rediscovering the vibrant sensation of being absolutely free: on a surf board in Maldives or in the tea-plantations in Sri Lanka, or meditating and practicing yoga beneath the calm and powerful energy of the Himalayas or by the clear waters of Thailand, to end up in Australia and settling down there for a couple of years.

I then experimented on a different type of relating and thus learning more and more about myself, what I want, what I do not want and the importance of setting clear and compassionate boundaries, speaking my Truth lovingly and powerfully and letting go of protective walls I erected in a attempt not to get wounded, thus attracting people that were resonating with me on that level.

This challenging and growing time, made me realise with even more strength how essential is to Love and Heal yourself first in totality. Especially your unresolved parenting issues and traumas carried by your Inner Child, before stepping into a responsible mature committed relationship. It’s also important to commit first toward your self-development and self-growth to become aware of yourself and from that space of wholeness being able to give Unconditional Love, but at the same time without compromising and settling for anything less that what you deserve.

Australia and it’s people saw the Healing Nature of my Presence in myself before even me, supported me to connect to my Dharma and my Purpose in this life and challenge myself beyond the fear of failure and been judged. I will be forever grateful for this to this Land and it’s People.

Having experienced myself and others as Energy Beings took me to a new level of journeys: not without but within, not looking for new landscapes to admire but to find the answer that has always been within myself and thus inspiring others and hold a safe loving space all over the world for people to feel understood, loved, confronting their joys and pains, and be motivated to be the change they wanna see, taking risks out of their comfort zone and embodying the Truth of who they are.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung


086After almost 3 years of inner journey and self-discovery and almost complete silence from my family, I was ready to heal my wounds with my mother and be close to my beloved ones, as a necessary and important milestone in my healing journey. From pretending not to be touched by this isolation that I created myself with my family as a rebellious way to protect myself for not being loved as I wanted to and protect myself from not allowing anybody to stop my spiritual journey, while still not sure what I was been calling for, I went back to Italy.

I made that step with an open heart, full of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness and a space of strength in sharing with my family who I am and my new journey, behind their expectations regarding career and whatsoever. Be back in Italy and feel the Unconditional Love of my beloved ones, has been so touching and nourishing.

I was now ready to step into my Purpose and share the insights I gained through my direct experience in this life. Reconnecting to Mother Nature and Father Sky from a place of centeredness and groudedness but keeping the flowing nature of my more airy and watery self. Reconnecting to the Spirit of Earth at a whole new level, as our Sacred Home, beyond boundaries and borders, and as a Living, Conscious Being.

The vastness of the subject of sexuality, intimacy, relating, spirituality, energy healing completely intrigued me as lying at the intersection of multiple disciplines like History, Sociology, Religion, Anthropology, Art, Psychology, Anatomy and investigating and wondering the basic first question of: Who Am I ?

The greatest fear in the world is of the opinion of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom. – Osho


031Tantra, between all the paths I have experienced, is by far, the most powerful and comprehensive source of wisdom available to free ourselves, to connect to our nature of sexual energy beings, to expand limitless, to trust and surrender to the Universe and experience the Oneness with it, allowing to bring awareness and loving presence into all aspects of our life. It is not an easy path, at all. It is for the Lovers of Life, for the Warriors of Love. It is not a philosophy or a mental theoretical process, it is an Holistic Spiritual Path and Science of Personal Transformation that will require your full participation: your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. You will experience the lowest and the highest, the unstoppable tears running down your cheeks while sobbing and the most hilarious, innocence pure laughs since you were a little kid. The misconception of Tantra associated just with sexuality or sensuality, it is but a tiny aspect of it. Your exploration into it, requires the awareness of your Sexual Creative Energy, and this can be mastered in solo-practices as it is not dependent on anyone: it is your true Nature. It’s about transcending our sexual desire and our body, while using them as a vehicle to spiritual evolution, focusing on healing one’s sexual and spiritual relationship with self and within our relationships.

I now travel the World and go and stay wherever my Heart, my Dharma and my never-ending learning, growing and expanding Journey want me to be, keep surrendering to the Universe with a deep trust on the Infinite Possibilities available and supported by Magical Synchronicity. Following amazing Teachers and sharing whatever I learn with authentic seekers that trust me and want to explore with me an holistic courageous approach to Life, that include all aspects of it: our Sexual Energy and our Spirit, as the fastest path to liberation and connection to our divine nature. Feeling home wherever I am, as I am home whenever living from my Heart, with my “Gypsy Tribe”, co-creating a Movement of International Dreamers and Visionaries.

All Great Changes are preceded by Chaos. – Deepak Chopra


Love & Freedom,




You can connect with Simona via:


and by email: simona@simonasiclari.com

or Whatsapp at: +39-3889.863.575



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