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Sacred Alchemy for Couples

124-Bali-_DSC7786A relationship is a container for Intimacy, Love and Passion. It is what holds space for our intimate connections.

Do you want to feel more connected, create more love, and enjoy a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your beloved?

Do you want to transform your relationship in a vehicle for spiritual growth?

Do you want to establish a more awake and passionate erotic life despite sexual familiarity, ageing and stress?

This commitment in a relationship brings a whole new dimension. Not only can it help the relationship to move through challenges more smoothly, but it also brings each person an opportunity for spiritual growth. To begin to shift perspective from judgement to compassion and forgiveness is a way of seeing life differently.

In today’s romantic relationships, we ask one person to give us what once an entire community used to provide: being our best friend, our erotic partner, our beloved, our trusted confident and all this rooted in desire in a committed long-term, potentially life-long relationship. It seems to ask a lot, isn’t it?

This causes our longing to responding to two sets of fundamental needs: a sense of belonging and independence, closeness and space, curiosity and routine, transcendence and security, mystery and familiarity, togetherness and autonomy, exploration and efficiency, permanence and adventure, safety and risk, love and freedom, connection and separateness, caring and novelty, pleasure and connection.

For the first time in human history, couples aren’t having sex just to have kids; there’s room for sustained desire for couples to cultivate long-term sexual relationships. But how? What is the Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship? How Love and Desire relate? How to sustain Desire through the years? What is the real meaning of Eroticism? How to have no more but better love-making?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust 


Give you and your partner the Gift of quality time to deepen your intimacy, to explore, communicate, heal, transform and open up your relationship. Discover new and higher levels of Intimacy, Communication, Sensuality, Sacred Sexuality, Deep Connection, Love and Ecstasy. Discover the nectar contained in the meeting of polarities.

Simona offers tailored Private Coaching Sessions for Couples interested in enhancing their Intimacy, Passion, Connection and Love life. You will get the skills to get the type of loving relationship you want.


Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

 Amanda Tracey – Great Britain – Travelling World Bridger

Myself and my husband Aron met Simona in Bali and also attended a personal “Sacred Alchemy Embodied Intimate Coaching” session with her. Wow!!! We have been together for 10 years and never felt Intimacy quite like it!
Simona guided us through this very personal, soul to soul session and witnessed the Passion, Anger, Tears and Sadness that surfaced from past traumas and past habits. It was raw, stripped back and exactly what we needed to release in order to allow us to move forward in our beautiful relationship.
Through the tears and anger came Pure Love. Soul to soul Unconditional Love for one another.
It is an experience that will never be forgotton and we will continue to practice on our own.
Thanks to Simona for offering this perfect environment and safe place for us to connect on this deep deep level. It has changed our relationship so so much! Even our family and friends have noticed how different we are and how we communicate so beautifully now. She is an incredible Tantric teacher, holding sacred space for couples and singles. I feel blessed to know her and there’s always a special place for her in our hearts.  

Even if the arena of sexuality and relating is of vital importance for a nurturing love partnership or happy marriage, we are catapulted into life without any education on how to make love or how to have a deeply fulfilling relationship.

Even if we live in a society that claims to be sexually liberated, education in the art of Intimacy and Sexuality is sadly lacking. The world of Porn doesn’t help in this respect, lacking the depth of a loving and nurturing sexual relationship and being mostly mind and addiction based, far from the reality of what means to give and receive pure pleasure having long lasting ecstatic lovemaking, merging into Oneness with your partner beyond time, space and body. Without really honouring or even acknowledging the personal depths that sexual and intimate connection can reveal.

The session includes teaching of skills to improve your lovemaking and the connection with your partner at the level of the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul (physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically). This will allow you to slow down, explore each other with no fixed idea of even what and how your lovemaking will be or look like.

You will connect with your partner on a much deeper and more intimate level. You will regain the spark in your relationship.

It’s about bringing awareness to everything you do: how you perceive and see your outward and inward reality, how you touch, how you feel, how you breathe, how you smell and taste and how you engage or connect with your partner. This will affect how you communicate with your partner on all levels, not just sexually. All this brings you together in a conscious way. It’s about being in your Truth around everything, including your feelings, desires, needs, fears, vulnerabilities, intention and the ability to communicate them.

63-Bali-_DSC7308Simona will guide you through “clothes on” practices with your partner, sharing with you Tao & Tantric wisdom and practical knowledge, including communication skills, valuable to contemporary committed relationships.

And remember, making love tantrically is about the journey, not the destination. There is just as much focus on our hearts as our sex-centre and Tantra is so much more than just sexuality related matters. It is about toacknowledge, accept and dive into intimacy as you become aware of your own and your partner’s touch, presence & heightened ecstasy.

Simona will encourage you to go deeper, to trust yourself in expanding and embracing your inner most feelings.



Area of Focus:

  • Eros in Relationship
  • Desire and Pleasure
  • Myth of Spontaneity
  • Love, Sex & Spirit and how to turn sex into a mindfulness practice that can transform your lovemaking into a Sacred experience
  • Conscious Touch & Communication
  • Deepen connection with your partner emotionally and physically
  • How a man or a woman functions sexually and emotionally
  • Sexual Ecstasy & Pleasure
  • Exploring the Senses
  • Tantric exercises to Heal Differences in Libido
  • The Role of Polarity
  • Embrace sexuality beyond time and mind
  • Deep Relaxation, Balance and Harmony
  • Deep Intimacy & Connection with your Lover
  • Merge with your lover into Oneness physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • How to make your Lovemaking last longer and control your Sexual Energy
  • Add new spark into your relationship even if having to deal with kids and career
  • Longer, multiple and whole-body Orgasm
  • The benefits of Tantra and Taoism for contemporary relationship


The session is tailored to your individual interests and needs.106-Bali-_DSC7720

Sessions may also include homework, recommended reading and additional practices.

Simona works with couples to deepen or revive their connection while learning practical skills to negotiate the kinds of intimate exchanges they most deeply desire.

She can introduce you to deep and subtle aspects of connection, help you open your senses, quiet your minds, perform less, and enjoy more.





  • Become an Extraordinary Lover
  • Be fully Present
  • Be in your Heart
  • Deepen your erotic and emotional intimate connection with your partner
  • Recover the freedom to play and explore with Passion
  • Better Understanding and Compassion of your own and your partner’s needs in Sex, Love, ife and Relationship
  • Be deeply connected to yourself and with your partner
  • Regain the spark in your relationship
  • Creation of your Soul Mate
  • Intimate connection with your partner at the level of the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul (physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically)


Purchase now a Special Gift Voucher for your daughter, son, sister, brother, wife, husband, mother, father, auntie, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, best friends and any beloved person in your life. Contact Simona to request it.


 G.B. – Australia – Psychologist

My partner and I joined a “Sacred Alchemy for Couples” program here in Sydney with Simona. We were open to what Simona had to share and participated in the Sacred Space that opened up in front of us. We felt more connected and experienced deeper and deeper Love as the session progressed. After a certain amount of time, I didn’t even notice that Simona was there. All I could feel at that point was a longing in my heart to be more and more connected with my beloved – both the person opposite me and the divine beingness arising within me. I am grateful for what Simona facilitated that day and would recommend a “Tantric Intimacy Coaching” session for those who are willing to explore how deep Love can manifest in their romantic relationship/sSimona is very respectful and honours the Sacred Space that opens up when two people merge in a loving connection. She also holds that space with a heart full of love and laughter.

 C.H– Germany – Psychologist

Simona is a very gentle and respectful Teacher. I could open up with her guidance. I joined a “Sacred Alchemy for Couples” program with my partner here in Sydney  and she enabled us to explore new realms with each other. She is a very aware and kind woman who helps you to explore your Inner Light and let it shine to others. Her approach is very gentle and accepting which makes it easy to open up and receive. She created an atmosphere of Respect and Love, so that Oneness and deeper levels of one’s Soul could be explored. A truly Sacred Journey! Thank you so much Simona!



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