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The Mysteries and Magic of the way of Tantra

People often ask me, “What is Tantra for you?”, Yes, correct, for me. Cause you will find different answers as many people you ask this question to that are so passionate and devoted to this life changing mystical journey to…

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Secrets of the Jade Crystal Yoni Egg Revealed

What’s a crystal yoni egg? How does it improve health and well-being? Our jade crystal yoni egg expert shares her experience. Let’s talk about the origins and some of the many physical, emotional, and energetic benefits you’ll experience from using a crystal yoni egg. What is a yoni? Yoni, in …

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A retreat only for women, true rejuvenation of the spirit in Maldives

A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself . – Maya Angelou

Harmony with the spirit is exactly what Simona offers at her “TANTRIC WOMEN A…

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Recipe: Sleep Better With Banana Water

Sleep better naturally with homemade banana water using organic bananas. My previous article explains how banana water helps to bring on better sleep. Here is the recipe for you to make it at home. BANANA WATER Ingredients: Organic bananas 1 pot of spring, filtered, or purified water (blessed with love …

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How Banana Water Helps You Sleep Better

Say goodbye to sleep problems & insomnia with banana water, a natural & nourishing drink made using organic bananas. We all know how having poor or little sleep affects us badly—we feel exhausted, low in energy levels, low self-esteem, our cognitive functions are affected, our motor skills decline, and overall …

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