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Intimacy Private Retreat

“Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soul mates” – Osho


103-Bali-_DSC7700The Retreat is the perfect hideaway for an intimate celebration and it will be personalized and tailored to your needs and dreams.

Based on her worldwide professional experience in the most luxurious 5* hotels, including Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Bulgari Hotel Milano, One&Only Reethi Rah Maldives and 1888 Hotel Sydney, Simona will be dedicated to providing you with the most unforgettable experience in your life.

People’s lives are so busy these days it is easy to feel disconnected from your Beloved. It is important to make time to reconnect with your love and desire for one another. A retreat gives you the time and tools to reignite your passion and reconnect your hearts, allowing you to once again relax into loving connection with one another.

“I will gift you and your beloved a time to remember for a lifetime.” – Simona



Why take a retreat? 

  • Your beloved’s birthday
  • San Valentine’s
  • Honeymoon or Pre-honeymoon
  • Wedding present or Wedding Registry
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Any special occasion or a time you want to make special
  • Any time you want to create a deeper intimacy with your beloved
  • Create the perfect setting and atmosphere for your proposal
  • For your romantic escape


Who attends? Couples who want to…

  • Improve romance, intimacy, trust & communication
  • Deepen their sexual and emotional connection
  • Take their relationship to the next level
  • Learn about Tantra, conscious relating & sacred sexuality



Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

 S.T. – Austria – CEO 

I am a very successful businessman, however, my wife and I were having troubles relating and connecting on any emotional level and this was causing problems for us.  My wife and I were not getting well and I was scared and fearful for the future of my marriage and my young family of 3 children. It’s my wife that first suggested we should explore a Tantric Retreat to help us connect and relate on an emotional level and to communicate effectively, openly, honestly and freely including accepting differing views and preferences without prejudice which compounds our challenges. It is then that I saw from Simona’s site she may offer teachings in this area. All I wanted is my wife to be content and happy, rekindle a natural, loving physical relationship, feel special to my wife and genuinely loved again and no longer feeling physically reserved and tentative at home. The greatest outcome I would have loved to see from specifically doing an “Intimacy Private Retreat” with Simona was for a mutually loving, happy, respectful, communicative and non-judgemental marriage. I was happily single for many years and married late; whilst it was tough when I reached out to Simona, I knew I wanted my family to succeed as the highest priority. In just a short time Simona created a Miracle. I will be forever grateful to Simona, her guidance, and the intimacy, sensuality, vulnerability, and depth she was able to allow in her space. Simona saved my marriage. She saved my family. I will never forget. I can only highly recommend this life-changing journey under her guidance. Thank u so much Simona u are such a Gift and so talented and professional in what u share.  


11-Bali (HR)-_DSC7075

The Intimacy Private Retreat is designed to bring couples a taste of new possibilities in their Intimacy and provide you with the gift of “Quality Time” to deepen or heal your relationship, with the embracing of a professional Intimacy Coach rooted on the Tao & Tantra traditions, Neo Tantra and Contemporary Sexology including:

  • Classical and Contemporary Tao Tantra
  • Water Bliss & Tantra Water
  • Meditation & Mantras
  • Kundalini Tao Tantra Yoga , Partner Yoga & Qi Gong
  • Secret Sacred Rituals & Cerimonies
  • Tantric Breathing Techniques
  • Aromatherapy, Crystals and Sound Alchemy
  • Slow Jam, Contact & Ecstatic Dance and Shaking
  • Intuitive Energy-Body Work based on Zen Thai Shiatsu, Aromatouch, Ayurvedic massages therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing and the powerful Tantric Activation Process.

112-Bali-_DSC7741The length of this Intimacy Private Retreat is based on your preference. The minimum length is 2 nights, 3 days.

Prices are subject to your preferences in terms of location, cost of transportation, duration, services and time required, accommodation type that can range from Luxurious 5* Hotels to Private Mansion or Agritourism or private villas or yacht rented specifically for this occasion.

The Accommodation will fulfill all your needs, based on your budget and inspiration. You can either choose the location or let me help you with that.

There are unlimited options available to create Heaven on Earth:

Private Chef, Private Yacht or Seaplane, Cooking Classes, Art Time, Wine Tasting, Wine Tours, Picnics, Private Cruise and specially designed amenities.

The service can be delivered in English, Spanish and Italian but a translator can be hired if you are speaking or feeling more comfortable in another language.

“Every day is filled with Inspiration, Magic and Love. Let your imagination to fly high. It’s the time. Now!” – Simona


As Hospitality Expert, Embodied Intimacy Coach, Holistic Well-Being Ambassador, Certified Sommelier, Tao Tantra Facilitator, Water Tantra & Water Bliss Facilitator and Tantra Yoga Teacher let Simona help you plan and arrange the Retreat of your dreams.

Ancient knowledge is blended with modern understandings of relationship psychology to create a powerful learning environment for couples at all stages of life. Playfulness, laughter and vacation fun are also part of the package!

And every day, to personalize the principles learned during the time with Simona, you return to your private accommodation for experiential Tantra meditations and practices in sexual union, always a favorite part of the workshop.

(There is no sexual activity while with Simona.)


Included in the Retreat:



  • Your own take home tantric meditation practices, tailored to your personal needs
  • Tips and advices to journey together into a deepening of love and intimacy
  • Personal support from Simona throughout the whole Retreat
  • A weekly support via phone, Skype, email or chat for the month after the retreat


This Intimacy Private Retreat ensures you to:

  • Expand your Sexual Union
  • Deepen your Intimacy
  • Communicate more effectively – both in & out of the bedroom
  • Blend sexual & heart energy for maximum Orgasmic Bliss
  • Share conscious, fluid and sincere Communication
  • Understanding each other’s intention, fears and needs
  • Deepen passion & enhance lovemaking skills
  • Realizing what is it that you really want in Love
  • Develop trust
  • Remember your spiritual oneness
  • Give and receive unconditionally
  • Have fun!
  • Create quality time with your beloved

Simona will be at your complete disposal and you are free to create your experience and alter it along the way.

Attend an Intimacy Retreat and transform your relationship into a deep intimate journey with yourself and your partner.



Join with your friends or another group of like-minded people.

This sublime Couples Retreat is designed to give couples time in-between groups to experiment with the varying methods offered.

The dynamics inside the group room include a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual ecstasy, expanding love and awakening consciousness.

Every day, each couple goes to the privacy of their bedroom for experiential Tantra meditations which include sexual union. In addition to this, there is private coaching with Simona available if needed.

Maximum 8 couples.

71-Bali (HR)-_DSC7338I look forward to welcoming you

and creating the most

unforgettable and authentic


tailored just for you.





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