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INNERDANCE: A Shamanic Journey into Liberation

InnerDance by Simona Siclari: A Trans-Formational Process

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

Now, stop thinking. And start FEELING.

Master Your Energy. Master Your Life.

InnerDance is not a ‘’dance’’ as we typically know it. InnerDance is an embodied spiritual Path to Liberation, is a Path of Surrender, is a Path of Becoming who you really are, of Being. It is a tantric journey into Non-Dual Remembrance. It is a healing modality, rooted in Filipino Babaylan shamanic tradition, assisting us into a state of heightened awareness and awakening our innate power to heal from within.

It’s not a doing, it’s not about techniques, practices, or even intellectual knowledge, is about awakening the incarnate wisdom that resides within every cell in your liquid body and in your DNA where individual, collective and ancestral memories are dormant and keeper of immense power: for healing, for empowerment.  It’s a vibrational shift in your consciousness, there to stay and to change your life in totality. It is about becoming Water again, one with the Womb of Creation, One with Source.

It’s like being catapulted and tapping into the Quantum Field of reality, it’s like being plugged into the Universe and remembering at a cellular physical and non-conceptual level, that you are the Universe, beyond time and space. A dot. A vibration. And beyond that too. Where words cannot be found and have no meaning anymore. Yes, indeed it will most likely leave you absolutely speechless. So many participants at the end of the session share

“Wow. I have no words. I am speechless. What did just happened? And yet I can feel my life is transformed. This is medicine. How come people do not know about this?”

No, you can’t grasp it with your logical mind, you cannot try to understand it or explain it at a conceptual level.

Yes, words fell short: it’s an energetic experience that you just have to experience that is intensely transformative and life-changing indeed.

While living as a hermit for two years on coconuts and bananas in the Philippines, Pi Villaraza, chanced upon this powerful energy that has the power to catapult people into the world of heightened awareness, restoring balance, and wholeness.



Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

Roy Lissack – South Africa – Enterpreneur
I would like to express my profound thanks to you for allowing me to participate in the InnerDance last night here in Ibiza. What a deep and powerful practice. One could call it a dance and meditation all in one. I, unfortunately, missed the opening exercises but arrived in time for the shaking. This certainly grounded me and allowed the mind to slow down and accept the next phase which was the lying “inner dance”. The music set was amazing, beautifully arranged in an almost life experience odyssey. Slowly at first and then building to a creciendo. The volume was pumped up and even though I was really almost on top of the speakers I went totally out of the mind and into the body trance state.
At first, all I felt was a warm fuzzy feeling and slowly some really beautiful psychedelic colors and images appeared. This did not last long and I drifted off into the near-sleep pattern. Then as if by magic I was touched “literally” by an angel. Simona seemed to be at the right place at the right time giving comfort almost as soon as the body needed it. After the touch, I relaxed even deeper into a trance state which felt like I was floating in a bubble of water. I was the flower floating in and around the bubble and could feel as the petals opened and closed with the passing of the days sun.
A truly amazing and profound workshop and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is needing to find their inner peace.
This morning I woke up feeling really refreshed after an unusually good 7-hour uninterrupted sleep. I also found that my sexual appetite had definitely returned and I’m ready for whatever the day brings.
Jamie Mclvor – United Kingdon – Enterpreneur
“Yeah”, is the best word that I can start of with, straight away, in terms of how I am feeling right now. Wow. It is Powerful. Magical. Real. Putting this into words is doing a disservice to it. I have done various practices, I have practiced things with Tantric modalities, kundalini activations, and nothing can compare to the way I was able to go into a space that was so adequately and superbly held by Simona, ..I am rich..I feel so rich: I feel full of Love, really alive, full of joy, full of happiness. Magic happened in the experience, I am sure lots of Magic is gonna happen after this. I can’t say anything except “F*ck Yes” basically. Sorry for swearing but yeahhhh, it was real, really real and I really loved it. So, yeah, cool.
Ulrika Magnusson – Sweden – Stylist, Interior Designer and Retreat Hostess
I always search for new ways of expanding my body and soul in order to advance and open up for changes and healing. The InnerDance session here in Mallorca was, beside a magic experience – where I totally could disconnect my mind from my body, also something that has moved in to my body to stay, like a vibration that I can use in order to free myself from pain and fear and also live and be love in a new way.
 Maximilian Moser – Austria – University Professor, Author & Scientist 

A special experience with a very special music! The Inner Dance sessions of Simona brought me in a state of consciousness that was more than unusal. It was not like a sleep or dream, rather an awakening to intensive consciousness and insights. Time flew by and it was a pity that the session ended. Something I can recommend to anyone mentally stable and interested in inner peace, clarity and joyful mood.

Javier Capo – Spain – Massage Therapist
My first InnerDance was very similar to my ayauasca sessions. I discovered a new layer of my being deep but high where “I AM”. Simona as a facilitator guided the session very good and gave the right instructions to have the best experience. At the end I felt in a really calm state for a long time. InnerDance was a really intimate connection to myself. I will repeat it for sure.

“InnerDance is the ability of being afraid, without being scared.” – Pi Villaraza


David Taurel – France – Medical Doctor

My experience of InnerDance is a deep meditation, a dreamlike consciousness, a restful reset. I let myself go, guided by energy, music and Simona’s exquisite and attuned presence.

Cristina Bendicho – Spain – Corporate Finance Mi primera experiencia con el Innerdance y con Simona han sido increibles. Reconozco que soy una persona muy mental y a la que le cuesta expresar sus emociones. También soy muy curiosa, y me gusta aprender de todos y todo cuanto me rodea, por lo que me apunté a su sesión sin pensarlo. No sabía muy bien que me encontraría, y quizá fue por eso, porque me pilló desprevenida y sin control de la situación, que al poco rato de tumbarme y escuchar los primeros acordes musicales, sentí un peso en mi hombro, primero suave y poco a poco mucho más fuerte e intenso, lo que me hizo llevar mi otro brazo hacia mi hombro dolorido para avisar a Simona que no me tocara tan fuerte. Mi asombro fue que allí no había nadie, solo estaba yo y el recuerdo de un episodio con mi abuela, fallecida hace ya muchos años. De repente me abracé a ella, le dije que la amaba profundamente, y sentí su sincero perdón. A partir de este momento sentí una gran paz y mucho amor en mi interior. Y cuando la música se apagó, se hizo un silencio indescriptiblemente bello! Recomiendo cien por cien la experiecia, déjate llevar y no te pierdas tu propio viaje!
Chad Turner – Canada – Founder of Yoga Design Lab
It was my first time experiencing InnerDance and I didn’t really know what to expect. Simona held the space beautifully, guide us into place, and then we were off into another realm. When it ended, there was a serene sense of calm and release that permeated the group. Each of us had released something, it was obvious. The subtle high lasted the rest of the night and is still somewhat with me weeks after.
 Sofia Gomez – Chile – Photographer & Herbal Witch

Tuve una sesion grupal de InnerDance con Simona, me pareció una terapia muy honesta y transformadora. Durante la sesion me he dejado llevar y he sentido un gran viaje interior. Ha ocurrido una liberacion a traves de risas y llanto y a nivel corporal. Fue un viaje que me llevo a crear conciencia de mis sombras y malos habitos. Al salir de ahi necesitaba crear un cambio profundo en mi vida diaria, pues muchas cosas habian ya cambiado dentro de mi. Gracias Simona por abrir este espacio de auto conocimiento y aceptación.

 Gallo Cedrone Eibe – Germany – Entrepreneur 

Cara Simona, Thank you so much for yesterday’s Innerdance workshop here in Damanhur Spiritual Community in Italy! You were able to create a space where an experience was possible for me that I haven’t had yet, at least not in this lifetime. The music/sound/noise/voice collage you worked with was really able to greatly reduce the activity of my Mind, my like to think mind, and in some moments actually turn it off! Then “space” really opened up! The deepest experience, however, was not only to perceive oneself in the space in a different way, but the experience: “to be the space”. In these moments the ego was really “gone”, “on vacation” – an experience of ecstasy, of density, of being moved in a completely natural way, … – much of what happened then can hardly be put into words because of the density and complexity, as it is with such experiences! And: thank you for your touches. You directly hit my neuralgic points and thus stimulated my process and gave it a different direction. This experience reminded me very much of a psilocybin experience, which I can still remember in a stimulating way. Spaces like yours now open a similar experience – without substances that we can’t use in Damanhur, aren’t allowed to use, which makes sense given the fields we are in here. And indeed, I now understand why you are less interested in private meetings. Such experiential spaces need the energy of a group! I do love to look into your eyes, which are in themselves an invitation to enter other spaces and will therefore enjoy the often-brief moments when I meet you in Damanhur. But now I know that with you (and through you) one can enter still completely other spaces …! I felt really safe and invited into the space you opened, also because I experienced you as being secure and professional. I really appreciate your ease, your feminine way, a wonderful contrast to the Zen masters and mistresses I have followed for many years and continue to follow. If you offer another workshop next Sunday, I would be there. With love and respect.

I told you that I want to put my experience of the second InnerDance last Sunday into a few words. here they are! After the first InnerDance, during which previously unknown spaces of experience opened up for me, several bigger challenges came up the following week, including a close family member who suddenly became seriously ill. All in all, everything went well. Nevertheless, traces of it remain in me, so that the InnerDance last Sunday was for long periods rather a cleansing, a catharsis. Nothing wrong with that – everything is ok! This catharsis, how did it feel? Different and multi-layered. Sometimes spaces opened up, sometimes they closed again. In the different phases, the music affected different parts of my body, in each of which something was released. It was also interesting that “my system” was always able to find the harmonic aspect in a partly cacophonous music/sound collage in a certain phase – wow. In the end, however, there was something like a liberation, an immersion in a peace in which all that is suspended and can now find its place, leading to enormous enrichment! Integration has been easy so far: even now it is relatively easy to return to these spaces! Thank you very much for your work.

 Dominic – Germany – Entrepreneur

Dear Simona, thank you for a very powerful and profound experience yesterday here in Damanhur in your InnerDance & Beyond process workshop. For me then I have increased sensitivity yesterday and today and heightened awareness. A wonderful process and I would look forward to my next inner-dance!
Love and blessings

A human being is a part of the whole called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. – Albert Einstein

The Inner Dance is a transformative self-awakening process beyond the Self that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, release work, energy awareness, live foods, and ecological lifestyles, which can eventually assist in the planet’s healing and evolution in a time of accelerated global awakening process. Inner Dance is the intuitive remembrance of the True Self through a heightened inner awareness of bodies, minds, and emotions as Energy. Coming to the awareness of this energy brings people to a more strengthened, sustainable, and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet itself.

As the Inner Dance process peels away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations, it slowly reveals our deeper core principles and the activation of our Birth Vision – our primary reason for existing on the planet, to begin with. It is in this remembrance that the Inner Dance ultimately leads participants to intuitively evolve in response to global shifts and to embrace a more harmonious way of existing on our planet.

In a nutshell, Inner Dance is a transformative shift in consciousness, one that also shifts the physical body. Alongside this shift is the remembrance of our wholeness – Oneness — organically leading us to live in harmony with Nature and in deep Trust, in a state of inner knowing, and no-doubts.  It leads us to a spiritual life on Earth, an existence of simplicity, sacredness, sustainability.

You can experience Inner Dance in several forms (online and in-person):

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group journeys
If you bring forth that which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will be your salvation.
If you do not bring forth that which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will destroy you.
– The Gnostic Gospel
Bernardo Vollmer – Germany – Artist

Simona lead me to a inner journey of vision and introspection… I come back fresh and super relaxed…
A kind of magical mystery tour….

Eliza Charu Hermsdorf – Germany – Holistic Therapist
InnerDance, wow, what a surprising experience.. irritating and uncomfortable moments, deeply nourishing and comforting moments also. I am very curious to explore more and would love to do it again and again and again
Simona holds the space so beautifully, I look forward to the next time!

Naseem Roberto Baffa – Italy – Massage Therapist & Teacher
My experience with Simona guiding an InnerDance journey has been fantastic and I could feel clearly the resonance for the following days. I really enjoyed the experience all the way through, started with a deep energetic shake of the full body to reactivate dormant energies, and then lying down very relaxed and present, just watching the inner flows and different insights inspired by the music and by Simona’s presence and touch. The result has been a deep sense of calm and open presence, with more intimate awareness of my being and my connection with others and with the full existence. Grazie mille.
Lexmy Van Den Boogaard – Netherlands – Coach
For me, the Inner Dance journey felt like I was doing a plant-medicine ceremony without taking any plant medicine. Experiencing how true magic can happen when really creating the time & space to go on such a deep inward journey. The safe container that Simona creates with her loving presence – together with her beautiful guidance that radiates her embodied wisdom – allow to fully surrender and to go deep. I felt deeply connected with my body, my soul and the Universe. A blissful state of full surrender, embracing everything from a place of love & acceptance. Fully liberated. 
Mariana Borau – Venezuela – Visual Artist & Ayurveda TherapistOhhh dearrr Simona, I feel my heart soooo open and my senses sharp and full of joooooy. So much presence, contemplation and feeeeeling. Enamorada de la vida, de este día, de mí, de ti y de todo todo lo que existe. (I’m in love with life, with this day, with me, with you and with everything that exists.) Two days ago I had my first InnerDance session with Simona and I still feel so much, I still feel so much in my body, I feel my senses enhanced, I feel so present, I feel everything is beautiful and I am so in love with everything. I feel so, so, so much Love and mostly Trust, I feel so much Trust, so much Trust. I feel something shifted, definitely, something shifted in the way that I am perceiving everything around me and myself as well. Yes, it has been a beautiful experience and I am still curious to see what’s gonna be coming next. So I am very very happy to know Simona, so beautiful and so supportive. She is there, she is there for me and she is there for everybody during and after the session. Yes, I really feel confident and a lot of Light and of lightness coming from her. Thank you Simona for so much light and love. Thank you for bringing me to a space of surrender and remembrance. Always grateful. In love with life. Mariana.
“Blessed we are to dance on this ground
With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound
We hold a prayer for all life
For the days yet to come
May you walk in beauty
And remember your song…
Remember why you came here
Remember your life is sacred.”
– Peia

Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion? – Joe Dispenza

 Chai Francesco – Italy – Sound Healer 

I had a very unusual experience with Simona at the “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop in London.At first, I didn’t know what to expect and during the activation, I felt a bit uncomfortable and restless. But at a certain point, I managed to let go of any resistance and I had a kind of vision of being inside of a womb, I realized that the mother utero is our first home. In the following days I continued to process that feeling and I reached the conclusion that often we come in touch with a dark forcelike an underworld magnetic current. I believe that the dark force is not negative but instead it is the natural feminine energetic expression, often misinterpreted and denied in past and modern Societies. We are on a verge of a great transformation within human society and It is time to Wake up and rediscover our natural masculine and feminine essence for what truly is. I feel Simona has a natural capacity to help to facilitate this vital essential process of reunification, and I highly recommend her “Tantric activation Retreats”.

Marie – France – Enterpreneur
I had the opportunity to try the InnerDance for the first time with Simona during a festival in Spain, and it’s the curiosity that pushed me to try it. I didn’t have many expectations and was open to any kind of experience. The music has started to play and after a little while, I could start to feel some energy that wanted to move me, I was surprised and amused at the same time, the experience was gentle and still, I could feel that some stuff was moving in my body. It s the “after effect” that I enjoyed the most. The following days felt just more alive and vivid, all my emotions and sensations were more intense: joy, cries, orgasm…After an exchange with Simona about this process, I really felt to explore more, so I did another private group session with her, not even a week after and it has been just wow, so powerful. My body has released a lot of stagnant energies, and I’ve had some visions of past lives, I felt also so strongly connected with the elements, I had this wild energy in me that wanted to express itself. It made me realize that I could expand much more and that I was limiting myself through beliefs and behaviors. It was a beautiful and deep experience and Simona is holding space with such care and love, I felt very safe to go so deep with her presence. She also supported me the following days when a lot of stuff kept coming up. I definitely would like to experience it morebecause I can feel that it’s already having a positive impact and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to create a deep change in their lives.
Sofie Ryberg – Sweden – Microsoft Manager As I was sitting on my mat after the session with Simona and all the other beautiful souls around me I had no words. I’ve done a lot of sessions within deep diving and shamanism but this was something so purely unique that I lost my way of expressing it in words with my mouth. I just felt. Felt the hole energy around me in the room but more specifically myself closer. It was a warm and loving feeling towards myself and everything around me. The tears, screams, laughs and dancing brought me so close to myself as I’ve never been. I love every moment of it and the feeling still last in my body and changed my way of looking at the world. Simona – you are an incredible loving person and without doing much, your present guided us to fade away nicely and safe around you. I’m so grateful and happy. Thank you, thank you!

What happens during an InnerDance process?

During a session of InnerDance, you are invited to lie down on a yoga mat and relax, surrendering to a process of Listening and presence. InnerDance uses the direct transmission of the facilitator Simona Siclari, sound, spontaneous movement, and intuitive touch in specific physical and energetic points of the chakras and body meridians, to activate the latent and dormant original creative and sexual vibrational energy.

What are the Effects of InnerDance?

Everyone’s experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, download of messages, clarity, release, cathartic, and/or bliss.
Each participant experiences a unique and unrepeatable experience, often compared to psychedelic journeys, but in this case without the use of any external substance.
From simple visualizations to spontaneous body movements in the full awareness and observer presence of the mind, from strong emotional catharsis to feeling unlimited powerful, to a deep feeling of peace and unity with all.


Helen Key – Sweden – Interior DesignerI felt truly held and totally secure in this container that Simona has created. Simona is such a beautiful soul who I trust completely. It was an amazing new experience and I’m looking forward to the next session already here in Mallorca.

Philipp Rud – Germany – Techno Dj at Razorrave
This was my first Inner Dance session and I was truly blown away by this experience. After Simona invited us to integrate with ourselves and to allow everything that happens during the session, I could drop all inner barriers, as I felt this was a secure place without judgment and expectations. This feeling and my sensitivity to music have let me dive into the vibes pretty fast. As the music built up slowly from spheric melodies, nature, and breathing sounds into an energizing mix of empowering rhythms and vocals, I experienced several emotional releases. It was an emotional rollercoaster, as I was switching from heavy crying into laughing from the deepest of my heart within seconds. In the end, I even felt clarity about some unbalanced parts of my personality. The music was so carefully selected, mixed, and build up to a beautiful sound journey.

During the session, Simona was sharing her presence and energy with all of us individually. In the beginning, she picked us up so warmhearted with her pure positive spirit and let everyone share his personal experience in a closing circle.
I am so grateful for this amazing inner dance session and I highly recommend this beautiful experience with Simona

Chloes Kyeellen (Coco) – UK – Yoga Teacher & Owner of Coco Deli
Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you feel free. Do what makes your heartbeat so you dance and laugh contagiously with all the wonders of life. Be curious. Be open. And most importantly, remember who you are. Remember who you are. Thank you thank you thank you Simona for activating this memory of skating and the pleasure it brings me. Journeying and journeying, exploring and exploring and coming into my heart.
Sabine – USA – Visual Artist
My first InnerDance class was a very special experience. I felt overwhelmed and deeply touched. Weekly after I felt totally full of love and confidence.
Joanna (Asia) Tomczak – Poland – Professional Dancer and Yoga Trainee at Earth Yoga Mallorca
InnerDance experience with Simona was an amazing journey within me that I didn’t expect. My body was getting rid of a lot of pain and emotions stored inside. A lot of powerful energy was moving through my body. I was going through phases of sadness, joy, and freedom. Like in life. I experienced some visions and I heard my inner voice speaking to me with important messages. In the end, I felt lighter and I felt like I got rid of something that was pulling me down. I know it was an important event in my life. Simona is an amazing person with a lot of light and love. I felt understood without any words. It felt like my body and soul trusted her instantly. I would like to explore journeys with Inner Dance and Simona more and more…It just felt right and absolutely magical

Clinton Howell – USA – Holistic Therapist
Most grateful for the beautiful experiences I’ve had with InnerDance Mallorca. Every session has brought me profound insights and a greater presence and connectivity with life. Feeling blessed to have been able to join a few sessions of InnerDance here in Mallorca led with love by Simona!
Emma Pickles – United Kingdom -Holistic Therapist
I felt excited and nervous at my first Inner Dance as I didn’t know what to expect. Simona made me feel really at ease straight away, and with her guidance, I was able to go deep into my emotions almost immediately. Her intuition was amazing. The two hour session was a rollercoaster and I released a lot of sadness and pain but also felt like I discovered my voice again, to express myself. It was a magical experience and I will definitely be attending again!

Marzia Glisenti – Italy – Fashion and Sales Manager
One InnerDance session with Simona and I was hooked! The feeling of total freedom, to move or be still, to be who I wanted to be in that exact moment and the peaceful sensation of letting my mind and body flow are just a few of the amazing things I experienced during Simona’s session. There is no pressure to do anything, no need to dance if you don’t feel like it, just be yourself and allow your feelings to take over. I left with an overflowing sensation of love for myself. So precious! Thanks Simona.
Àngels Cayero -Spain – School Teacher
I experienced a heart-opening journey that encouraged me to go inside my emotional field and to explore a different, unique, and more expanded version of myself, softening my darker aspects. Inner dance has given me the opportunity to analyze my body, sensations, mind, and emotions as I connected with my essence through music, tribal instruments, and dialogues. I also find it a precious tool to develop a more complete map of who I am so I can navigate through the world a lot more evolved to deconstruct systems and interpretations. I encountered with my infinite presence. Simona, thank you for making it possible and taking me closer to a more complete and loved view of myself. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Henning Bensland – Sweden – Owner of Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat 

It was like taking psychedelics without taking any.

Anna Johansson – Sweden – Founder and creative director of A’distraction yoga & lifestyle brand 
I didn’t know at all what to expect before, but Johanna & Simona guided us all into the “Innerdance”, which indeed was a powerful and very deep experience that is hard to describe in few words. I’m looking forward to my next InnerDance experience so that I can explore and heal even deeper.

Ivana Trajanoska – Macedonia – Team Leader
I joined the inner dance sessions in Mallorca and it has been a beautiful inner journey helping me to reconnect. Simona naturally creates a safe space and freedom to explore deeper layers of our being. Simona, Me alegro que estés creando espacio tan potentes para que más gente pueda conectar, es precioso lo que haces. Gracias gracias gracias por lo que transmites a través de las palabras y tu presencia. Estoy feliz de que has aparecido en un momento difícil para mi para enseñarme lo fácil que puede ser todo. Me emocionas. Muchas gracias de nuevo por ser mi ángel y acompañarme! A distancia de semanas de tu workshop de InnerDance, estoy superfeliz en Cabo Verde y viviendo experiencias superbonitas de corazón y de compartir, estoy enamorada de nuevo: del pais, de la gente, de la naturaleza, de mi chico y de la vida. Gracias gracias por ayudarme en el caminó. Te quiero mucho!! Muchas gracias de nuevo por ser como eres y por dedicarte a ayudarnos a todos a ver un poco más de luz todos los días. Un abrazo muy fuerte.
Katja Schumacher – Germany – Holistic Therapist
Muchas gracias Johanna y Simona por llevarnos a un viaje astral através de unas ondas de música que nos conectan con una sabiduría muy antigua. Una hermosa experiencia que yo como chamána os aconsejo de todo corazón.
Mariella – Spain – Artist
Dear Simona, thank you again for the very powerful healing experience. I am grateful. I was very moved by the event. Very grateful traveling lighter thank you.
Uschi Schena – Spain – Life Artist
I was a little hesitant at the beginning – having heard of all the profound things that can happen during an Inner Dance session here in Mallorca… But in the end, my curiosity won – and I certainly don’t regret it! I’ve been to several sessions offered by Simona within the last weeks, and even if I don’t manage to fully surrender to what could happen yet, I always had clear visions that held messages for me – some I already understood, some not yet…Each time I’ve found myself in a very uplifting inner state after the sessions – from just super relaxed and calm to totally overjoyed and not able to stop laughing, just out of pure joy and bliss! And mostly speechless – because you cannot put into words “what cannot be put into words”! 🙂 Inner Dance is a simple, comfy tool to get in touch with the wisdom of your own soul – you have basically nothing else to do than to lay down and surrender! Anyone can do it, which gives it also a beautiful sense of “oneness”. Give it a try! I’m hoping to be able to participate in more sessions soon!
Sherry Yavas – UK – Health Food Enterpreneur
I feel so special to have come across a truly divinely magical soul named Simona. Not usually taking part in group sessions due to past anxieties, doubts, and fears, something strongly urged me to seek out the guidance of a unique and genuine teacher of alternative healing. My destiny leads me to the “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop here in London. Simona created a safe haven with her beautifully soft and bright energy for the group to take part in a shared experience. Although I was excited and nervous about what I might go through and feel, I had never anticipated the rawness of my experience and the deep hidden aspects of myself revealing themselves to me through visions, words, emotions, and a very clear understanding of who I am. Without fully understanding how Simona does the work she does during this session, it resonated with me and therefore enabled me to trust and allow the process. The music used in this shamanic session pulsed through my physical body through waves of vibrations and sent my spirit into a vortex created my Simona where the shamanic work could take place in my mind’s eye. Time distorted and felt it was over before it began even though it was a 2-hour session which makes me feel this is merely the start of my journey to working through many parts of my being and because of this I feel as ready as the most attentive student in a classroom and will be awaiting another session by Simona. I am ready to do what must be done to awaken my life force and Simona’s work and experience only push me harder to stay focused and in a high frequency. After the session I just couldn’t believe how powerful of an experience it actually was and while looking at this incredibly sweet and beautiful soul, my tears fell and fell and fell – in appreciation, in awe and, in love; Simona shared a tear with me. I realized what needs to be done which was extremely overwhelming and I can’t possibly thank Simona enough for what she has done for me. Her advice about how to work on the changes that have followed is helping me to process the magical synchronicities, physical experiences in the body, and messages through dreams and it still seems like just the beginning! I feel very alive and ready to face whatever needs to surface. I will never forget Simona and very intrigued by her work – a fan for life! Her art is pure and she will take care of you – she is the definition of love 

Simona, I’ve been fearful for too long. I am writing back to you, one year after, to share with you this: You opened the door for me but I was too afraid to walk through. It’s been years! Your incredible practice magnified my fear it has not been an easy ride but I pulled through and am finally integrating my shadow and accepting other peoples. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart 

Jacqueline Cripps – Australia – Project Management and Generational Diversity Consultant,  Author & Journalist
I met Simona at her recent “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop in London and was immediately drawn to her beautiful, calm, feminine, sensual energy. She created an environment that was safe, sacred, and transformative and facilitated an incredible experience for all those there. I highly recommend her workshops, for those wanting to connect deeper with the sense, especially of the feminine and of the creative. I left feeling whole; inspired and re-aligned with my being. I’m deeply grateful to Simona for such an amazing profound experience. Even a week after, I am feeling very present, very clear with my thoughts, I have also had very interesting dreams, very realistic. I have been feeling more powerful in terms of waking up and lingering a little bit more than usual. From a creative point of view, I feel clearer, and more aligned with myself from a creative point of view, more sure about where I am going and coming to that clarity, about my writing ability, for example, just feeling much clearer on that. From an emotional point of view, I have definitely felt more in tune with myself, more connected with myself, which as bit really really good. I feel more connected from an intuitive point of view as well. I have always been fortunate to have a gift of intuition but I feel it clearer which allows me to be clear in my decision-making and language and thoughts. From a physical point of view, actually, from a food point of view, I had an unusual craving for whole foods, things that I would not typically eat like meat and dairy that is something I normally do not try to eat too much just cause I have a little sensitive to it and yet it is something my body is craving at the moment maybe because I have a small fracture in my hip. So I am more aligned with my physical self as well, and being able to listen clearly to the messages my body is sending to me. I feel I am much clearer in being able to listen to and acknowledge and doing something about that. So I have loved it, I have spoken to a couple of friends of mine around the workshop and how much I highly recommended and what an incredibly amazing experience it was. I would absolutely love to leave a review on your website Simona. U have a Gift and I am so grateful that I was part of that beautiful journey and I feel would be a continuation of a journey with us. I would absolutely love to seeing you when you come back here in London.
Jo – London – Executive Director
Thanks so much for everything. I was so amazed and inspired by you, your energy and the session of “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” itself here in London. I had big preconceptions but it was indeed a strangely relaxing whilst also highly emotional experience for me and one I would definitely be keen to build on in the future. So many thoughts and so much to process still. So much love and thanks to you for your generosity of spirit, kindness and care – much Love and thank you always.

Mana Obón – New Mexico – Yoga Teacher & Kirtan Musician
Ciao, Hola I’m Mana, and I’ve just finished the workshop of Simona the “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” here in Milan and I’m very happy that I followed my Heart, my Call and my Instinct to be here with her because she is such a beautiful souls to work with. I’ve just arrived in Milan and it was what my heart needed to feel the Essence that we are and she represents that. She takes you very easy to the Essence, to that Community, to that beautiful Spirit of connection. I really enjoyed the work. I surrendered. I felt safe. She was able to create a beautiful Safe Space for all of us, a group of people that didn’t know each other and she managed to integrate us and in my personal experience, I enjoyed a lot. I would love to do more things with her. The place is beautiful and I wish this place keeps growing and keeps giving birth to beautiful community healing together, enjoying together, creating together and loving life together. Grazie.

 Milu – Russia – Artist and Hospitality Expert
I have met Simona in the Maldives a few years ago and since then our paths have crossed in different parts of the world a few times. I was lucky to attend her “Tantric Retreat” in the Maldives (which was something out of this world by the way) and “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop in London. She creates a magical atmosphere, helps to open up, be free, and present at the moment. She is able to make everyone comfortable and relax, knows how to comfort and connect with each and every one. Simona is the most sincere, open, and happy person of everyone I know. Her sessions are very special. She really knows what she is doing, or even if she does not there is an inner force and energy that she is driven by. It’s always a pleasure to be around her because she is always full of positive energy and light that really fills you from within. If you have a chance just make sure to attend her workshop or at least meet this beautiful creature!

Teo – UK – Information Technology Expert
I had a wonderful experience at Simona’s “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” event in London. It was held at a cute and cozy yoga place that had wooden ceilings with beams, dimmed lights, lots of yoga mats, cushions, and blankets. The venue was absolutely perfect. The duration of 4 hours also was excellent. The music was fantastic, all the participants were lovely and Simona made everyone feel instantly welcome and relaxed with her softly spoken and gentle nature and dream-like presence. I liked all the participants a lot. Everybody was great. It was four hours of pure relaxation, presence, and connection. It was excellent. It was simply lovely to meet Simona, she is amazing and kind, too pure for this World. I think Simona is the perfect host for these types of events. This is the best event of this kind I have ever attended. I really like her and I’m a big fan of this event. Please let me know when there is another one.

Jade Giorno – Italy/USA – Musician
My name is Jade, I’m a musician based in Milan and I was invited to join by the wonderful Simona in her “InnerDance – A Self-Awakening Process” workshop. I knew a little bit about her work with tantric energy but didn’t know much about it in general. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck….especially with work and creativity so I decided to go for it. The workshop was unique, very intimate and it felt like a Safe Space where everyone could share their feelings and thoughts without judgment or preconceived notion of what their experience should be like. That’s priceless. The group was made of lovely lovely people, from all over the world and all kinds of backgrounds. Everyone was very inclusive, accepting, and sweet. During the workshop, I felt calm, relaxed, at ease. The first part was a meditation led by Simona which allowed me to really sink deep into my breath and body. I saw several images with my eyes closed, it was like a movie! Simona slightly touched my forehead and my tummy and overall I felt a general sense of Warmth, Safety. The strongest feeling I had was that I had been ‘Switched On’ somehow, I felt and saw wheels turning in my lower back as well as in my chest. I also saw smoke lifting up which resulted later in a deep sense of Clarity. I felt energized and calm too. Later that evening I had a heartfelt talk with a person close to me and all the words came so easily and clearly. Also, the next day I felt a great sense of Peace. I am deeply grateful for the experience, for the group involved, for the sharing that took place, and for the gift Simona gave us by organizing the workshop. I am sure everybody feels the same. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone curious to know and explore themselves a little better!

Chiara Mussari – Italy/USA – Yoga Teacher & Phd Student
Ecco finalmente la mia testimonianza in merito alla mia esperienza! Sono Chiara Mussari, italiana di origine, ma mi piace pensare di essere cittadina del mondo. Al momento sono in una fase di transizione per cui non ho un lavoro. Non ho figli. Ho conosciuto Sarah agli inizi di giugno in occasione di un ritiro nelle Crete Senesi e il mio desiderio di continuare un percorso di crescita personale mi ha portato a partecipare all’evento di “InnerDance & Ecsatic Art” a San Colombano al Lambro nel mese di giugno. E sono grata al mio amico Antonio che ha accolto la mia volontà di partecipare accompagnandomi in questa avventura. Non le sarò mai abbastanza grata per avermi regalato un’esperienza come questa che non dimenticherò e che aggiunge un tassello fondamentale al mio desiderio di andare avanti in questo percorso. Un evento unico prima di tutto perché ogni evento e ogni momento della vita sono unici e irripetibili, secondo, perché sia Sarah che Simona hanno saputo dare ognuna a suo modo il loro tocco personale che lo hanno reso unico. La pratica del “InnerDance” ha lasciato un segno indelebile. Quando Simona ha brevemente spiegato quelle che potevano essere le varie reazioni e le possibili risposte del corpo, ho subito pensato che non avrei esperito nulla di ciò che stava descrivendo. Poi quando la pratica è iniziata, con grande stupore del mio stesso Ego che stava lì ad osservare in qualità di testimone, ho iniziato a sperimentare un mondo di cose a me sconosciute. Per la prima volta ho sentito di potermi veramente arrendere, di poter finalmente sentire il mio corpo, senza preoccuparmi del mondo esterno, senza preoccuparmi del giudizio non solo degli altri ma soprattutto del mio stesso giudizio. Ed una volta che ho fatto questo, senza rendermene conto, è stato li che ho iniziato a sentire tutte le emozioni possibili ed inimmaginabili: le sensazioni, emozioni, il calore nel corpo, soprattutto in certi punti e ho veramente ho capito che il mio corpo può muoversi senza controllo, che c’è qualcos’altro che controlla tutto ciò. Non so se sia giusto usare certe parole, ma credo di aver avuto degli orgasmi estesi per tutto il corpo. Orgasmi non genitali, ma forse più intensi. Non avevo mai sentito la vitalità della mia stessa energia così. Il mio corpo si è riempito di calore a partire dal basso fino a far esplodere il mio cuore. La mia anima rideva a crepapelle, era felice, ricca di gioia e di amore. Il mio corpo sudava dalla testa ai piedi, il fuoco si era impossessato di me. La mia mente si intrometteva di continuo nel tentativo di spiegare razionalmente ciò che stava succedendo, era come stare in una lotta tra Ego ed Essere. E per la prima volta in forma davvero eclatante, l’Ego si è arreso all’imponenza e alla magnificenza dell’Essere, a qualcosa di molto più grande. Una sorta di lotta tra il Bene e il Male dove, come in tutte le favole a lieto fine, il Bene vince su tutto. Ci sono stati momenti di ombra, immagini sfocate di mostri da sconfiggere, ma del resto tutti noi abbiamo delle paure da abbattere e dei traumi, più o meno grandi, da superare, ma in questa sessione sono stati protagonisti l’amore verso me stessa, la gioia, la contentezza, l’incredulità, il piacere. Per la prima volta ho toccato con le mie mani la mia energia, ne ho validato l’esistenza ed è da questa nuova scoperta che voglio continuare il mio cammino. È su questa energia che sento la forte necessità di lavorare. Mi sono trovata benissimo e con un bel gruppo. Tanta energia positiva. La mia rete di connessioni si espande e questo mi riempie il cuore. Sarah e Simona sono meravigliose! Sono arrivata al seminario abbastanza esausta e nei giorni successivi ho continuato ad sentirmi esausta ma carica di un’energia inesauribile… Rifarei quest’esperienza tutti i giorni se potessi! Vivamente consigliato!

Stephanie Marie – United Kingdom – Artist

5*!! I had an incredible experience at Simona’s workshop “InnerDance & Ecstatic Arts: A Sound Journey” here in London. The space felt safe and open and I instantly felt the transformative energy from the start. Simona held the space with her softness and gentle spirit, she allowed me to make deep connection with myself. I can’t recommend enough !

I am not your Master. There is no Master outside of yourself. Please, stop giving your power away, putting people on a pedestal or believing in people that put themselves into one. Look within and you will find God. Surrender to Spirit and you will find Matter. Surrender to Matter and you will find Spirit. Surrender to to the Sky and you will find the Earth. Surrender to the Earth and you will find the Sky. All in between, is but the Ocean of ever-existing Creation. Weaving and vibrating, we come back Home to the pulsing rythm of liquid Sound, to the pervading luminous dark Silence, beyond space and time. – Simona Siclari, Founder of Sisi Academy


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