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Living in a male-dominant cultural reality as women we can face disconnection from our femininity and sensuality and connection with our true self. We often behave, dress, talk as per external social conditioning. To succeed we have often had to suppress, hide or simply never develop our feminine gifts and this has left us depleted, confused, and frustrated with a tremendous effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.



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By sharing a session with Simona you will gain self-worth, self-love, empowerment, and boost your confidence. You will feel loved, sensual, sexy and I will remind you how important it is to indulge and take time for yourself. You will step into the beauty of your body and fully own yourself as a woman and lover.

The waking up of Women is of great concern for the present and future of our personal and planetary well being, lifting future generations towards a harmonious gentle World. We have within our self the Life Force Energy that can give us the potential to emerge with renewed energy and purpose. We are in a moment in history where the equilibrium and harmony of masculine and feminine within and without can be achieved and we can look into each other eyes seeing the Divine in each other. This is an amazing opportunity to rise our love energy to higher consciousness and create an impact in our individual and social life, taking responsibility at a personal and collective level, being as core channel and gate between Mother Earth and Father Sky, Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine, Moon and Sun. We, as women, can become a shining source of Love, Compassion, and Creativity, supported in this journey of co-creation by the Divine Masculine.



Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

Valentine Maret - Switzerland - Naturopathic Doctor
 Valentine Maret – Switzerland – Naturopathic Doctor

Dear Simona, I shared a lovely time by having been teaching how to feel the Woman I am! It’s like I was forgetting how my entire Body is capital and alive with all my cells which was saying to me this same message since a long time… And by the surprising life we met each other and you brought me in a sweet tender journey of my Truly Intimacy! Your guiding was really helpful. Now I’m able to listen to myself differently and truthfully!!! Great Thanks from my Heart to an Angel…

Ela Fatnessa – Italy – Creative Director at YogAmare

Simona is a gorgeous Goddess, I personally recommend her, she’s passionate and professional, I really felt at ease and comfortable from the first session and that really helped to go deep and work with Openness and Bliss! Thanks again!! 

What will you learn?

Simona offers a unique and personalised training based on Tao Tantric Arts to empower you to connect back to your feminine sexual essence and magnetic unique expression and flavour.

The Arts of Tao Tantra are energetically based: they involved the opening of energy channels in a safe pace and the awakening, channeling and storing of sexual energy. These ancient and powerful arts are taught in a very feminine intuitive creative way, rather then purely technical. They include:

  • Jade Egg practices
  • Yoni’s Awakening (female sexual organ)
  • Awakening of the Cervix
  • Chi Breast Massage
  • Ovarian Breathing
  • Womb Activation
  • Womb-Heart Connection
  • Opening Energy Channels for Sexual Energy Flow
  • Bone Breathing
  • Sexual Energy Breath-Work
  • Tantric Meditations
  • Whole-Body Orgasmic awakening
  • Synchronous Harmony (sharing sexual energy with a beloved)
  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga
  • Slow Inner Dance
  • Yoni Steam Ritual
  • Awakening of the Feminine Essence
  • Grounding practices to deeply connect with Mother Earth
  • Emotional & Trauma Release
  • Water Bliss


 Alexis Hannagan – Australia – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My beloved Simona. You shifted the path of my life again. I have returned to Mumbai healed, inspired, radiating, glowing in my Feminine Essence, and it is largely down to you. You simply emanate Pure Goddess, I have never witnessed this before, you are a Sacred, Special, important Gift to this Earth, at a critical point in time. Keep shinning your Light as I know you will. Never doubt yourself or what you stand for, as I know you do not. You inspire me Simona Siclari and I dearly miss you, your Presence, Authenticity, Honesty, but above all your Unconditional Love for everyone. I hope to see you in one of my yoga classes in Mumbai sometime soon. Love, Alexis. xo

Varin Gill – Malaysia – Healer

I had an intimate Woman’s healing session with Simona. It was professional, powerful and beautiful all at once. I would recommend Simona for 1-1 sessions. I feel blessed to have had that journey with her in Bali.


Area of Focus:

  • Your Full Potential as a Woman
  • The Light and the Dark of your whole being
  • The flow of Creative Life Force Energy throughout your body
  • Discover, celebrate and reconnect to your Inner Powerful Creative Feminine Nature
  • Allow the power of Love to manifest more fully into your life
  • Harmony of your Inner Polarity: the Mature Masculine and Feminine Within
  • Access greater Ecstasy
  • Your inner Sensuality, Grace and Power
  • The benefits of Conscious Communication
  • The Power of listening to your Inner Intuition
  • Massage techniques to pleasure your beloved
  • Feminine Well-Being, Health and Inner and Outer Beauty
  • Your Innate nature of Love & Compassion
  • Fulfillment in your chosen Life Path
  • The misunderstanding around what it is to be a woman in today’s world
  • Female Tantric Secrets to expand your orgasmic potential
  • Clearing body shame or fear of sexual life force energy
  • How a man or a woman functions sexually and emotionally
  • Meditations for enhancing your sexuality and awareness
  • Practices that transform love-making into a sacred experience

33-Bali (HR)-_DSC7175You can search throughout the entire Universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection. – Buddha


The session is tailored to your individual interests and needs.


Sessions may also include homework, recommended reading and additional practices.


 Alessandra Costanzo – Italy – Human Resources Manager 

The session with Simona was a lovely and peaceful moment, full of Light. The practices that I have learned are a precious tool that allow me to be relaxed and in contact with my deep inside. I thank you Simona so much for your help and gentle manners. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. A big hug!

Z.S. – UK – Artist

Hey Simona, thank you so much for our “Inner Alchemy” sessions. I am feeling amazing. My boyfriend and I had a super holiday. I have started to feel different inside! It feels wonderful just when he is inside. We made love like we have never before. So different. Lovely. I am super turned on which is a lovely feeling. I am so happy. 




  • Greater Intimacy
  • Enhance your inner Awareness
  • Be Authentic
  • Enhance your Inner Love, Sensuality, Grace and Power
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Emotional Fluidity
  • Gain access to your authentic “Yes’ by learning to clearly say “No” to undesired connection
  • Live in alignment with your Soul while honouring your humanity
  • Centered and Powerful in setting your boundaries
  • Increased sense of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Pleasure and enjoyment of your physical body
  • Bring the Spiritual element into Sex
  • Enhance your Sexual Fulfillment and Confidence
  • Compassion for men and thus greater ability for intimate connection with men
  • Clarity in your relationship
  • Being more present in the moment and connected to your Body and Heart


Purchase now a Special Gift Voucher for your daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, grandmother, best friends and any beloved woman in your life. Contact Simona to request it.


Jessica Larsson - Sweden - Blogger
 Jess Larsson – Sweden – Blogger

With her deep knowledge, softness and amazing energy Simona brings you on a beautiful journey that let you fully connect with, explore and play around with the different senses of your body in a warm and loving way. A beautiful and relaxing experience that let’s you connect with your body and that makes you feel fully and be fully present within the different sensations. Simona is a beautiful Coach with a deep knowledge and an amazing energy that makes you feel 100% relaxed and confident.

Hannah Lo – Malaysia – Spiritual Songstress and Sound Artist
Dearest Simona, I want to share with you in this moment that I am so grateful for your Presence in my life. I am seeing these days the connections I experience that are new feel deep very quickly. I feel so much Gratitude because in you being unapologetically, untamedly, completely freely you – you are giving me permission to do the same. When I see your sharings, and just sense into the Presence, Openness, Love and Femininity in your beingness and body I am reminded of what I know is possible for me. Most of all I am moved by the Freedom, Joy and Inspiration in which you live your life. Feminine, heart lead and it gives me full permission to know I can do the same. And see this is actually what I want. You are role modelling this for me, in a grounded way.
Marilyn White – USA – Client Manager, Actress & Dancer

Hi, I am Marilyn White and I’ve done a couple of one-on-one sessions with Simona Siclari and they were two of the most amazing separate experiences that I’ve ever had. Each experience is different and I felt like I was… I could definitely feel the Energy that she provided to me. And each session was focused around different emotional experiences that I’ve had and they really helped with bringing me on to a different journey and to a journey where I can look within and move past those experiences because those experiences don’t to define us. And I feel with the Energy that Simona provided me and exudes, I feel so much more at Peace with myself and with what happened. I feel beautiful. After the experience I felt like I was flying; it’s really magical. And I would definitely do them again with her multiple times to see how the experience changes and intensifies and further develops me and myself on this journey that I am on. So I am really, really grateful that I have Simona in my life and that I can see her and do more of these things. It’s truly, truly such a beautiful experience. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you go and try them out because they truly are unique and one of a kind, so thank you so much. I have also shared with a loved one the experiences I had with you and I talk about how much I love you and all that you helped me with – to open up and love myself more passionately and purely. This is why I think about you nearly everyday – you remind me of the path I took to
self-love and Enlightenment, and it fills me with much Joy. I would love to reunite with you and take one of your workshops and have a one on one practice with you. I would love to learn more from you. 




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