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Inner Alchemy for Men


Now ask yourself:

  • What is your Purpose? What is the Highest Intention of your journey into this life?
  • What is your Heart’s desire?
  • Do you want remarkable women to desire you and want to be with you?
  • Do you want to know the Secrets to be the best lover, please your partner and send her into Deep Ecstasy transcending the sense of Time, Space and Thought?

115-Bali-_DSC7756Well, it takes more than techniques.

If you really want to open your lover up, you’re going to have to do it with everything you’ve got: your Eyes, your Breath, your Touch, your Sexual Passion and most importantly, your steady Loving Presence.

Today being a great lover is more challenging than it has ever been. A woman today doesn’t want just sex, she wants great love-making, which includes physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment. However, often women do not ask for what they want, either because she doesn’t know what she wants or because she is afraid she will hurt you. And often you do not ask because you are supposed to know, even if your sexual education might be limited to some porno.

After your session with Simona you will be more attuned to your Source, Heart and Core Centre and from that space aligned to your Higher Purpose. You will know how to satisfy your lover and yourself not just physically but on every level: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. This will bring more Joy, Love and Pleasure into your life and the one of your lover, and will fulfil your deepest yearnings.

It’s about learning Heart skills, skills that combine Sexual Passion with Love and deep Intimacy that can turn love-making into a Sacred Experience and allow you to create the life you love.


Area of Focus:

  • The Energy of Desire
  • Deep Loving Presence
  • The Responsibility of Growth in your Relationship
  • The Power of being Vulnerable
  • Understand women behind their words (what she wants might not be what she says)
  • How to hold space for your lover
  • Acquaint yourself with your sensations and feelings: with your body and heart
  • Secrets for longer lasting love-making (in the bedroom & beyond)
  • Experience whole body energetic orgasm
  • Harmony of your Inner Polarity
  • How to be authentic and courageous to live with an open heart
  • The Power of Sexual Polarity
  • The secrets of sexual fulfilment
  • Tantric sexual communication skills
  • Your eternal wisdom
  • Tantric heart-to-heart connection
  • Keys to turn sex in to love-making and a sacred experience
  • How to use self-pleasuring as a tool for becoming a master lover
  • Tantric lovemaking meditation
  • Erotic Tantric massage skills
  • Learn how a woman or a man functions sexually and emotionally

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

68-Bali (HR)-_DSC7321


The session is tailored to your individual interests and needs.


Sessions may also include homework, recommended reading and additional practices.



Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

Davide Campani - Italy - Artist
 Davide Campani – Italy – Artist

First of all I wanna say that I do love Simona. She is a special person, full of authentic love and goodness. She is a Pure Soul. She is also professional, passionate, confident, centered and prepared in her role of Coach. I have felt at ease since the beginning with Simona, as she transmits a calm, balanced and non-judgmental energy. The sessions with her allowed me to explore and stimulate different aspects of my personality, through a sensorial experience. The exercises were very interesting and I went deep within myself on a journey of self-exploration and introspection. I have felt more and more connected to myself. During all the sessions I had the clear perception that Simona deeply loves what she is sharing. I highly recommend to anyone to surrender to the exploration of yourself and your own senses under her guidance. Thank you so much Simona and congratulations.




  • Remove sexual blocks
  • Activate sexual energy in an healthy vital way
  • Expand your capacity as a lover and be the Best Lover
  • Attract Remarkable Women into Your Life
  • Navigate through relationship issues in a conscious way
  • Spirituality that is grounded into every-day life
  • Improve relationships with all people in your life, even small interactions
  • Connect to Universal Love and bringing more of that into your life
  • Access higher states of Bliss and Consciousness and dissolution into the Universe
  • Overcome erectile challenges and premature ejaculation
  • Learn to satisfy your partner on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual


Purchase now a Special Gift Voucher for your son, brother, husband, father, uncle, grandfather, best friends and any beloved man in your life. Contact Simona to request it.

Important Note:

Please note that no “happy-ending massages” or sexual intercourse is involved in any session. The sessions are conducted fully-clothed and tailored to your individual needs.

Please note that Simona love holding space for man as far as it is clear your Intention and you approach her from a space of Integrity, Honesty and Respect. If she will feel that she cannot be of service, she will refer you to another professional that she deeply trusts.


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. – Bob Marley



 Jared Ciofalo – USA – The SoulTrekker

Simona is an incredible heart centered facilitator. A light of genuine Love and Compassion radiates from within her and her authentic Beauty shines both inside and out. She truly has a Gift for creating and then holding a loving space, and this is evident by the comfort and ease you feel whenever you are in her presence. She genuinely cares about your experiences in opening up the possibilities of exploring all aspects of yourself and expanding upon those most intimate and dear to us. She truly has a Gift and is following her calling to share with all of you. Thank you Simona. Much Love.

 Henrik Nymark -Denmark – Physiotherapist

In December 2018 I received a Sacred Spot Massage (healing massage) in Egypt from the dear Simona. My experience was truly one of the most blissful massage-experiences ever.
Firstly I was met by an extraordinary beautiful woman who was radiating life-force energy beyond words. She appeared calm, present, beautiful, mysterious, joyful, confident, truly empathetic and professional. A mix between a lover and a sacred healer/magician from a fairy tale.
She initiated the sacred spot with a very strong presence where she made sure that I was met in my needs for safety. Very professionally she asked me consensual questions and the way she did that made me fully relax. I felt so lucky to have met a divine healer-archetype who wanted to be fully in service and honour my needs for healing touch. It somehow felt like coming home to myself. Coming home to my heart.
The massage itself was an ecstatic experience. Simona´s touch was full of presence, gentleness, slowfulness and sensual bliss. I had so much trust to her and felt that she honoured my body like I was a divine God who was touched by the divine Goddess. With Simona it was a deep pleasure to be touch by a woman with sensitive and conscious hands. I felt she was able to feel me fully and I felt my qi energy in my body running strongly and orgasmic through me; with her I could fully surrender and enjoy.
After the massage I had an extraordinary pleasant feeling in my body that lasted the rest of the day. I felt alive, empowered, blissful and didn´t need anything else. I just wanted to be me. Full of gratitude for the experience. Thank you universe. Thank you Simona. ❤
Her impact on me will be a lifetime-memory and if you are looking for a healing session with an outstanding human being I highly recommend Simona. She is a divine, warm, heartful and a professional priestess with the deepest loving intimate healing touch – truly connected to Mother Earth. She embodies the archetype of a divine healer who is in love with life and she helped me to love myself more.
Thank you so much lovely Simona ❤ 


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