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Simona Siclari is an internationally recognized and certified facilitator in Tao Tantric Arts affiliated with the Universal Healing Tao of Mantak Chia for both individuals and couples and groups for the exploration and expansion of one’s awareness at the level of Energy, Body, Mind, Heart and soul. He began his personal and spiritual research journey 20 years ago and his awards extend to the Institute of Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

She has also facilitated at the Bali Spirit Festival, Singapore Fitness Festival, Leichestein Yoga Day and has been featured in numerous international magazines on Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Lifestyle and Travel including Yoga Life Magazine, Soulscape Asia, Lush Magazines and many more.

She is also a teacher of Kundalini Tantra Yoga, facilitator of Tantric Activation and Belly-to-Belly, of experiential Sacred Circles for Women, Holistic Coach and Creator of Water Bliss, a very powerful modality in water.

Simona has awakened the awareness of this process of “Tantric Activation”, which has its roots in the Essence of Shamanism, Tantra and Listening and Connection with the Whole, through direct initiation from true Masters of Energy Transmission during her 7 years of inner pilgrimage in different parts of the world.

Simona was also initiated into the Shamanic Arts by the spirit of her grandmother originally from French Guiana, in the heart of the Amazon, a medium and shaman in direct and profound connection with the Spirit World.

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