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In my extensive travel around the World I am so blessed and lucky to meet real gems of knowledge that inspire me so much in diving deep within myself and connect with my True Purpose in Life and share it with others. I do believe in Karma and in the free flow of knowledge and I would love to share with all of you the insights that I receive from all this inspirational people, often hidden. This is my gift to you. I choose to share all this with you for free in my Blog.

As conscious professional I am committed to nurturing our planet, promote eco and sustainable trade, supporting local cultures, communities and the environment through direct cooperation with locals and social projects.

If you would like your products to be listed in my Shop, please contact me and I will be happy to evaluate future cooperation.

Also if you can recommend any Grass-Root-Movement and little NGO working with women and children that have experienced sexual abuses, traumas, domestically violence, sexual and physical repression in name of religions, cultures or any other possible manipulated excuse please contact me as I would love a percentage of my income to be directed to them.

I am also creating and hosting volunteer programs for women and kids to offer healing and empowerment. I am always open to hear about new project aligned to this commitment and vision. So, if you know of some such project, please contact me.

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Created in honour of my Mother and all the Women that supported me on my journey and allow me to blossom into who I am today.

11269297_10153333438093809_3722975084239415325_oIn honour of all the Women from this and previous lives that had the Courage, Love and Vision to step into their Power of Individual and Collective Responsibility beyond any dogmatic attempt or manipulation to shut them down. Might our Example inspire other Women to do the same, and also the Men to gather together and connect with their Heart and Body, behind any social conditioning and a Mind goal-oriented approach to life, in the Freedom of just Be.

Thank you to my Father and all the beautiful Men that crossed my Journey and are still present in my life, beyond Time, Space, Ego, Fear and Expectations.

Might the Awakening of the Women in this critical time in history heal the World, beyond any cultural, religious, ideological, specific believe system and might we all, men and women, co-create a Sustainable World for this and future Generations of Love, Freedom, Peace and Harmony. 

Love & Freedom,



Thank you so much for making all this possible and create a World-wide Community of Conscious Being that are ready to step up as individual powerful beings and make a difference at a collective global level. – Simona


Photo Credit: Goddess Photography 
Check out my Photo Gallery for more magical pictures. So much Gratitude to the beautiful photographers that were inspired to co-create some Magic together, sharing the same Vision, Playfulness and Open Heart.


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