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Ancient Knowledge based on Tao Tantra provides reliable practices to explore Pure Intimacy and develop Deep Relationships

Many singles struggle to find inner peace. Or they have trouble finding a companion to journey with into higher realms of Consciousness. And far too many couples have a hard time staying together, lacking the knowledge and experience to enjoy their opportunity to grow together in Intimacy, Consciousness and Love.

So ask yourself:

Are you ready for a powerful new relationship with yourself, others and the Divine? Are you curious how Love, Sexuality and Intimacy can serve you to elevate your Conscious Awareness? Are you craving to explore new realms of Intimacy but are scared to be seen and be vulnerable? Do you want to release what’s holding you back from Pleasure, Sensuality, Authentic Expression and Bliss? Are these fears below stopping you from daring to live the life you desire?:

  • Afraid to create a deeper Intimate Connection with yourself and your partner
  • Afraid to Surrender and Trust yourself and your partner
  • Afraid to Be Vulnerable and Authentic
  • Afraid to Express your feelings
  • Afraid of Abandonment, Rejection, Failure, Success, not being good enough, being lonely or unloved
  • Afraid to Develop libido, arousal, foreplay or sexual excitement

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. – Albert Einstein


Why Simona?47-Bali (HR)-_DSC7221

Simona, an experienced Intimacy Coach & Water Bliss Facilitator, can hold space for you and coach you to experience and explore whatever you need to heal, expand and free yourself, based on the principles of Tao Tantra and the melting into the Source. The knowledge and skills Simona shares with you have been tested and practiced for thousands of years. In modern times, more and more people are curious about Tao, Tantra and an holistic approach that encompass all aspects of life. Many people want to see how they can benefit from them – this is Simona’s passion. Healthy, mature Intimacy involves sharing our authentic self with another and being open and responsible on receiving another’s authentic self. Each person sets healthy boundaries that are mutually honoured. During a session with Simona, you will become aware of and heal your own unhealthy intimacy patterns. These sessions will bring you into healthy, mature Intimacy which is grounded in self-worth, self-care and the ability to share our authentic ourselves. Each session is individually tailored and may include coaching, energy work, breath work, emotional release, massage, dance, shaking and methods of meditation and aquatic healing.


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Check out what some of Simona’s regular participants have to say about it…

Valentine Maret - Switzerland - Naturopathic Doctor
 Valentine Maret – Switzerland – Naturopathic Doctor

Dear Simona, I shared a lovely time by having been teaching how to feel the Woman I am! It’s like I was forgetting how my entire Body is capital and alive with all my cells which was saying to me this same message since a long time… And by the surprising life we met each other and you brought me in a sweet tender journey of my Truly Intimacy! Your guiding was really helpful. Now I’m able to listen to myself differently and truthfully!!! Great Thanks from my Heart to an Angel…

Self-Love is the Key

Self-Awareness and Self-Love are the keys to a fulfilling meaningful life and a loving relationship. When you learn to connect and access the Love and Wisdom that is always within you, you learn to fill yourself up with love. Self-Love creates an inner fullness and stimulates an overflowing abundance of love. It means that rather than trying to get love, you can now share your love with your beloveds and all beings without being needy and without involving manipulation and power games, letting go of the Ego, Mind and any Expectations. Without this special gift from within, you may find your relationships suffer… Not just with people. You may also have a poor relationship with money or time for example, which can drastically hurt your life. Sex can also remain a dissatisfying and loveless encounter, motivated by lust or loneliness or a neediness to discharge tension and stress, as a sad reality pictured by the accredited American The Hite Report: A National Study of Female Sexuality.

Sex, Love, Intimacy

Sex, Love and Intimacy are separate, overlapping entities and all the three play an important role in our life. The more we understand them, the more they become One, despite the illusion of separation that our society or religions establish against Nature.

With Tantra, you will benefit from a deeper sense of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-love
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-empowerment
  • Self-mastery

"Join me in the Love Revolution! Reclaim Passion In Love, Life and Sexuality!" - Simona


49-Bali (HR)-_DSC7234Some simple guidance from Simona can help you increase the quality of your sexuality, relationships, and overall passion and happiness in life - increasing your ecstatic loving state and brewing passion with everyone and everything in your life today. Beginners are welcome. Even if you have never practiced any Yoga, Meditation, Tantra or any other Oriental Art, you will still benefit from your session. Simona has developed an approach that brings these practices in an easy, contemporary and efficient way that get some remarkable results. The knowledge, skills and practices she shares have been tested and practiced for over five thousand years. They have been studied scientifically and intelligently adapted to our times to get results efficiently and enhance Harmony, Fulfillment and Transformation for individual and couples. The Bhagavad-Gita (111.37), the world’s oldest scripture, states that lust is the greatest enemy as it leads to self-absorption, anger and deluded meaning in life. However, we can learn to channel our energy towards Self-Love and Universal Love, thus being of service for a higher purpose. This will result in deeply fulfilling, long-term pleasure and will increase our capacity to give and receive love. And to achieve this, is the true sign of spiritual evolution, as being the life’s greatest lesson and challenge.


Here's What You Will Experience:

  • Practices to open your body and energy channels and awaken your energy flow
  • Rediscover your eternal wisdom
  • Identify Masculine and Feminine Polarities within yourself and with others
  • Gain heart-to-heart meaningful connections
  • Learn how a woman or a man functions sexually and emotionally
  • The ability to satisfy your partner on every level: physical, emotional, spiritual
  • Practices that bring your lovemaking to the level of Sublime Art
  • How Sacred Sexuality can gift you an ecstatic state in bed and life
  • Discover secrets for long-lasting Orgasmic States
  • Easy-to-learn healthy Communication skills
  • Tantric lovemaking meditation
  • How to use Self-Pleasuring as a tool for becoming a master lover
  • Erotic Tantric massage skills to get your lover in the mood



Simona can integrate various modalities and approaches,
such as:

  • Classical and Contemporary Tao Tantra
  • Water Bliss & Tantra Water
  • Tantric Meditations & Mantras
  • Kundalini Tao Tantra Yoga & Qi Gong
  • Secret Sacred Rituals & Cerimonies
  • Tantric Breathing Techniques
  • Aromatherapy, Crystals and Sound Alchemy
  • Slow Jam, Contact & Ecstatic Dance and Shaking - Bio Energy Meditation
  • Intuitive Energy-Body Work based on Zen Thai Shiatsu, Aromatouch, Divine Touch, Ayurvedic massages therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Inner Dance

An Open Heart is an Open Mind - Dalai Lama


Why People Love To Work With Simona:

  • Safe, Intimate, Loving & Relaxed Space
  • Heartfelt Connection. She actually cares about you. She is here for you
  • Strategy developed for your specific needs
  • Experiential. She adapts her training to you
  • Deep fulfilment after the first session


For men, women, and couples.

  • Face-to-Face
  • Phone and Skype

When we dive deep into self-awareness, self-growth, clarity and expansion, and move our lives into a place of passion and purpose, it takes a strong commitment, determination, and support.

For this reason, Simona only takes on a maximum of 5 monthly coaching clients per year, usually opening space for 1 new clients each month until she reaches the maximum, on a first come first serve basis. She can thus give her full attention to each person she works with.

Sessions may also include homework, recommended reading and additional practices.

Please note that this kind of transformational intimate coaching is not for everyone. If you feel now is not the time for you to step out of your comfort zone, deeply expand your experience, and dramatically shift your life into an abundant and passionate life, than do not apply.

Simona only wants to work with people absolutely ready to breakthrough the challenges and distractions that have been keeping them playing small in all aspects of their life.

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Find out more in the Coaching Session.

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Jessica Larsson - Sweden - Blogger
 Jess Larsson –  Sweden – Lawyer 

With her deep knowledge, softness and amazing energy Simona brings you on a beautiful journey that lets you fully connect with, explore and play around with the different senses of your Body in a warm and loving way. A beautiful and relaxing experience that lets you connect with your body and that makes you feel fully and be fully present within the different sensations. Simona is a beautiful Coach with a deep knowledge and an amazing Energy that makes you feel 100 % relaxed and confident.


Water Bliss is a very intimate Holistic Art of being held and loved simply as you are. Its healing effects are powerful, subtle and shifting at a deep level.

Duration: It includes a gentle preparation, magical time in water and a final deep and nourishing relaxation.

Find out more about this magical aquatic therapy in the Water Bliss page.

Limited availability only and spaces running out fast!!!


Clàudia Reig Martín – Spain – Regressive Therapist & Professional Dancer 

I knew straight away through Simona’s smile that the session with her was going to be a complete bliss. I felt very comfortable to be moved by her hands. Really protected, cared for and secure in her arms and embraced by her unconditional Love. I should say that behind her sweet presence we can find a warrior. The session was really deep and many memories from my childhood surfaced. I felt my soul laughing while floating in the salty crystal waters of Ibiza. Simona completely embodies the Mother Archetype which we all need to feel in the presence of others. She rises up your frequency and self-esteem, leaving you feel Universal love.



Combine a Water Bliss and an Intimacy Coaching Session.

Steep in the sacred atmosphere of this ultimate holistic wellness experience and enjoy an inspiring, nourishing and transformational time. This session can only be in-person and is designed to allow you to have a deeper awareness of your body, energy, emotions, relationship, sexuality, communication and spirituality.

Be ready to dive deep within yourself and merge back into the Source, into your Essence, beyond Space, Body, Ego and Time.

 Maxi de La Tierra – Germany – Hospitality Manager

Hi Simona! Thank you for the Magic! I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to do this with you. I did not realise how much I was out of myself before. All the floating and relaxing took me back to my Center. Thank you for letting me forget about my body for a while. X

As the Buddhists say: Perpetual Change is here to stay, and this website is also ever changing. This is a gateway to my Spiritual Evolution and will evolve as I do, trusting and adjusting to the unknown that comes with the life I have chosen to surrender to, in deep Trust of the Universe and open to listen to its Signs. Always following and creating my Dreams and embodying my never-ending and continuous learning process with humbleness, curiosity and thirst of true Teachers and Inner Wisdom and sharing all what I am learning with you." - Simona


Want to be the most irresistible version of yourself?

Join my inspiring list and I will show you how.

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