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We gathered in this “heart-shaped” sandbank on the New Moon, our last night of this magical adventure in the Maldives, in the spaciousness of the Sky and Ocean where all is if we allow ourselves to simply listen and be. It resembles to me the “Egg of Creation” in the Womb of Mother Earth, the amniotic liquid of our sacred Pachamama. Love the Darkness and the Light of it, the underwater creatures in the deep dark abyss and the free birds above us in the pinky sunset Sky. Love all of it and yet at times it’s so challenging.

Was it a liquid dream?

Was gone so fast. And yet has been a life journey of connection to the divine mysteries of the feminine and the ancestral lineage of my grandmother and the Priestess of Isis. An Initiation into the Sacred Temple Arts and Mary Magdalene. Where tears of sorrow couldn’t be refrained while being held and witnessed in this Sacred Resurrection beyond time and space. Tears of sorrow and yet she is here. With me. Holding my face in her hands, speaking to me in a language I can’t grasp, but yes “The Isla”, and yes the Sound, and yes her Love and yes the Light Signs in my palms and fingers been drawn with precise guidance. Reassuring me “it’s all fine” and she is so proud of the woman I have allowed myself to be. The “Circle” been drawn in the sand to bring Harmony, Closure and Beginnings and the “Tree of Life” rising from the Heart and Flowers, surrounded by the Sun, the turtles, mantas and birds.

For me has been one of the most mystical and full of emotions night in my entire life. The connection to the “before” and “after” is merging into the Now, where all is. Signs. Are just really Signs anymore? To what? I don’t see any separation any longer. I simply smile now when these “events” manifest themselves to allowing me to remember all IS NOW.

We were surrounded by the crystal clear water and salty wind, connecting deeply with our Breast and divine body and Womb.
Only us. In Eternity.

7 Women gathering in sisterhood and togetherness, in Love and Truth. Allowing ourselves to be each other witnesses and Catalysts in this deep journey into our Intimate Realms, expanding and dissolving into Union with the Whole. Creatrix and Mistresses, Witches and Initiatress. At the surface can seems all easy. And yet is not. I mean, it is, but only when we step back from our stories and sense of self. So much pain is held in our body and heart. And yet the expansion and freedom that can frees us is so simple to attain and so alchemically magical. It can happen at any given time simply through a Breath.

So much more to share about this Journey and the interconnection with the Whole of it.




PS: The New Moon I am referring to is the one of February 25th, 2017.


This is a sharing about the magical time we shared during The Tantric Women Awakening Retreat, cruising in magical Maldives. Click on the link to know more. We will be cruising again end of May, beginning of June, this time in a private luxury yacht.


Remembrance. In absolute speechless silence, amusement, sorrow, gratitude, devotion. I surrender.

What else? I am ready.

To All. All IS. Revealed.

I bow and I stand.

In Service. In Love. In Truth. In Power.

– Simona



Art Credit: Lily Moses.

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Simona is an internationally-acclaimed Holistic Embodiment Facilitator based on the Arts of Tao Tantra and Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality Coach. She is also the Founder of Water Bliss, a Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She is passionate about inspiring you to bring consciousness and awareness in all aspects of your life, including Intimacy, Communication, Individual and Collective Responsability, Health, Beauty, Sexuality & Love.

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